4,442 miles …

between Victoria, British Columbia, and Edinburgh, Scotland … and why am I telling you this?  Well today I started as this week’s “Fashion Superstar” over on CUT OUT + KEEP!

CUT OUT + KEEP is an Edinburgh based craft community I would like to introduce to you.

But let me start from the beginning …

A few months ago, well the end of February to be exact, a very patient Cat Morley asked me if I was interested in being a “Fashion Superstar” on her craft community CUT OUT + KEEP.  Well of course I am!

Then life interfered (sigh!) and a very patient Cat Morley asked me again.  Again, I replied “Of course I am still interested!”

So while I was in Mexico, lying poolside in the sun, I planned and organized and wrote and rewrote and reviewed and came up with seven project posts for CUT OUT + KEEP.  I’m featured this week, so head on over and take a peek here!  Check out some of the other crafters too!  I don’t think I have ever seen a site that has so much variety, everything from desserts to slinky cabaret dresses (those two probably don’t go together so well) but CUT OUT + KEEP has it all!

So why was I thinking about 4,442 miles?  

Well, funniest thing, I got a reply to my CUT OUT + KEEP tweet from Linda of @remakeremodelrecycle (an excellent talent and teacher, an inspiration).  Let me quote her:

“Congrats! That’s so funny, you live far far away and this is based in Edinburgh, where I am and through you I’ve just discovered them???”  

That’s right.  4,442 miles away Cat Morley of CUT OUT + KEEP finds me, I post and tweet, and Linda of @remakeremodelrecycle notices my tweet and finds CUT OUT + KEEP right next door.    4,442 miles here and back again in seconds!  It is a small world.

By the way Cat and Linda – Edinburgh looks beautiful, full of history and culture – I would love to visit someday and see the Edinburgh Castle!  I do have holidays coming up starting the 1st of July, but I am only going to get as far as the Calgary Stampede (664 miles).  It’s going to be a blast!  Who knows, I might even see some sewing or sewing machines I can share with you!  But as usual, you keep posting and I will keep reading!


Now back to my hand sewing so I can finish off my next project.  You can tell I am at the hand sewing stage because Sophie has taken over my sewing table.


Happy Sewing!

16 thoughts on “4,442 miles …

  1. That’s amazing and I do love the crafting community and how we can reach over the seas and chat to each other. I am due top visit Edinburgh again over summer – you are right – it’s a fab city!

    1. Oh that will be a fabulous trip. Have fun!

  2. How lovely! I am off to check out all those links…

  3. Lovely post & such a grand experience for you ~ Congratulations!
    (Now I’ll pop over & read your other post over in Edinburgh.) xx

    1. Thank you! (Now that’s a clever way to put it!)

      1. It’s a lovely post up there!

  4. Oooo! Congrats on your feature! I loved the story about finding a neighbor via Canada….the Internet can do something good some days😄

    1. Thank you! It was a funny circumstance, wasn’t it!

  5. That sounds so exciting! I will be watching closely! If you ever stumble upon an internet sewing community here in my neck of the woods, please let me know…I have been scouring the local internet but without much luck so far, except for a facebook page or two which are more geared towards specific studio’s own marketing. It is wonderful how a site like Cut out & keep really just celebrates all things and people that are creative.

    1. That’s funny, I could say the same thing for my area. There is a shop in the City that that has a sewing meet up occasionally but the 45 minute drive doesn’t make it easy. That’s why I turned to the on line sewing community! I have yet to find an on line community in my own area though. Once I was told to start one myself. Well I guess that #DESIGNIN’DECEMBER is my own little international annual meetup! 🎊🕺💃🎉

  6. I love the idea of an on line connection with people who have the same creative inspirations. I saw the rough drafts of your projects and am now enjoying the finished projects. Lovely contribution to the site. I too am now off to have a further look.

    1. It is a small world and I love seeing what other sewists are doing and learning from them! Thank you for reading!

  7. One day,… but it is a long way both ways. It’s just so lovely that sewing can bring so many people together.

    1. Agreed! always nice to talk to other sewists!

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