I haven’t got any photos yet.  Sorry!  🙁

I just finished hand sewing and ironing my top and my skirt but I’m not going to have a chance to take photos for a couple of days.  I’m going out of town again.  But I promise as soon as I get back I will take some photos and post them!

I did manage to get some gift bags finished since we last spoke.  The first was a taller bigger gift bag.

I copied the pattern off a brown paper bag I already had at home.


I sewed up the side seams and the bottom/side seams.


I ended up with two bags – one will be the inner lining and one the outer bag.


I sewed the tops together, leaving a gap to turn the bag.


After the bag was turned I sewed up the opening.


At the last moment, I sewed on some elastic cord – which, if I had been thinking ahead, I could have sewn in by machine when I sewed the two bags together.


And I sewed on a shiny silver button.


My finished gift bag.


My second gift bag was a short drawstring bag.  I marked and cut out a circle for the base.


I cut a wrap around side piece.bag-12I sewed the circle base to the side piece almost all the way around.bag-13

I stopped there.  Yes, I didn’t want to do the math, so I guessed when cutting and added an extra inch on both ends of the side piece.  When sewing it on to the circle base, I had extra fabric so I stopped and sewed up the side seam and cut off the excess.  Then I went back to sewing the circle base on.


I sewed double fold bias tape on both seams.bag-15

I turned down the top to make a channel for the drawstring to go through.bag-16My finished drawstring gift bag.


There was also an easy cosmetics bag.


Have you been doing any holiday gift sewing?

Before I go I would like to show you a new DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Challenger – Linda of @remakeremodelrecycle.  If you happen to be over at IG, check out her Copy of her Designer Original.  She used a “vintage pattern dated 1957, credited to Jean Dessès, a world leading fashion designer in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.” (from @remakeremodelrecycle)  The pocket design is like nothing I have ever seen before.  I don’t know how she got it all together.


If you would like to take part in DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER, the closing date is January 1, 2017.  After that I shall post all the Designer Originals and the Challenger’s Copies and let you choose the winner – ONLY ONE VOTE PER PERSON, BUT… you will be able to vote on this blog and on my IG account @nicedressthanksimadeit.  So if you follow both you can get TWO votes in.  🙂  Along with winning the “Title”, there will be a small prize donated by “Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!” Although, just by participating in DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER you are already a WINNER because you have a Designer Original – better and for less money!

Give it some thought, there’s an abundance of inspiration out there, and join in on the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Challenge.

“Why buy when you can make it yourself – better and for less money?” If you want a designer garment too, join the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Challenge!


  • On your blog post a photo of your Designer Original and YOUR COPY of your Designer Original, mentioning DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER in your post with a link back to here so other’s can join in.
  • Grab a DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER button. The code on my side bar can be copied and pasted into a Text Widget on WordPress, or download the image and then upload it onto your blog.
  • Leave a comment here on my blog and I’ll post your Designer Original and YOUR COPY for you on my blog in DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER, with a link back to you – whether you have made it already, are in the process of making it, or plan on making it… let me know!
  • Don’t forget to share a comment or few with your other DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER cohorts. Everyone loves comments!

Other ways to participate:

  • Send your email address to me at imadeit362436 (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll send you an invite to join the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Pinterest board so you can add your Designer Original and YOUR COPY to the board.
  • Post your Designer Original and YOUR COPY on Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #DESIGNINDECEMBER.
  • Don’t forget to “grab” a DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER button on your way out!

Happy Sewing!


20 thoughts on “My DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER COPY is done… but…

  1. Great gift bags – I love making bags! Linda from remakeremodelrecycle is a genius in my opinion – she sews the most amazing clothes. Have a great Christmas!

    1. I agree. Linda, the other Linda, does do lovely work. You have a Merry Christmas too!

  2. I love those bags and am totally going to copy them next year! I am having second thoughts about my Designing December entry – I don’t think my version is close enough to the original. I might post it up and let you decide!

    1. Thank you! By all means, post your DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER and see what happens. After all, in the end, there will be a vote – something new this year – and I’m going to let the readers on my blog and on Instagram decide.

      1. I always freak out about votes in case I don’t get any – so mortifying, hehe. I will post it up though because I’ve wanted this dress forever.

        1. Don’t worry there will be no numbers spoken and with voting on here and on IG everyone will be confused! Besides anyone who sews is ahead of the retail/shopping crowd! 😃👍. I look forward to seeing anything anyone contributes!

  3. Those gift bags look lovely. Do you have your “L” embroidered or stitched on them. You should. I like the materials you pair together too. Im surprised Simon isnt popping out of one bag. Lol. Merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you! Now were these not some of the fabrics you gave me? 😃👍 You have good taste! Lovely idea about the “L”. I’ll have to think of that next time. Oh yes… Simon wouldn’t fit and Sophie? Well I couldn’t catch her after she saw me trying to wrestle Simon into the bag! Just kidding! 😂 I wouldn’t do that! It actually was afternoon siesta.

  4. Great gift bags! I’ve made one gift this year and its for a small netbook thing for my daughter. She doesn’t know and won’t read this, but I’ll show it after the big day!! Thank you for sharing the photo, as I said before, always fun to join in!! Have a great Xmas

    1. It’s a good thing our kids don’t read about what we are doing, isn’t it? Thank you for contributing! 🎉💃🏼🎊. Merry Christmas to you too! 🎄

  5. These are gorgeous bags. The fabrics really make them, don’t they?

    1. Thanks! Yes the simplest thing with a fine fabric can make all the difference!

  6. Well you’ve been a busy little elf and who ever thought one could take inspiration from a paper bag! Luuurve Linda’s vintage design; she certainly is a talented sewist and always generous with her time and information too.

    1. Thank you! I agree, there are many talented people out there, Linda included!

  7. Brilliant bags – and they are re-usable which is fantastic. Lindas jacket is beautiful. I had hoped to join in this year but have been ill for what seems like forever. Next year.

    1. There will definitely be a next year. I start looking for a Designer Outfit to copy in January! 😂. Take care of yourself. There is always stuff going around at this time of year here – we are in a cold winter season now, just cold, no snow.

  8. Great gift bags! I would have never thought to make something like that. What a great idea.

    1. Thank you! It was quick, easy, and used up some pretty scraps!

  9. Making gift bags is a fantastic idea! I’m going to have to bookmark this for future reference.

    Looking forward to seeing your Designin’ December outfit soon!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully they can be reused again and again! (next post has the completed outfit… and its problems!) Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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