2019 sewing plans!

Yes, I know, January is almost over, but this year I have actually done some PRE-PLANNING and this year I plan on finishing:


I know, like everyone, I still have a few UFO’s to finish – a top for my sister, a half made dress for myself, a pair of dress pants and another Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt.

But I’ve also sorted out a few projects I would like to tackle!


Of course all year I will be looking for my Designin’ December 2019 inspiration.  I’ll be watching for your inspiration too!

@corrineapplybemakes already has her Designer me-made Copy finished and posted on IG!

There’s no rush, take your time, you’ve got all year to think about it (almost!).  If you would like more details about the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER challenge take a look at this post here.

ROSIE© BAGS and other such projects:

I’ve made two Rosie© Bags so far this year, one for my sister, @JCVArtStudio, and one for me!!!

I have a 2 meter piece of fabric with a large Parisienne print so I isolated different scenes of the large print and let my sister decide which scene she wanted to use for her Rosie© bag …

… and which scene did she chose?

Next I finished my Rosie© bag.  I used fabrics from the box of upholstery fabric my sister gave me.

I’ve got one more Rosie bag cut out, I’ll get to it … sometime this year!


Over on Instagram there are a few Sewing Challenges I love. One is #magamsewalong. @sarahlizsewstyle organizes and inspires us to sew every month … she doesn’t have an easy task! I think my yearly theme is going to be “stash busting”. Hopefully I’ll have time for a few of the monthly themes too.

#makenine2019 INSPIRATION:

Another Instagram Sewing Challenge. I TRIED the #makenine2017 Challenge.  I picked my nine patterns to make during the year. I don’t think I got half way through them!  Now there is the option of choosing to make nine different garments (sewn or knitted or?) instead of picking specific patterns, so this Challenge has my interest.

Part of my inspiration for this Challenge was this meme I found on Facebook.  I can’t find the creator though, any ideas?

I seriously want to be the lady on the left … she’s my Inspiration … she’s just so cool … laid back … I love her.  I would even love to have her hair for a few days!

So here’s my #makenine2019.  

A Jean Jacket similar to the one my Inspiration (above) is wearing, not leather though. My Jean Jacket pattern is by Islander Sewing Systems. I’ve made one before here and I loved the pattern, the instructions and her methods.  This time I’ll put the buttons on the right side though! LOL

Skinny Jeans like my Inspiration.  

A Tunic top sort of like my Inspiration – I don’t want a long one, like her dress length.

Then a hoodie, casual pants and a top.  

And still left from last year’s “sewing to do” list … a bra and granny panties.  

Last, a dress of some sort!

Does anyone know of a on-line shop where I can purchase a complete kit for making a bra – proper fabric, elastic, whatever is needed?  Until I am familiar with what materials and supplies are needed, I would prefer someone just sell me a “kit”, preferably in Canada?

I found 3.5 meters of denim in my stash that I might be able to squeeze a pair of Jeans and a Jacket out of! I also found this embroidered pocket.  I was given this by a sewing blogger friend long ago and I was keeping it for something special.

Well I finally decided what “something special” is … some sort of little coin purse, wallet front or card purse.  I’ll figure something out. In the meantime, I’ve drawn chalk lines all over this and trimmed it down and I am drawing up pattern ideas.

What Challenges are you planning to do this month, next month, this year?

Happy Sewing!

STASH BUSTING WITH THIS PROJECT?  Nothing yet!  Still 130.2 meters left in the fabric stash.

30 thoughts on “2019 sewing plans!

  1. Good heavens. I have a hard enough time figuring out what to have for breakfast each day, you have almost the entire year planned out. That sister’s top you have, she is more than willing to wait should you find something more exciting to sew cause if I remember right it was quite plain. Happy sewing.

    1. Hahaha! It’s on the list, it will get done! Every project has its own lure. 🙂

  2. Re bra kits: maybe you can start your search at Orange Lingerie or Emeralds Erin. I think both are located in Canada.

    1. Yes thanks! I think I’ve seen Emerald Erin somewhere before, IG? I check them both out!

  3. Oh and the fairy bramother is in Canada https://m.facebook.com/TheFairyBraMother/
    Best of luck w your goals and for the record i’d Also take that hair any day!

    1. Thank you! I think she has a Craftsy course too? Something to think about taking. My Inspiration is so relaxed, isn’t she? Can you imagine the looks if I went into the hairdresser and said “I want hair like her.”

