Isn’t much sewing going on this week …

so no blog post.  I’ll be back next week with what I have been up to and my #MMMay18 summary!

Happy Sewing!  Keep writing so I can keep reading!

(Note:  “Gone Fishin” sign from “WoodnDoodads” on Etsy)

8 thoughts on “Isn’t much sewing going on this week …

  1. Catch you on the flipside! xx

    1. 😁👍 Absolutely! (I love the colour of your Burda shorts!)

  2. Hope you’re having fun, Linda! xx

  3. Fishing, I know you are not fishing. Spending a week with a stinky fish is not my idea of a week off, and I know it is not yours. You are simply hanging about doing what people do when they don’t have to go to work. Having a wonderful time. Talk soon, and relax.

    1. Ok you got me there! I’ve gone fishing… without the stinky fish. My fish comes from the supermarket already cleaned and wrapped in plastic! 😁👍

  4. Enjoy your rest and relaxation, Linda! I also wanted to let you know that I have nominated your blog for a blogging award!

    1. Thank you Kelly! I shall go take a look!

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