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I was so pleased to see TEN lovely Designer Copies entered this year!  I thank you all for planning and sewing and joining in!  I also thank those who followed along and  voted too!

Well you have had plenty of time to look over the Designer Originals and Copies on my blog and Instagram so let’s just get right to it!  Everyone had the opportunity to get two votes, one on my blog and one on Instagram.  The IG “likes’ were easy to see, but the blog votes were hidden from everyone.  I only just looked myself tonight!

So who do you think was most successful in making a COPY of their DESIGNER ORIGINAL?

With the most votes, the answer is:  @heheheplusshe


Congratulations, @heheheplusshe, you are the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER 2016 WINNER!  Please send me an email ( imadeit362436 at gmail dot com ) with your mailing address and I shall mail the “Five in One Sliding Gauge” and these water soluble pencil markers” to you.


HOLD ON! You didn’t make the entry deadline? Let me know when your have chosen your DESIGNER ORIGINAL to copy and your DESIGNER COPY is completed (anytime during 2017!) with a comment on my blog or hashtag it #DESIGNINDECEMBER on Twitter and/or Instagram and I will share it on my blog right away.  I’ll be saving your DESIGNER ORIGINALS and your DESIGNER COPIES throughout 2017, for the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER 2017 CHALLENGE!

REMEMBER: Just by participating in DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER you are already a WINNER because you have a Designer Original – better and for less money!

I think I am going to mosey on over now to Pretty Grievances. She has her Jungle January #5 Challenge going on ( #junglejanuary5 ) and I have just finished cutting out my first fabric!


Happy Sewing and Congratulations @heheheplusshe!

21 thoughts on “The DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER 2016 WINNER!”

  1. Thanks sew much for doing this Linda! And congrats to the winner! ! I always meant to blog about mine, but December was crazy! I’m going to do better with that this year!! Keep up the inspiration!

    1. It was fun, I hope you had fun too! Well in 2016, with using Instagram and Blogs, a write up apparently wasn’t needed for the win. Just think though, this year you can make and blog about your Deaigner Copy anytime during the year and I will save it for the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER roundups! Thank you for participating. It’s lovely seeing what all the talented sewists out there came up with!

  2. Congrats to the winner! Good on you for organizing this — I got the feeling it takes a lot of work and some geek skills too.

        1. I completely understand where you are coming from. 😃👍 I feel the same way about these things – the voting part of it all. It was interesting having the IG numbers visible and the WP numbers not. I believe there is no need to publish the numbers – you all met the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Challenge. But let’s just say it was a “close race” for many of you though.

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