I’m back!

Last weekend started out as a busy weekend and turned into a challenging week, but let me show you what I did!

I am still working on my sister’s dress – part of my “Sister’s Sewing Project”.  She would like this dress, in this 100% cotton border print and I am using this pattern, Butterick B6089 (sorry for the flash glare).

I got the fabric cut out.  First I cut a large piece, double thickness, of the border print and pinned the two layers together perfectly, matching up the stripes of the border at the bottom of both layers very carefully.  Then I placed my skirt piece on top, lining up the grain line of the pattern piece at a 90 degree angle to the stripes of the border print.  The skirt pattern piece curved up at the bottom hem, but I didn’t cut off the salvage at all.  I didn’t want to chance losing any of the border print and I can always adjust this when hemming later.

The skirt pattern piece was too long, but I didn’t want to lose any of the lovely border print design at the bottom so I cut off the fabric at the top of the skirt instead – just a couple of inches – still making sure I was measuring consistently from the stripes of the border  to the new cutting line.

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

Box pleats are always fun.  This pattern had them marked out on the skirt pieces.  I transferred the markings to my fabric with a Chalk-o-liner.  Sewed the pleat stitching line and pressed it.  

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

Then I opened the pleat and matched my pleat fold line with my pleat stitching line and pressed it again.  The box pleats were all basted down along the top edge of the skirt.

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

The right side looks lovely!

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

Side seams of my sister’s skirt were basted together for fitting.  I pinned at every stripe through both layers to ensure my border print stripes would match at the sides.

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

The bodice pieces were easy to put together, as well as the sleeves.  Here I stopped sewing and when my sister came to visit I had her try on all the pieces.  We had fun pinning her into every piece and pinning every piece together, but we managed, and we decided that the skirt waistband needed to be taken in two inches to match the bodice waistband (obviously!).  The fit was checked and I was free to blaze ahead!  

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

While my sister was visiting we also browsed the 2nd hand clothing shops for bag zippers and fittings.  I was lucky!  I managed to strip 2 straps, a set of swivel hooks, 4 zippers, 4 belt buckles, 2 tassels and a magnetic snap off of these bags, plus some salvaged fabric!  All for $10!  

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

My other sister joined us on Sunday to run/walk the 5km CIBC Run for the Cure for Breast Cancer.  Straight from their website:  “85,000 Canadians in 56 communities across the country united to raise an astounding $17 million.”

Before I even got started in the Run though, I knew there was trouble.  Feeling chilled and sluggish, I walked probably only half the course with my sister, then I fell asleep for a few days.  (The diagnosis was a throat infection.)  No sewing (sob!), no nothing!  I empathize though with those who suffer a fate far worse than my simple curable throat infection.  

Happily this long weekend is a healthier weekend.  Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!  I see sewing and turkey eating in my immediate future!  What about you?

So tell us … do you have any tips to share when it comes to layout, cutting and sewing border prints?

Happy Sewing!





37 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling under the weather! Glad you’re back on your feet….The good thing about sewing is that it waits patiently until you can return….I’m guessing this dress will be your sister’s favorite. That fabric and those pleats, what’s not to love? Can’t wait to see what you do with your haul of bag zippers and fittings!

    1. I’m still trying to find a way to keep this dress for myself! (haha) I don’t see border prints often and I do love working with them!

  2. That’s a nice border print! I think box pleats are one of the nicest ways to showcase a border print skirt. I’ve made a whole dress (fitted bodice/gathered skirt) out of a border print fabric before, with the bodice cut the wrong way as well to best utilise the print which also ran all the way up the fabric (actually is it even a border print then?). I wouldn’t do it again – the fit issues created by the grain were just too weird to wear comfortably.

    1. Oh boy! so sorry your’s turned out like that. Of the few border prints I have seen, they all seem to run this way – I don’t know if I would know what to do if they ran the other way!!!

  3. Bad luck getting the infection, I hope it’s better soon. I love border prints, but hate sewing with them – so nerve wracking. Your patience is paying dividends though, it’s looking perfect.

    1. Thank You! Fingers crossed that the rest goes as well. I am daydreamjng about the process constantly hoping I haven’t missed anything!

