My Designin’ December me-made Copy!

My Designin’ December me-made Copy is finished!  I decided long ago to copy this Designer Original … an Oscar de la Renta, Fall 2018.

I did notice that it had these strange looking tied-on sleeves and decided those would be a work place hazard for me!  I did like the length of the sleeves and the slits in them though.

nicedressthanksimadeit.comI’ve used this pattern, McCall’s M6606, before and didn’t have to make many changes – a slight change to the collar and the hem line and the sleeves – those I narrowed a bit, left the traditional cuff off and made a new cuff with a slit.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2931-e1546238544692.jpg

I definitely had fun with the “appliqués” on this tunic top!  I love this embroidered fabric!

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I cut off a section of the embroidered fabric with a couple of birds and flowers on it and pressed a light interfacing to the back of it, with a cloth over top of course.  Then I carefully cut out the birds and flowers.

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I was again lucky to find the correct colours in my thread stash! After I decided where I wanted to place everything, I basted the embroidered pieces to my fabric with Wonder Tape.

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I used the appliqué stitch on my sewing machine.

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I am very happy with the result!

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I’ve really enjoyed making this one and think it will fit into my life style just wonderfully!

If you would like to know more about the Challenge, click on – Designin’ December! Thank you to our sponsors!

Happy Sewing!

42 thoughts on “My Designin’ December me-made Copy!

  1. Gorgeous! If I get my cashmere coat cut out today, I can still [just about] count it as December make lol

    1. Thank you! Oh cashmere would make a lovely garment! You can’t be serious though? Wow!

      1. yep I bought the fabric at the start of the month and haven’t done anything since! Bright res cashmere with [mock] astrakhan collar and cuffs…nearest one I’ve seen online costs 4 grans!

        1. Oh my! You have to finish up that project. It sounds lovely! Get a head start on Designin’ December 2019 (oh my did I say that 🤭)

          1. lol I’ll be making it anyway, I want it for playground duty in a week …tissue fit looks fine, I’ll do a small FBA which will give me belly room as well!

            1. I’ll be watching for it, now I’m curious!

  2. Really gorgeous outfit and I love the appliques. All the best! Xx

    1. Thank you! Happy New Year to you and your’s!

  3. I love that top . . . And those appliques are awesome! Such a cool outfit! Thanks for putting Designin’ December together!!

    1. Thank you Paula! Thank you for participating and sharing your beautiful wedding dress with us!

  4. I love the fabrics you’ve chosen for this project. The applique looks superb on the jade-green background. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I can’t remember using these colours before. I’ll have to try them again!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. The details are amazing. Great job!!!!

  6. Very creative use of the embroidered fabric to create your own appliques. Looks great.

    1. Thank you Mary, I’m happy I was able to pull it all together! ☺️

  7. It looks fantastic! I’ve really enjoyed seeing the Designin’ December posts. Although I won’t hit the deadline, I still have a skirt to complete for my designer copy – I’ve done the top already. Hopefully will show it in the next week or so! Happy new year!

    1. Thank you! ☺️ it’s really satisfying to see something, not buy it, but make it yourself instead, isn’t it! If it does show up in the next week or so or whenever, mention Designin’ December and let me know. I will save it for next year. This Challenge can be sewn anytime during the year, anytime you see that inspirational Original photo! Happy New Year! 🥳

      1. Oh I didn’t know that! Thank you! I’ll definitely mention Designin’ December – assuming it turns out how I envisioned! 😀

  8. Those appliqués are so cool – – lovely make! and your christmas tree shots are fabulous. Happy new year!!

    1. Thank you! I was quite pleased with the outcome! It’s such a strange place for lighting… I must have had every light in the house on, but it worked out in the end! Happy New Year to you and your family too! I look forward to seeing your me-mades next year!

  9. Goodness gracious! This looks just fantastic on you! I love how it looks so nice and fancy at the same time that it is casual…such a wonderful outfit!! The colors are better than the original and those amazing appliques out of the sheer fabric are a stunning idea. Have a very Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! It definitely is a keeper! Happy New Year to you too!

  10. A beautiful job capturing the essence of the designer original, while making it work for you. The appliqués are outstanding!

    1. Thank you Kelly! I learnt a lot with this one to make it work for me! The appliqués were really fun! Happy New Year to you!

  11. Wonderful outfit, Linda – congratulations! And I see how you did those appliqués. So clever, and they look wonderful! Wishing you all the best in the New Year!!! 🥳

    1. Thank you! The appliqués were quite fun to figure out and make! Happy New Year to you!

  12. Love your outfit! I guess Asian design appliques are a thing with Threads magazine, too – I just received my copy and it has a whole article about lifting embroidery from an old kimono and appliqueing it elsewhere.

    1. Cool! And they probably teach you how to do it the right way! 😁

  13. It is a beautiful outfit. Glad you made it in green, pink is not my fav colour, I like it better in green. Love the birds. Nice job.

    1. Thanks! Glad you like the green! It all worked out very well!

  14. This is just brilliant Linda! I love the appliqués.

    1. Thank you Sue. It worked! 😁

  15. Your outfit is lovely – it has worked out beautifully and looks great on you

    1. Thank you Anne! Happy Sewing to you this year!

  16. Nice example of taking an inspiration piece and making it your own. Those lovely appliqués must have been a difficult technique, which you handled beautifully. Good job!

    1. Thank you! I rather enjoyed figuring those out and I’m happy with them so they were a success!

  17. I love your version, especially the colours you chose. It seems very versatile, can be casual but also more glamorous and I think the appliqué combined with the mandarin collar give the tunic a very zen feeling. The whole outfit looks expensive and really well made. clap clap!!! Just for the record I read this when you posted it but failed to comment appropriately.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I feel very elegant in it when I’m all buttoned up and very casual when it’s unbuttoned and I am slouching with my hands in my pockets! Thank you for participating!

  18. Hello. Im a little behind and I can’t remember commenting on this. Your applique is beautiful. I stopped eating breakfast as I looked at it. You are creating your own fabric. Your tunic looks stunning.

    1. Thank you Jo! It was a bit of a mystery before I started working on it but I’m happy I figured it out and I’m really happy how it turned out!

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