Head’s up!

I’ve been locked out of my Instagram account. I think I’ve been hacked!  So much for #sewphotohop!  Does anyone have contact info for a real person at Instagram?

EDIT: Thank you Mads I have emailed.  Sarah, I’m trying your idea too!

A FURTHER EDIT: I also opened a second IG account just so I could use their “report a problem” on that second account to report my first account had disappeared.

A FURTHER EDIT: Thank you again! An IG rep emailed me back and gave me back my IG account.  Thanks for the help and support everyone.  Now I’ve got to go take some photos for my next blog post.  😘😘


Happy sewing to you!

18 thoughts on “Head’s up!

  1. UGH I am so sorry that happened to you–the same thing happened to me not so long ago. Email info@support.instagram.com. They will probably come back and have very specific criteria for a photo the want you to email back to them; I did what they asked and after another email from them, I was able to regain control of my account. It took about 48 hours all told. Good luck!!

    1. Thanks! I got an email from Instagram asking for my phone number for security reasons and after that I couldn’t log in at all! I thought it was you that had the problems but I wasn’t sure! Fingers crossed!

      1. Linda so many of us have been hit with this, myself included but I was able to get my account set back up really quickly. Does Instagram already have your phone number? If so, all you need to do is open Instagram on a new, previously unused device (I downloaded the app on to my husband’s phone for example) and log into there. When logging in It will ask you to input two sets of codes sent to your own mobile phone. Once you’ve done that it will log you in. Then if you redownload the app on your own device you should be able to log in as normal. I think millions have been hit. Some are saying it’s a hack to get your mobile number. I don’t know about that. I just know this worked for me. Good luck! X

        1. Thanks, something else to try tomorrow, I guess, it’s getting late here now. I gave someone my phone number, hopefully it was Instagram, because after that it stopped working. Thank you again for the input!

          1. Hope it works out x

            1. Well I’ll try a couple of things, give it some time and if it doesn’t work still, I will have to just start all over again! Good night! 😘👍

  2. cant help you there, I have an insta account I barely use as I only have a dumb phone which I refuse to change, so go via tablet….. however – its can by a crazy labyrinth when anything goes wrong with tech trying to get answers….hope your patience holds

    1. That’s ok, thanks for the words of support anyway! 😃 I must admit I have little patience with tech problems – I’m more for if I can’t fix it or get someone to tell me they can fix it then I’ll just trash the works and start all over again. We shall see! 🤔

  3. Oh bugger! I hope things are resolved soon.

    1. I hope so too. I guess in the Grande Scheme of Life this is a minor problem, but they make these things, then you use them and get used to them, then it’s taken away! Grr! 😖

  4. Yuck, this sounds awful. And to hear now that it happens to lots of people! Good luck with it, I hope you’re up and running soon with no lasting ill-effects.

    1. They were very quick actually, which is good, because, silly me, I felt like a kid who had her favourite toy taken away!

  5. You really don’t know how convenient and easy life is with all the new tech stuff until something goes wrong. Then you have to jump all sorts of hoops, create new passwords and be very very patient. Glad to hear you got everything back.

    1. Thank you! I did get everything back, but I must confess I wasn’t very patient! 😌

  6. Glad you’re back up and running. Yes, this happened to me yesterday, too. And I’d only really just got going with Instagram and the sewphotoshop challenge. I thought it was all over when I’d only just begun! All’s fine again now.

    1. There must be something going around! Glad you’re back to normal. It’s inspirational to see what everyone’s making!

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