For those who were asking:  

Below is an image of the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER button.  If you right click (on my program) you can save or download this image to your computer and use it in your blog and your DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER posts … OR …


a smaller version? 


This photo and the code is in my sidebar menu too.

Good Luck with your DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER creation!  I look forward to seeing them all, as I am sure the other readers are too!

Happy Sewing!

5 thoughts on “The DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER button!

  1. My designer is chosen (Stella McCartney), researching patterns. Can’t commit yet, though, as life has been interrupting all my plans so far. Sigh.

    1. I have seen Stella McCartney’s work. Love it! Well… I’ll be posting all DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER! Good luck! And best wishes to you in these difficult times!

      1. Thank you so much.

  2. Well that went fast. I haven’t even started on last year’s yet. Never mind, there is always next. Really looking forward to seeing the beautiful creations. Xx

    1. Make sure you join in! Remember it doesn’t have to be something GRANDE, or even a whole outfit, even one piece will get your creative juices flowing!

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