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… future’s so bright I gotta wear shades!

Seriously, it’s been a HOT summer.  No rainfall the whole month of July, not a shower or drizzle.  The temperatures are supposed to get up to 33 C (91.4 F) this week!  It’s a good thing I took the opportunity to run outside today and take my blog photos – I think I will be hiding inside with the fan or an air conditioner the rest of the week!

Let me tell you about my “Tower Dress”.  I love that name.  I’ve named my dress after one of my favourite prints – called a “Tower” print, 92% polyester, 8% spandex.  I love how the odd white leaf POPS out at you.

For my Tower Dress I used this McCall’s pattern, M6503, view B.  It has fold back facings for a collar and a wrap bodice.  I can’t wait to try some of the other bodice versions.  The only pattern changes I made were to omit the side zipper (mine’s made from a knit fabric), lower the waistband about an inch (I’m not fond of high waisted garments), sew shut the wrap bodice (I find them to be a bother), and add piping (my new fetish!). I think this type of dress is available from lots of pattern makers, including the Indie pattern producers.

Cutting out my traced pieces almost ended in a few choice @#$& words.  Luckily I only cut out one piece before stopping to check whether the flowers would be running in the same direction on all pieces.  So I only had to re-cut one piece and I had lots of fabric left to do it.  I had purchased enough for a full dress and a top.

I stabilized the seams of this knit fabric with seam tape.

I also stabilized the hem of the skirt with iron on interfacing, serged the edge, turned it up an inch and hemmed it with my sewing machine.  The skirt is quite full and the hem way-down-there so I didn’t mind using my sewing machine to sew it up.


Here’s a close-up of my collar choice (can you tell I sewed shut the wrap bodice?) and my piping (love piping) on the collar edge and sleeve hems.  I attached thin shoulder pads too.  This fabric is so soft and comfortable I wanted to add a bit of shape to the shoulders.  The thin shoulder pads did the trick!  Look there are a few white leaves POPPING out at you!  This is probably the most true to colour photograph in this lot.  The background has a shade of pink to it that is difficult to catch.

Put your shades on now!  It’s time to go outside!

Even with my “cutting mistake” I managed to salvage enough of this lovely fabric to make a top – as I had originally planned.  I hope to be able to share it with you next week, so, in the meantime …

Happy Sewing!

43 thoughts on “… future’s so bright I gotta wear shades!”

  1. I love the print you chose for this dress, it’s so easy to start snipping the fabric before checking if there’s a direction to the design isn’t it? Lucky you had extra. The piping adds just the right level of definition.

    1. Oh I think I had the piping in my hand before I even found the fabric in my stash to go with it! The word “Tower” was on the bolt stand, along with the fabric content, etc. I thought it was such a strange name for a fabric description, it just stuck in my head. Makes no sense at all!

  2. gorgeous dress – that piping gives it just the right amount of definition, rather damp here (Ireland) I would like a bit more sunshine before summer ends here (the temps barely get over 20 at the moment and thats a good day!) anyway hope it cools a little for you!

    1. Thank you! It’s a busy print, it definitely needed something. I just know when our rains start we will be wishing for the warmer weather! My sister is headed over to Scotland soon. She will probably experience some damper weather there before we do here! I’ve never been to Ireland, England nor Scotland so I’m a bit envious! 😃

  3. Linda, you’re dress is lovely and the piping gives it a slightly vintage look. Love the print. Enjoy the sunshine, it isn’t everywhere!

    1. Thanks Linda! I have been searching in my head because I KNOW I have a photo of my Aunt or my Mother in a similar dress from way back. I’ve got to find the photo so I can stop wondering about it. But this one is quite vintage, probably if I made it in a cotton or linen with piping and an applique on the chest? Then it would be similar to the photo, that I can’t find.

  4. Linda, the Tower dress is beautiful. I’m impressed that you got it done in the heat, it may not have been 33C but it felt pretty darn hot and humid to this Prairie girl!

  5. It turned out looking so wonderful. Like everyone else, I really like the piping! It was 108 F here last week and I didn’t want to do anything, even sew!

  6. I love the dress. As your sister, I can say it is cute the way you say, “the only pattern change I am going to make” and then you completely redo the dress. I never, during my entire sewing career, was brave enough to totally re-shape a pattern. And the piping, wow. Looks lovely.

  7. Lovely dress in a fab fabric – loving the piping! I think I’m going to take your lead and spend the next week sitting next to a fan… It’s going to be 35C here 🙁

  8. Oooh, this came out great. I think the piping takes it up a notch and it looks more classy, less party dress. I was wondering which neckline you were going to chose. I’m still leaning towards restrained ruffles. I’m memorized by the white leaf unexpectedly popping out. I’m going to have to Google Tower fabric as I don’t know what that means. And, it’s been hot here too. Rather lovely outside, but in my apartment with west facing windows and no AC… 😨😱😲

    1. Thanks! I want to do another option now too! I like this pattern. I was talking about the “Tower” name with another commentator and we couldn’t figure out why it was called Tower, unless it was an error. An autocorrect type of thing for “Flower”. You can’t get an answer from Google on it! What are we going to do about this heat, huh?

  9. Hello. Yes, I’m the caboose in your comments My somewhat different schedule has left me flustered As you mentioned about heat, that’s not helping. The print of your Tower dress is so pretty and the piping around the collar is gorgeous. That piping just adds a little pizzaz but it doesn’t take away from the print. You created a lovely dress. 😊

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