  4. I think you’re doing a fab job with the border print and can’t think of any more tips.
    I never thought of buying bags to strip the hardware from them but I will now. Thanks for the tip😁

    1. Thank you! I got the idea from my own used store bought bags. There is always something that falls apart but I couldn’t see throwing the whole works out when I love bag making! And some pieces and parts, like the swivel hooks and buckles can add up to being quite expensive!

  5. The dress is looking good! Sorry you have been poorly, hope you are feeling much better now.

    1. Thank you, I do feel much better now and thank you for your compliments about my sister”s dress!

      1. Where do you find boarder printed fabric? I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen it at a store.

        1. It is almost rare. Just by luck, last time I was in Fabricland over on the mainland they had it in their store. Fabricville is associated with them, but does on line shopping, so they might have the odd batch occasionally. Another reader was talking about finding it on Distinctive Fabrics, another on line store. It’s not easy to come by, which is a shame!

  6. I stripped parts from am old bag for my wool challenge piece last year, but never thought of going to the thrift store with that in mind-excellent idea! My hints on matching patterns, plaids, etc. is to make sure you are matching at seam line not the edge, be mentally prepared to redo small sections so that it does match, and breaking out the walking foot can be really helpful in keeping things together. I have also pulled out the needle and hand basted, usually when I am redoing a couple inches that moved. Hope you are well recovered from your illness.

    1. I just didn’t have any old bags left to strip, so I had to go hunting for some! Now my family and friends are helping too by offering me old jeans and old bags! I love it!
      That’s true, I’ll have to check my seams when they are being sewn. The cut line includes the seam allowance and is not the true edge of the fabric design that will be seen by everyone. Hopefully my border print will be kind to me, but I will get out my walking foot! Thank you for the tips! They are greatly appreciated!

      1. Glad you found some useful ones, I always forget about the seam line!

  7. Love the fabric, I think I would struggle to give that one away 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better!

    1. Right! 😂 Yes, I am much better, thank you!

  8. Linda, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Sounds like you had a rough few days there. I’m impressed it didn’t fog your brain–you got all those prints and stripes lined up perfectly!

    1. Thanks Susan, yes it was a few days in bed with no sewing… boy was I crabby! 😂

  9. Love your sister’s dress I’ve never tried a border print so I’m most impressed.
    Hope you’re better now

    1. Thank you! It’s great when the fabric is lovely and you have a head start on your garment looking good! 😁👍

  10. Border prints. Doesn’t that mean I have to sew a perfect straight line? Eek.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. Sorry you couldn’t do what you love because of being sick. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    1. 😂 thank you! Ah well it was short term! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  11. No tips re border prints, but I do like them, and your sister’s dress is lovely. Well done!

  12. I do love border prints – see them loads in RTW, but hardly ever as fabric. Such a shame, used well border fabrics make stunning garments. Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

    1. Thank you! Yes they are difficult to find. I’m envious when someone else gets their hands on some!

  13. I’m so glad that you’re feeling better. And you’ll be surprised (haha) that I have no tips regarding border prints, but I do love them and your sister’s dress is going to be fabulous!

    1. Thank you! That’s ok if you have no tips! I’m sure you have lots of tips for me regarding other subjects, sewing or non-sewing! 😉😁👍

      1. Hahaha, I just might have one or two…. 😉

  14. This is looking quite lovely. I love the fact that it’s cotton fabric, and a beautiful colourway too.

    1. Thank you! It’s a heavy cotton so hopefully she won’t have to wait until the summer months to wear it!

  15. Bah, largesse are awful. Hope that you are on the mend. I love your use of the border print and it is matched beautifully. This is going to be a gorgeous dress. Your sister is really lucky. Xx

    1. Thank you! I am feeling much better – back to work and my sewing machine! I am still trying to figure out a way to get this dress away from her when it’s done – totally dishonourable thoughts! 🙄

  16. The curve down in the back of the dress is so perfect. Your right the dress is totally amazing. Hope you are feeling better.

    1. It is a very nice style! and yes, I’m much better – back to my regular sewing! Thank you.

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