Pure chaos!

It has been a busy few weeks!  I was being a whiny baby because our fridge was on the verge of dying.  We started by looking at about six different brands, about four finishes and about three different styles.  Ugh!  Can’t they just give me an exact replacement for the one I had and loved for fifteen years?  Then it was decided to get a matching stove too.  Then the fridge died and everything was moved to the pantry fridge in the garage.  So while cooking there was way too much running with full arms between the kitchen and the pantry fridge in the garage.  Then I didn’t like any of the new stoves and my old one is JUST RIGHT! So we are back to just replacing the fridge!

Then with all the appliance research and shopping, I couldn’t – horrors – even find time to sew, or even blog or even read blogs! 

Major Crabbiness ensued!

On the plus side, I did manage to choose and email my pattern testers for my Lányos Handmade Gemma© Bag.  Some applicants didn’t leave their email addresses on the application forms so sadly I couldn’t reply to them, and some didn’t respond to my initial email so I had to move on to the next name. 

Those of you who filled out an application form, I thank you.  If I didn’t email you and send you a draft of the Gemma©️ Bag pattern, don’t despair! I thank you for applying 😁👍 and I do have at least another three or four bag patterns rolling around in my head! I might ask if you can help me out next time!

Those of you who are working through the draft Gemma©️ Bag pattern now, I thank you immensely for doing this!  You are the indispensable editors of my ideas!

Now, I have a tip for you!

I also managed in the last few weeks to mend a friend’s curtains and sew some quick curtains for one of our extra bedrooms (company’s coming soon).  In this guest room I wanted something to soften and cover the blinds.  I used this fabric for the curtains.  It was purchased to make tote bags some day … but that’s okay, when we tire of the curtains, I can take them down and I can still make a few tote bags.  But I just love this fabric – wouldn’t it make a great tote bag?

Now for the tip … I found the best website for calculating how much fabric you need for curtains.  No more math.  Haha! This is it … Sailrite … they also had calculators for pillows, cushions, upholstery, etc. They also had some very cool industrial sewing machines! (One can only dream!)

Here’s the finished curtains, by the way.  They do a great job of hiding the blinds.  You can see the blinds are closed half way just by the shadow that is cast.

When things settled down a bit I planned and cut out for another friend a Rosie©️ Bag.  How do you like her fabric?

Love at first sight, I think!

Anyway I think this weekend will be a good sewing weekend for my friend’s Rosie©️ Bag.  And I think we have decided on which fridge we want, so no more appliance research and shopping!

Are you going to have a chance to sew this weekend?

Happy Sewing!

9 thoughts on “Pure chaos!

  1. You, a whiny baby…never! I love the fabric for the curtains, and thanks for the Sailrite tip, there’s nothing worse than taking the time and money to sew up a set of curtains, only to discover they look skimpy when you get them hung.

    1. Thank you for telling everyone how wonderful I am all the time! 😂😂😂 I used to do so much math when figuring out this simple stuff, my head hurt and after all that I still didn’t trust my numbers! 👩🏼‍🦳👍🏼

  2. Love the curtains. You mentioned the word “upholstery” when talking about the measuring site. I have a chair in my livingroom that is still good but it needs re-covering. When making my curtains (nothing fancy just straight forward curtains) you did the magic math so I knew how much material to get and I must admit you did a bang up job. If your new program can figure out what I need, I may have to cave and buy some material the next time you come over to go material hunting. Just sayin’

    1. Yes it gives estimates for covering upholstered furniture. I like putting these things in my blog because others might want to try them but also because it’s a good way for me to save the information too! Bring it on! I love fabric shopping! I was thinking of a trip over there to look for my #designindecember fabric anyway!

  3. Im glad you found a refrigerator. There are more important things to do than refrigerator shopping, like sewing and drawing! The curtains look great. The pattern reminds me of toile. (Sp) The fabric for the purse is exquisite. Love it. Happy sewing.

    1. Yes, I’m so happy things have gotten back to normal! And sewing is what I’m doing right now! Happy drawing to you! 👩🏼‍🦳👍🏼

  4. Oh, you poor dear—such choices! Hope your new refrigerator is in place immediately, and you get taken out to dinner lots to make up for all those extra steps. And do hope you got your sewing weekend! Love your curtain fabric and agree it will make great bags, in time. 😉

    1. LOL! In retrospect, these sound like whiney “modern world” problems! LOL! Well, except for the lack of sewing … that’s serious!!!

      1. Yes, in any age lack of sewing is serious!

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