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Sewing Jeans: Pockets and Fly Front

I’ve started on my Jeans! The fabric has been cut out and sitting in pile for a little while now. It’s about time! I’m using Vogue V8774 and a black denim with a bit of a stretch. I’ve made Jeans before here, and I already have a matching denim jacket here. This will be my third garment in the #makenine 2019 Challenge! I’m doing pretty good … by my standards! 🙂

I have a lot of golden topstitching thread in my stash, but it wouldn’t match the topstitching thread I used for my jacket. so a trip to the fabric store was in order and I came home with some “future handbag” fabric and two spools of white topstitching thread. I also bought another package of “Jeans” sewing machine needles.

The golden topstitching thread is on the left/bottom back pocket and the white topstitching thread is on the right/top back pocket. They are both nice, but the white will match my jacket better.

Funny thing about the back pockets … I forgot to cut them out. Then when I realized, I also realized that I had no more black denim. Time to improvise! I cut my back pockets out from the already cut pocket lining pieces, which shouldn’t be a heavy denim anyway. So no harm there!

Then I cut the pocket lining pieces out of a 100% black cotton and this black and white print denim – the same print I used for my matching jacket. I think now though that I might have to have the waistband cut out of this print too, to be more consistent. I do have lots left still. We shall see when the time comes!

Here’s the pocket lining piece sewn up with the black cotton and the white and black print denim. I had to draw up that little insert piece myself but it wasn’t difficult because I followed the curve of the other pattern pieces.

The front pocket lining, the same 100% black cotton, sewn on and pressed.

Back pockets interfaced and pressed – although I think I strayed from the pattern instructions – but it all worked out just fine!

Time for topstitching everything I’ve made so far! My favourite detail! I love using my 1/4″ seam foot and my edge stitch foot to guide my topstitching.

The back pocket design is also a favourite detail! I first drew it in yellow chalk and it messed up my white topstitching thread so I switched to a newly acquired wax pencil marker. It works really well!

Front pockets all topstitched and assembled!

Now for the Jeans fly front. I am paying proper attention to the pattern instructions now. Front seam sewn together just under where the zipper is to be inserted.

I used my edge stitch foot with my needle to the left, with black thread, to attach one side of the zipper to my Jeans.

Bias tape was sewn onto the zipper facings and they were sewn onto my Jeans. Then I realized that my zipper was way too long at the bottom.

Bah! 🙁 Being too lazy to take it apart, I just pretended it was a handbag zipper and cut it to fit and hand sewed a zipper stop at the bottom.

Not bad. Time to topstitch!

Just something simple.

Next up? The Jeans back!

Did I miss anything? Do you have any tips for making pockets or inserting zippers in Jeans?

Happy Sewing!

STASH BUSTING WITH THIS PROJECT? These Jeans will use up 1.9 meters of my stash. So I will have 129.3 metres left!

18 thoughts on “Sewing Jeans: Pockets and Fly Front”

  1. Love the top stitching, it gives everything a really cool finish. Good save on the pockets and the lining is really bold, love it.

  2. I am going to try using my edge stitch foot for my next jeans zipper, that’s a great idea, much more secure than the zipper foot which tends to wander.

  3. You’re very brave doing white top stitching! Looks great , I’ve got the Ginger jeans and the Boyfriend jeans pattern, lots of denim, just need to get myself organised 🙂

  4. These are coming along nicely! Having the right tools from feet to markers really helps on a more complicated make. I could use an edge foot because my last topstitching wandered right off the edge.

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