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… with the kindness of strangers.

I was determined to clean up and oil Barbie, my Singer Slant-o-Matic 500, my “Rocketeer”, while I was on holidays from work.  Before I even got around to cleaning her up … well … I broke off her Plate Cover by accident.  I just closed it and it popped off in my hand.  The manual showed it was an easy fix – just snap it back on.

I could see though on my Plate Cover that my hinge pins show some paint chipping on  the right and a slight crack possibly on the left.  

These VSM are famous for broken Plate Cover hinges so I was afraid to force it.  I cautiously pushed it back on – with a bad result …

My Plate Cover was on but wasn’t flush and wouldn’t close all the way.  🙁  What’s a eager novice VSM mechanic to do?

I turned to Facebook, of course, specifically the group Vintage Singer Slant Sewing Machines.  Bob over there kindly showed me exactly what to do – even providing photos!  Apparently, there are screws underneath that can loosen the hinges so that the Plate Cover can be reattached without any damage.

I took off the top cover (there are two screws, one on each side).

Flipped over the top cover, loosened the two screws attaching the hinges.

Gently placed my Plate Cover pins in the hinges properly and tightened both screws.

Success!  My Plate Cover is on, undamaged and flush.  Thanks to Bob and the Vintage Singer Slant Sewing Machines Facebook Group.


By the way, see that screw that sometimes sticks out over the “G” of Singer – I know it drives you nuts when it’s sticking out a bit – it certainly drives me nuts!  But don’t bother to tighten it or your machine will explode!  No, not really, the truth is that it is part of the Stitch Pattern Selector, tighten it and mess up your stitches!

Barbie is still happily sewing away.  I have yet to fix the broken pin holding on the side nose door, but it doesn’t interfere with Barbie’s use.  I remember Clemence has the same broken pin on her machine.  If you are reading this Clemence, or anyone else who needs to know, the post to repair the broken nose door pin is right here.  More kindness of strangers!

Have you got a favourite resource, Facebook group, Youtube, etc. for sewing machine  tips and tutorials?

Happy Sewing!


27 thoughts on “… with the kindness of strangers.”

      1. Fantastic work – I love it when someone else chips in to help out. I’m off to look for a Singer 201K group!

  1. It’s gorgeous! I google whatever I need help with and then check the blogs and videos until I find what I need. Personally I prefer written instructions on blogs where I don’t have to pause a video to follow along!

      1. No photos, but I love sewing. Learned from my grandma and inherited her sewing machine. It’s a workhorse! I’ll see about getting some photos up soon. It is really sweet looking.

  2. Nice save. I have just recently discovered that there is all sorts of helpful “fix it” info on line. Now it is my first stop.

  3. What a beautiful machine. I am always in awe of the time people take to share their knowledge, and love of machines and sewing on the Net. I have learnt so much through the kindness of strangers. It is a wonderful thing. Xx

  4. Great job! The internet is such a great resource for keeping these old machines alive, I’m sure a lot of them would have been dumped if it didn’t exist! This machine is particularly groovy!

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