“Thanks for Not Guffawing” by Pattern Pandemonium

Quite often I find myself lurking around a blog or two reading post after post after post – entertaining myself! Lurking around Jay’sPattern Pandemoniumrecently, I became quite impressed … She Did the Math! and the answer was a bit scary. Have a read for yourself …

12 thoughts on ““Thanks for Not Guffawing” by Pattern Pandemonium

  1. I don’t dare do the maths on my ever growing stash. I’m hoping that happiness in my new job will stop me from comfort buying. SIX more metres arrived this morning. I mean it’s fgorgeous and I want to sew it NOW, but jeez I have so many things I want to sew NOW.

    1. I know what you mean. It’s frightening when you count it up – but every piece of fabric is a special dream! Too much fabric, too little time! Maybe I’ll live to 100 so I can get all my dreams done?

      1. Just need to sew faster, and keep getting fatter so I have the excuse to make bigger clothes! I suppose I could make more for other people…

        1. Hmm 🤔 other people? I sew a bit for my sisters. It’s good for a change, but I wouldn’t like to do it all the time!

          1. the thing is, if you don’t let them choose, you can offload stash that you’ve gone off…

            1. Haha … that would be a cunning deception! 😂

      2. How about a new rule- for every ten things I make for me, I must use something from stash to make something or someone else? That would do it!

        1. Yes, that’s just a bit of your time. But don’t you sew for your wife already? Doesn’t that count? 😁

  2. You are making me smile this morning! I have all this lovely wool atop my quilting stash, and am clueless what to do with it. I think I’ll be missing the wool contest this year. I just don’t have any idea of what to sew with it besides shift dresses and a jacket, and I don’t really need those….hmm. Do you love it enough to keep it? If not what about donating some to a sewing class for residents of the local woman’s shelter or youth group?

    1. Yes, it is a dilemma isn’t it, that’s why I was happy to share Jay’s thoughts on the matter. Seems like we all have the same problem! 😂 I know I gave a bit of my fabric to charity recently as it seemed my tastes have changed but I couldn’t let go of most of it! 😂

  3. I remember reading that! I’m afraid to even contemplate counting my stash so it will have to remain a mystery. A very substantial mystery…..

    1. Well I guess you have some very substantial sewing to do! 😂

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