The last DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Challengers?

It’s been a busy day for a few sewists.  Today I have …

Felicia of older babe sews clothes.  Felicia spied a $448 skirt from Trademark in a fashion magazine and thought what the heck!  Check out her blog here, for all the deets and more photos too of her DESIGNER COPY.

older babe sews clothes

Over in IG land, we have @akathimberlina, who decided to challenge herself by making a DESIGNER COPY of this Harvey Nichols’ skirt (I just had to show you the photo of the Designer Original here too).  @akathimberlina confessed she did raid her  husband’s tie collection.

Next we have @amshina of IG, who made a DESIGNER COPY of a dress worn by Lupita Nyong’o.  @amshina’s fabric is fantastic – frankly, I think better than the DESIGNER ORIGINAL!


Only one day left ladies, so far I have DESIGNER COPIES from, in no particular order:

  • @remakeremodelrecycle
  • @creationsbypaulamu
  • @heheheplusshe
  • @akathimberlina
  • @amshina

NOW’S YOUR CHANCE TO HELP ME OUT – if I haven’t mentioned you here right now and you’ve got a DESIGNER COPY to share, please let me know in the comments below.  I’ve so many sewing dreams buzzing in my head lately, I doubt I can even remember my own name!  🙂

After collecting all your makes, I’ll do a post on this WordPress blog with the names of all the Challengers and their DESIGNER ORIGINALS and DESIGNER COPIES and also post on IG the DESIGNER ORIGINALS and DESIGNER COPIES.  Followers will be able to vote on either WordPress or IG, or even both, for the sewist who was most successful in making a COPY of their DESIGNER ORIGINAL – the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER 2016 WINNER!  Along with winning the “Title”, there will be a small prize donated by “Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!”

Although, just by participating in DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER you are already a WINNER because you have a Designer Original – better and for less money!


“Why buy when you can make it yourself – better and for less money?”

8 thoughts on “The last DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Challengers?

  1. Thank you Linda! And I’m sorry I forgot to link to Designin’ December in my IG post (I’m still so new on IG and haven’t figured everything out).

    1. That’s ok, we are all learning. It will work itself out some way! Happy New Year!

  2. Yayy 🙂 So happy I got to submit something. Thanks again Linda!!!

  3. All these creative people, beautiful work all of You!

  4. So nice to be featured here with all the other lovely makes! What a fun challenge to look forward to each December…..thanks to you for spurring us on!

    1. Your welcome! Thank you for contributing your time to make your Boho poncho – I wish I had one in this cold weather we have been experiencing!

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