Remember this?

Do you remember my embroidered denim patch given to me by a sewing friend? I have been saving it for so long waiting for a special project.

Well I’ve decided what that special project is going to be – this change/card purse for myself. I think I will call it my Coffee© purse … because that’s basically what it is! A place for my Timmy’s card and my coffee change.

It was pretty easy figuring out my pieces – my embroidered denim patch, some cotton for the back, my lining, my interfacing and a bit of Peltex for shape.

Now to make the inner pocket.

This inner pocket will be sewn into my change/card purse now.

Can you see the misplaced Wonder Tape on the outside around the zipper? I know from past experience that this will dry up and I will be able to pick it off – it drives me nuts being there though! You’d think I would just learn my lesson!

Timmy’s card and coffee change tucked away in my Coffee© purse!
And it even fits in the back pocket of my Rosie© Bag!

A new pattern for my collection – my Coffee© purse! Now that it’s finished though I have been flooded with ideas on how to make it “easier”. I think I am going to try this one again … before I’m satisfied with the quality of this pattern.

What’s the next project? My friend has commissioned me to make her a bag. Status: I have my cork fabrics and interfacing cut out and have started on it – I think I’m about half way through actually. I’ve even picked out a name for this new bag pattern … The Gemma© Bag! I’ll have more about it the next post.

There were a few lessons learned with this project. Sometimes you sew close to the zipper and sometimes you don’t! Always place your Wonder Tape CAREFULLY! Oh, and finally, sometimes the second time you make something it turns out better than the first!

Do you have any advice you can pass on from your recent sewing experiences?

Happy Sewing!

STASH BUSTING WITH THIS PROJECT? Well, no change again. This project used scraps from my stash. Nothing significant. So still 131.2 meters left!

Edit July 5, 2019 – The Coffee© Purse and the Gemma© Bag are now available in the shop, Lányos Handmade!

24 thoughts on “Remember this?

  1. What a beautiful way to use your friend’s sweet gift!! Love your little purse, especially the way you ‘accordioned’ the lining. Very nice….. and you will think of your friend everytime you use this.

    1. Thank you! Sometimes the smallest simplest things are the best gifts. I’m happy I found a place for it. My Coffee@ purse will be well used – almost daily! 😁

  2. What a lovely little purse and a great use for the embroidered panel

    1. Thanks Anne. Except for the misaligned Wonder Tape, I’m happy with it. And that will come off quickly!

  3. That’s a lovely use of the beautiful embroidery! Also love the divided interior to keep stuff organized.

    1. Thank you very much! It’s going to be quite handy!

  4. Question before my comment. In the photo of your cut out pieces, what is the fork for…….the muffin at Timmy’s? I love the Coffee purse and like someone already said, the accordioned lining is great. I love a little purse that you can organize. Job well done, Linda.

    1. 😂 darn it! I should have included a fork pocket! No I was just thinking of size comparison – kind of odd, isn’t it! 😂 thank you for the kind words!

      1. No, size comparison is a good idea, I was just giving you a jab. I like the Coffee purse idea.

        1. I know it was just a jab! It’s all good! 😂👍

          1. I will be seeing you the weekend of 26-28. Any chance we can have a look through your stash for possibilities for a Coffee purse for me. I keep looking back at this purse and now that I am retired I do not need my big purse, all the time, and this looks like a great alternative.

            1. Absolutely no problem whatsoever! I’d love to make you one! 😁👍

  5. What a lovely little purse. Linda, you are magical! x

    1. 😁 thank you for the kind words!

  6. I love my little coffee purse. It’s perfect and I think it’s curbing my spending, which is a good thing. I can’t wait to see your cork purse! Maybe a bottle of wine can be used to compare and show size? (Joking) 🍷

    1. Ohhh! Lovely idea! Perhaps a slightly empty bottle of wine would be best? Thanks for the compliments!

  7. such a cute little pocket!

    1. Thank you! I emptied it today to buy myself a coffee and a muffin! It was really handy … and the coffee and muffin were wonderful!

  8. Wow I love it! This little purse looks perfect… well done

    1. Thank you kindly! Not bad for a fist pattern idea! 😁👍

      1. Absolutely not bad👍👍👍

  9. That is the sweetest little purse. I assume it’s big enough for a driver’s license and a credit card. If so you’ve got everything you need for a glorious afternoon, getting coffee, going to the movies, all without the burden of a big purse. You know me, it’s little purses for me all the way!

    1. That’s right! It is perfect for a few cards and some money. Just the right size! Fits in a pocket! Off to the movie you go!

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