One step closer to the beach …

My sewing days are running out.  Soon my sister and I leave for Mexico.  As usual, I have a dozen ideas but only so much time – so at the top of the list, besides swimsuits, is cover ups.  I bought the fabric for two cover ups – one for my sister and one for me – last weekend.  My sister chose this print – full of black, brown and gold colours.  It’s called Tangiers Linen-look print, 97% polyester and 3% spandex.  It definitely has the quality of linen.  When I pre-washed both fabrics, this one lost at least a 1/4″ off the width with the unravelling and fraying.  I decided that I would have to be very careful finishing off the seams.

Did I make changes to this pattern, McCall’s M7200?  I added a few inches to the length and I made the back only one piece instead of the several they designed into the pattern.  This pattern has a pretty back with all those seams and a bit of a peplum, but I want my cover ups to be a plain style.  I ended up with only four pieces – front, back, collar and sleeve.  (My cover up will be the same, made of the beige fabric.)


Amber, my Singer 421G, is still purring like Sophie and Simon!  I didn’t have any problem sewing up my sister’s cover up with this vintage machine.  There weren’t many seams to sew but they would all have to be french seams to prevent the unravelling and fraying.  

First I sewed the seam with the wrong sides together.  Then I folded the right sides together, pressed the seam, and sewed it right sides together.  Then pressed the seam open.



cu 5


My favourite gizmos – my mini craft iron and my heat proof “Hot Hemmer”.


My sister’s finished cover up.  All set for the beach.


I still have enough fabric left to make the tie belt.  I don’t know if it will be needed or not, but it won’t take much time to sew up so back to my machine!

Here’s a peek at the insides – french seams, bias tape – all messy seams hidden away.


I’m one step closer to the beach … but I am quickly running out of sewing time!  Is your present sewing project for spring? summer? fall/autumn? or winter?

Happy Sewing!

21 thoughts on “One step closer to the beach …

  1. Wow! This piece looks awesome.

  2. Hope you have a lovely time down there, and enjoy all your beach/pool wear! (Love that print – so unusual!) xx

    1. Thank you. My sister picks the best prints!

  3. That linen look fabric is gorgeous, perfect for the beach, you girls will look gorgeous as you enjoy Mexico!

    1. 😂 Thank you! I’ve one more cover-up to make, mine, and 5 evenings to do it in. I should be okay. Then I’ll be lovely too! 😂

  4. Lovely print! It looks like you tamed those seams beautifully.

    1. Thank you! Yes, the seams should be fine now!

  5. Oh you are going to have such a great time! Enjoy the last few preparations!
    (Sewing for winter in this part of the world…it is getting so chilly that The Daughter is not even trying on the new stuff I finish…she says she just want to undress once a day, thank you!)

    1. That made me laugh! (Not wanting to undress too much!). Well, I will be looking for your COLD photos as I lie on the beach in Mexico!

  6. You must be getting quite excited and your sister’s beach cover up is beautiful. The insides truly do look as good as the outsides!

    1. Yes, the countdown is on! Thanks for the compliment! 😃

  7. Looks great here, looks even better in my suitcase. We will look like a million bucks sitting under our umbrellas in our suits and cover-ups. Once again, a job well done and I thank you.

    1. Thank you! It’s the least I can do since you are giving me a free trip to Mexico! 😃👍

  8. Intrigued by the mini craft iron and the ‘hot hemmer’. I singed my fingers really badly making a shirt with flat-felled seams last year, so I definitely need something to make pressing tiny seam allowances easier (and safer). Is this a better option that those rubber thimbles I’ve seen around?

    1. I’ve never seen the rubber thimbles. It was the size of the big iron that I didn’t like. I know I press more seams right after sewing with this little one than I ever did with my big iron. This one is so quick and handy and it fits into the tiny spots. The top handle fits nicely in my fist. I love it! (Too bad I can’t get $ for saying that! 😂)

      1. They should definitely pay you! Thanks for the tip.

  9. What a fun cover-up! I just finished sewing myself one for a trip to Vegas this June. Now I need to focus on a razzle-dazzle shirt to go out in and a swimsuit… so definitely sewing for summer right now! Have fun on your trip!

    1. Thank you! I’ll be keeping an eye out for your shirt and swimsuit. Have fun on your trip too!

  10. There’s something romantic reading that you sewed the cover up with your vintage machine, knowing you’re soon to be on vacation. I conjure up lounging by a pool, a cocktail nearby–a scene from the Great Gatsby. The cover up looks great. Have an awesome time.

    1. That does sound nice! Only a writer or artist would expand on the “vintage” of the machine. Thanks! 😃

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