“Thanks for Not Guffawing” by Pattern Pandemonium

Quite often I find myself lurking around a blog or two reading post after post after post – entertaining myself! Lurking around Jay’sPattern Pandemoniumrecently, I became quite impressed … She Did the Math! and the answer was a bit scary. Have a read for yourself …

Pattern Pandemonium

Gentle Readers, when I flagged up my intention to sew through the not terribly special fabrics in my stash by the end of summer, you made generously supportive comments. Not a single scoff, knowing smirk or ROFL appeared in the inbox.

Turns out I am delusional. I’ve just done an almost complete inventory. It took the best part of three days. Funny how little space almost 300 metres takes up isn’t it?

Let’s try to translate this into projects. Some would need less than a metre, others might take four and a half. To get a ballpark figure, does 150 projects sound about right?

Translate those projects into hours. Also difficult. Cut out and sew a simple pair of trousers, skirt or top you’ve made before, and know fits – 3 or 4 hours on an average day? But, tailor a jacket, fiddle around with embellishments, I don’t get much…

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  1. I don’t dare do the maths on my ever growing stash. I’m hoping that happiness in my new job will stop me from comfort buying. SIX more metres arrived this morning. I mean it’s fgorgeous and I want to sew it NOW, but jeez I have so many things I want to sew NOW.

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  2. You are making me smile this morning! I have all this lovely wool atop my quilting stash, and am clueless what to do with it. I think I’ll be missing the wool contest this year. I just don’t have any idea of what to sew with it besides shift dresses and a jacket, and I don’t really need those….hmm. Do you love it enough to keep it? If not what about donating some to a sewing class for residents of the local woman’s shelter or youth group?

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