      1. Yes I have her classes too, but still can’t bring myself to make bras when there are so many other garments requiring my attention!

        1. So many garments, so little time! 😁👍

  4. Every time someone says how many metres they have in stash I wince…I don’t dare calculate, and in any case, because I can’t bring myself to throw scraps out, I have masses of bits which couldn’t even be totalled up other than by weight! I do plan to make a couple of pouffe/footstools from the Closet Case Files pattern, so may just stuff them with scraps…
    ‘Make nine’ always seems too conservative to me, SWAP alone requires eleven garments, and the regular challenges on The Sewing Place keep me making much more than 9. My plan for this year is to go through all my accumulated patterns, and make up the ones I haven’t yet used, and get rid of any that I will never make [anything with an optimistic waistline lol]
    I have projects in mind though- I have just made a hat to go with my new coat, and have other hat patterns to try. I may even attempt some gloves and/or something in leather as I have a couple of pretty pieces. I don’t really go for bags though!

    1. Yes, I think your stash of patterns and fabric is infamous! I can’t bring myself to throw anything out neither. That’s where the bags come in. Good idea using scraps as stuffing too. I’ll have to remember that! I’ve seen your projects – that’s an incredible amount of sewing and you do a lovely job of it. Now can you really, really thrown out your patterns. I’d be impressed! I have a pattern for Barbie doll clothes from long long ago that I don’t use and can’t part with 😂. I’m going to have to catch up with my blog reading. I know you have been making a coat but your post notifications have been going to “junk” mail, which is a crime!, and I have been missing them!

      1. lol yes the coat is being worn, and snuggled into every day…I should have worn the hat today as it snowed all afternoon, but it wasn’t that cold this morning…tomorrow is another day though. I used to hoard patterns, but the great Hot Patterns debacle made me able to bin them [well, recycle] if agitated enough. I’m getting so much better at judging which patterns I’m likely to re-use, that the rest just need to go. Recycle or swap… There are too many I really want to make up that are just waiting for their perfect fabric partner though…

        1. Well good for you! I am impressed. I think you could teach me a lesson or two! 😁👍

          1. lol maths maybe…

      2. Funny how you can get attached to patterns. I remember, when I was sewing on a regular basis, I had a skirt pattern that had a partial elastic waist that stayed with me for over 15 years and many shapes. Patterns are like TV shows, when a good plot comes along EVERYONE makes an adaption of it. I vote for keeping them.

  5. I’m in awe of your plans. I can barely plan a few hours ahead!

    However….I found a gorgeous Chloe dress on Pinterest and it HAS to be my Designin’ December make for this year. The hunt is on for the perfect fabric

    1. We’ll see how much got accomplished once December rolls around! 😂 I think, like many, if I won a lottery and could do whatever I want, instead of working full time, I might accomplish it all. But I do like to have a “plan”! You’ve got me beat, I haven’t found my Designer to copy yet. It will come… just smack me in the head one day! 😁👍 good luck!

  6. I really admire how much you have planned. I have such a hard time planning anything.

    1. I usually do too. The #makenine when you had to post Patterns was undoable but I know I want these garments so it fits. The Challenge only works if it fits you right! Good luck with your projects!

  7. I LOVE my purse. I can’t go anywhere without people saying, “I like your purse.” I immediately say, “My sister made it.” I decided I need one for each season. I think I learned that from my sister. 😁 Joking. Kind of. It fits all my stuff perfectly yet it’s also light and it’s beautiful. Thank you very much.

    That pocket with the embroidery is very pretty.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you love it! Yes, there will be more, that’s for sure. It’s quite popular! I’m working on something new for the embroidery pocket!

  8. I also have things to finish and a lot of new things to do .. time is not enough! 🙂 the bags are very nice!

    1. Thank you! Too many projects, not enough time!

  9. Great to see other’s plans as I try to stick to my own! Not doing so great this weekend LOL. I have plans to make a bag as well, which should be interesting since it’s something I’ve never done. Anyways, happy new year and I can’t wait to see what your progress!

    1. Happy New Year to you too, and Happy Sewing!

  10. I am so impressed with your planning. There are some lovely makes here and I look forward to seeing them. As always your bags are an inspiration!

    1. Thanks Sue! This is my wish list for the year. I need some more practical clothes so hopefully everything will get finished!

      1. You can do it 🙂

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