I was so pleased to see so many lovely Designer me-made Copies entered this year!  22 sewists posted on their blogs, 35 on their Instagram accounts, and of those 18 posted on both to increase their chances!  I thank you all for planning and sewing and joining in, and thank you to those who followed along and voted!  A special thank you to our PRIZE SPONSORS!  Didn’t we have fun!  🎉🕺💃🎊

Everyone had the chance for two entries if they followed my blog and my Instagram.  The IG “likes’ were easy to see, but the blog votes were hidden from everyone.  I only just looked myself tonight!  If someone won on both my blog and my Instagram, I gave them the win where they had more votes and then was able to add on another winner – one prize per sewist!

Our PRIZE SPONSORS generously donated ten prizes, which were chosen blindly and randomly, from:


Well you have had plenty of time to look over the Designer Originals and Designer me-made Copies so let’s just get right to it!  

So who did you think was most successful in making a COPY of their DESIGNER ORIGINAL?

With the most votes on my Instagram, the answer is:  

@suestoney wins one $25 Gift Certificate from the Vintage Pattern Lending Library

@lisascarolina wins one ePattern from Sense & Sensibility Patterns

@thimble.pleasures wins one Pattern from the Itch to Stitch Shop

@sewing_in_spain wins one $25 Gift Certificate from the Vintage Pattern Lending Library

@sewordinary wins a Sewing Grab Bag from “Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!”

With the most votes on my blog, the answer is:

Emma and her Machine wins one pattern from Paprika Patterns

Seam Racer wins a box set of 10 Art Cards from Joannas Art and Cards

Mema wins one $25 Gift Certificate from the Vintage Pattern Lending Library

Paisley Pirouette wins one PDF pattern from Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick Patterns

Corecouture wins one PDF pattern from Named Patterns


Congratulations to all of you, you are the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER 2017 WINNERS!  Please send me an email ( imadeit362436 [at] gmail [dot] com )  within 7 days and we will discuss how to claim your prize.


HOLD ON!  You didn’t make the entry deadline? Let me know when you have chosen your DESIGNER ORIGINAL and your DESIGNER me-made COPY is completed (anytime during 2018!), link back to me here, hashtag it #DESIGNINDECEMBER on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram and I will share it on my blog during the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER 2018 CHALLENGE!

If any new Challengers would like all the details of DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER you will always be able to find the most up to date news by clicking on the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER ICON in my menu, or join the DESIGNER FASHION and DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Pinterest boards, or join the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Facebook Group!


REMEMBER: Just by participating in DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER you are already a WINNER because you have a Designer Original – better and for less money!


Congratulations!  See you again this year!


26 thoughts on “The DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER 2017 WINNERS!

  1. That is so exciting! Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to entering again next year! Thanks for organising it all Linda, it’s been fun! x

    1. Congratulations! And you can thank our audience of voters! They certainly had to make the tough decisions!

      1. They certainly did, I’m flattered. Thank you everyone!! x

  2. Oh, this is so marvellous, thank you Linda. I’ve checked out the Vintage Pattern Lending Library and I won’t be stopping at one pattern, I’m going properly shopping!

    1. Hahaha. It can be addictive can’t it! Congratulations! I’m off to bed now. I am sure there will be emails to answer in the morning!

  3. Congrats everyone!!

    1. Everyone did such a fine job and ended up with lovely garments! Thank you for participating!

  4. Congratulations to all the prize winners. Some awesome garments.

    1. Indeed! Thank you for participating! See you next Designin’ December!

  5. Thank you so much for organizing this, Linda! I am really excited winning a prize, thank you who have voted for my dress! Participating was fun and the Moto Chic Jacket was on my wish list since I had seen Heather Lou’s version, so this will be my choice. Thank you, Skinny Bitch Curvy Chic Patterns!

    1. Congratulations! That jacket is pretty cool, isn’t it!

  6. Congratulations to all the winners! You ladies did amazing work! 🙂

    1. Thank you for participating! I hope you enjoyed it!

      1. You’re welcome! And I really did! It was so much fun, I hope to enter again this year! 🙂

        1. Looking forward to seeing you again! 😁👍

          1. Aww, thanks Linda!! 😀 <3

  7. Such a nice job hosting this Linda! I spent a bit of time looking through the entries and how this works, so I may have a go at this in 2018 if you do it again. I am a fairly slow seamstress when sewing for myself, so my project would be in the several month category, I am sure! I have some lovely wool in my stash, so will keep this in mind as I try to decide what to do with it.😄 So many inspiring outfits here!

    1. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you next Designin’ December! I always try to get an early start with my planning! 🤪

  8. Congratulations to all!! Thank you so much for hosting this fun challenge Linda!! It’s been inspiring to see everyone’s makes and their level of achievements. We are part of a most talented international sewing community! I’ll definitely be participating again next year. Now off to check out Sense & Sensibility Patterns! A new to me pattern company. Thank you again! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the kind, well spoken words! I couldn’t have said it better! Looking forward to seeing your Designer me-made Copy next time!

  9. Congratulations to all the winners and to you Linda for hosting such a fab competition!

    1. Thank you! I hope it was fun for everyone!

  10. Congratulations to all the winners!! 🙂 Congrats on pulling off another amazing event bringing the sewing community together! 🙂 I trust this year I will plan wayyyy ahead and be able to enter! 🙂 Happy New year!! 🙂

    1. Happy New Year to you too! I’ll be watching for you next Designin’ December!

  11. Such fabulous makes and a really great challenge. Looking forward to the 2018 one now I have 11 months to plan 😉

    1. Thank you for participating! It looks like everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves – so I’m happy! 😁👍

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