Sewing Challenges: #So50Visible and #BGchallenge

@sewover50 has been running the #So50Visible Challenge on Instagram and I wasn’t too sure if I’d make their deadline of March 15th! And what do you know… I did! And not only did I, but I found out that I could also enter the #BGchallenge (Breaking Ground Challenge)!

The aim of #So50Visible is to make a pattern from a pattern maker who has models over the age of 50! How many of those do you see day to day? I was lucky to find this collection!

The aim of the #BGchallenge was to make something from a pattern maker you haven’t used before! And what did I make from a pattern maker I haven’t used before who uses models over 50? The Tuesday Stitches Citrus Leggings, of course! You can link to their pattern here if you’d like.

The sewing of this pattern went really well and the finished leggings feel so good – to be honest the first pair of leggings I have EVER worn! And I am going to make and wear MORE!

Yes I had to print out the PDF pattern and glue it together. Some sewists download the PDF pattern onto a flash drive and take it to a printer to have it printed off on large paper for cutting out. Unfortunately the nearest print shop to me is 35 minutes away … who can wait that long … so Sophie and Simon and I just cut and glued ourselves happily into the night!

I had two meters of the BEST fabric. I should have taken a photo of the bolt end so I could remember it’s content. I remember it had a spandex content though with a good four way stretch, as recommended by Tuesday Stitches, and it was quite thick compared to some of the stretch knit fabrics I see. I chose to do view C without the gathers, so that I could squeeze TWO pairs on to my fabric, so it was easy to sew all the seams – skipping the gathers. Maybe I’ll make a pair with gathers, view A or B, next time. I used a narrow long zig zag stitch and didn’t have much of a problem except for when I sewed through a couple of thicknesses for the hems.

Tuesday Stitches has a tutorial for a hidden wide waistband elastic here, which I used and liked. First though, I put the leggings on inside out and measured where the waistband elastic should go.

Fitting for the wide waistband elastic.
I made extra sure to centre my elastic on my front and back seams.
Using my long zig zag to attach my elastic.
As an extra precaution I stitched the elastic down all along the waistline.

There are three seams on each leg that you can use for fitting. Let a bit out here, take a bit in there! I think I might let out the seam along my calves just a bit, that seems to be the only place I am not right on with the fit. Big calves! Otherwise, these are really really comfortable!

Now excuse me while I go over to Instagram and submit my entry to the #So50Visible and #BGchallenge and tell them what a wonderful job they are doing running these challenges. I think I’ll go tell Tuesday Stitches how much I love their Citrus Leggings pattern too!

Have you made yourself a pair of leggings yet? If so, which pattern did you use?

Happy Sewing!

STASH BUSTING WITH THIS PROJECT? Well, no change there … still 131.2 meters left … I bought two meters so I could make these Citrus Leggings and I used it all up!

12 thoughts on “Sewing Challenges: #So50Visible and #BGchallenge

  1. These look great! I want to try this pattern now!!

    1. They are really comfortable. If someone wasn’t familiar with sewing with knits or what their machine could do, I’d practice some different stitches on some of the scraps first! 😁👍

  2. Those look nice! I haven’t joined the leggings family….only have one pair of running pants DH bought me because he thought they were underarmour long underwear LOL. I wear them in the house, but not even outside to walk! I guess my shirts are too short…:)

    1. Yes, first time for me. I would always wear a tunic sort of a top – to hide everything that I thought should be hidden! 😂

  3. Rose MacKenzie-Kirkwood March 14, 2019 — 12:00 pm

    All my years of sewing I never managed to successfully sew stretch material. I made t-shirts for my boys, but I tell you, I hated every minute of it because of the stretch. I finally decided to buy t-shirts and stick to making joggers and sweatshirts….not as stretchy. Your leggings look great can hardly wait until I can see them in person.

    1. Thanks Rose! I always try out my machine, needle, stitch and fabric a few times with every project, even after all these years, to make sure that it works!

  4. Linda, you’re a very generous blogger and so involved – I admire your enthusiasm! Meanwhile down in Sydney, I don’t manage to enter anything and then regret not getting off my backside – there just seems to be so much going on and not enough time to do it. Do you have a method for keeping track of what’s up next sewing wise? I’d be keen to hear/read about that – you just seem so organised! Nice job on the leggings, I’m a huge fan in the colder months with layered upper pieces.

    1. Those are very kind words – thank you! Well I am not really organized. I see a lot of challenges I would like to try. People are very clever and challenges certainly keep me motivated. I have a huge sewing to-do list and I usually put the challenges I see in my calendar with a two week reminder and then, if they seem to be aligned with my sewing plans anyway, they get accomplished! Many of them do get crossed off my list though. I love the challenges that mirror what I want to do! The #make nine is a year long one and I honestly hope I finish it because all nine garments are things I need in my wardrobe. I’m pretty happy with these leggings hopefully they will bring a spark into my wardrobe all year round! Thank you for reading and commenting!

  5. Hey. Those leggings look great. You can dress them up for work or an event. They look really good on you. You said they were comfortable. Good job. You are a model now, too.

    1. Thank you! I don’t know why I didn’t make them sooner! Model? 😂😂

  6. Is absolutely love wearing leggings but have had very little luck sewing them. There are great, and your post was so inspiring, I just might have to give this pattern a try. There are so many fabulous pattern designers these days…aren’t we lucky? So many wonderful options!

    1. I found the right knit fabric really made a difference. I practiced my needle and stitch combinations too. Then it was smooth sailing! I love it when sewing Challenges inspire us to try something new!

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