Another DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER creation!

with “morning after” photos even!

Just a quick post to introduce you to another DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER creation.  Today I have Kloonpatrone, who copied a lovely Designer Original gown at 10 percent of the cost!

courtesy of Kloonpatrone

You’ll have to pop on over to her blog to get all the details on her “spreading and slashing” and her “morning after”.  You’ll love it!

Happy Sewing Everyone and especially the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Challengers!

2 thoughts on “Another DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER creation!

  1. Thanks for the share! You now have me on the roll: I “accidentally” made another Designin’ December garment (-;

    1. That’s great! Show off your Designer Original and your copy and hashtag it #DESIGNINDECEMBER and refer back to my blog – heck you know the drill! – and we will add it to the Collection! I’ll go take a look at it when I get home tonight! 🎉💃🎊

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