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Again … I say better late than never!

I managed to get my FIRST Jungle January – #junglejanuary5 – finished prior to the deadline, but my second animal print just wanted to fight with me.  It is a lovely fabric – a cream, black and brown 100% Rayon Challis.  Just beautiful to the touch.  But as I was discussing it with Curls n Skirls I realized that it would be a perfect weight for a top, but perhaps not a perfect weight for a dress.  It might need a lining.  But then if I was planning to wear it in the warmer months – would I want lining?

So I changed the plan … instead of making a dress, Vogue 9202, I would make a top, McCalls M6896.  I’ve made the McCalls pattern before – it was my FIRST Jungle January – with good results.  Of course the Vogue bodice pattern pieces were too short.  They only reached to the pink line I drew on the McCalls bodice pattern pieces.  So I would have to add an extension onto every Vogue bodice pattern piece.


Like so …  extensions cut and labelled for each Vogue bodice piece.


I would have no problem sewing them all together.  I decided I would like a line of black piping between the Vogue pieces and McCalls extensions.  If interested, here is how I joined the ends of my piping!

So how did my “save” work out?  I think I successfully turned Vogue 9202 into McCalls M6896!


I considered this to be my Fail February – #failfebruary – organized by Sew RED-y, until I turned it into this McCalls top.  Then I realized that almost every fail I have is either something I have reworked to avoid tossing the works, or something that was okay for someone else, but not my style, so it was given to charity.


Poor Sophie got dragged into my photo shoot!  She’s the more skittish of my two cats.


Then my lovely daughter decided to show Poor Sophie what SNOW looks like.  We probably get snow once a year here, the rest of the winter it’s rainfall suitable for a rainforest.  So it was quite a surprise for all of us to wake up to THIS!  Believe me Poor Sophie DID NOT like being outside.  She was grabbing my daughter’s coat like her life was on the line and meowing that squeaky meow of her’s over and over.  We let her in instantly – although after witnessing Simon’s reaction to snow, Sophie’s predicament was quite funny!  I didn’t know she would put up such a fuss – when we let Simon out into it all he did was EAT the snow !


Hopefully, this will be the last of the snow and we all, Poor Sophie included, can get back to our regular lives.

So what was the last pattern you had to hack together?

Happy Sewing!

28 thoughts on “Again … I say better late than never!”

  1. Nice top! [You made it] lol I still haven’t got in gear for Jungle January, maybe Furry February? I’m focussing on the WIFESWAP collection for now, but just detoured into a mammoth PDF session and taped up SEVEN.

      1. I’ve kept going: 10 done now, only 2 more to go [I think- must rummage to the bottom of the drawer] Then I want to quickly finish another shirt for the missus…

  2. Very pretty top! The piping was a great idea, really sets it off. Haven’t introduced my cats to snow yet… Not sure this constitutes a pattern hack, but I did successfully lengthen the sleeves of my pj top/tee.

      1. Mine are indoor kitties, too, much to their dismay. 😉 And thank you! Have been procrastinating making the pants to go with top….must get to it today.

  3. Looks great Linda! I think you have to be so careful with animal print in case it looks cheap but this is fabulous and looks really classy! Good job! In other news, I have finally finished my Skirt!! I’ll be taking some photos and half term and then sharing ASAP because I am in love!

  4. Nice remake. Once again a win. I had a sneak preview on the weekend and you finished it off beautifully. Now, as far as Sophie is concerned, you need to make her a animal print coat to wear when she goes outside. She has on her fall duds not her winter ones.

  5. What a beautiful top and such a great idea to morph the two patterns. Poor Sophie. Cats are really funny in the snow. Even though we are in Scotland and used to get literally knee deep snow on a regular basis it seems to have vanished over the last few years. Probably just as well as Mittens, our cat, hates it. Xx

  6. I really like the ruffled piece at the bottom. I know there’s a proper name for it but I’m not a Sewist. Peplum?? That’s a very cool print too. Poor Sophie. Little did she know that we get another 6 inches on top of what we already had. 🐹

  7. That is the most beautiful picture, of your daughter and Sophie! (My mind is battling to reconcile the short-sleeved top with the snow photo…{-; ) Congratulations on saving the top, even if you ended up donating it!

    1. Thanks on behalf of my daughter and Sophie. It’s great when you can take a natural photo with a camera. She was so busy laughing at the cat’s behaviour that she forgot there was a camera aimed at her. The best kind of photo! I saw a glimpse of your #FailFebruary “dementor” cardigan. I’ll have to go take another look!

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