One busy weekend after another!

… seriously 😁 who has time to sew … but they were wonderful weekends!

Last weekend I discovered Dragon Alley in Victoria’s Chinatown. My sister @JCVArtStudio was one of the featured artists in “Art in the Alley” held by the Victoria Arts Council in Dragon Alley. I have lived here for 31 years and never knew Dragon Alley existed!

I was really wondering where she was taking me as we walked through the narrow, dark, brick covered alley! I was quite surprised to find such an interesting location tucked away. The buildings of the alley date back to 1890. They are two stories high and a city block long, full of history! If you’d like to read a bit about it, I’ll give you the link here.

I loved the “Little Library”. On the honour system, give one (book), take one (book).

The shop of our generous Art in the Alley host, and his sweet little dog, Coco! ❤️

It actually rained when we first arrived, although it stopped after 30 minutes or so.  You could see water drops on the lanterns.

The @JCVArtStudio table under one of the few awnings we found.  It pays to arrive early and snag a table under an awning, in case of rain!

Going into the afternoon the clouds moved on, the sun came out and the lanterns dried.

As the Art Show moved into the afternoon, a tour group came through.  The guide pointed out that they have tried to preserve many features of the buildings, including some of the original writings that were found on the alleyway walls.  According to the guide, years ago, this writing was at the beginning of a block long alleyway between residences and said, “Don’t pee on the wall”, due to the 80-90 year old men who thought they might not make it to the other end of the block where they lived!

Remember this post on IG @nicedressthanksimadeit ?  I was displaying all the lovely fabric I stumbled upon.

Well I’ve pretty much finished this project and have posted all my makes on my shop, Lányos Handmade – headbands and messy bun hats / slouchy beanies! 

Here’s a sample of a few of the colours and fabrics of headbands and messy bun beanies / slouchy hats that are available for sale.

Of course, if you prefer Sew-it-Yourself, head on over to Lányos Handmade and download the free PDF sewing pattern and make it yourself!

Remember Designin’ December?  If you don’t, check out this link here and learn about our Sewing Challenge.  I am going to make a copy of this dress from Holly Fulton’s Spring/Summer 2015 Ready to Wear Collection! I am not sure of my pattern yet, but I’ve got a couple of fabric choices purchased already!

This weekend I traveled over to Vancouver to visit with my sister, we had a blast, and of course she drove me to Fabricana Richmond to find my Designin’ December fabric.  My annual pilgrimage. Fabricana is closing its Richmond store, moving everything to their Chilliwack store, and had a great sale on most of their stock.  So, I bought two choices for my Designin’ December me-made Copy. 

Now I have to decide whether I want the Softique Jersey (93% Rayon 7% Spandex) blue solid paired with this Italian Viscose Print Panel (96% Viscose 4% Elastic) … OR …

… whether I want this Bamboo Terry (66.5% Rayon Bamboo 28.5% Cotton 5% Spandex) blush solid paired with this Double Brushed (96% polyester 4% Spandex) green paisley print. I heart paisley!

Of course I saw more fabrics than I needed, but I restrained myself and the only other fabric I bought was this home decor fabric.  It will be perfect for a matching tote, bag and wallet for my shop.

I also saw this top on display.  I’ll probably have some leftovers from these Designin’ December fabrics I purchased, perhaps enough for a couple of tops like this one?  I’m thinking I’m going to have to hunt for this top pattern… so pretty and comfortable.

Which fabric combination do you like for my Designin’ December Copy – the blue and the panel … or the blush and the green paisley?

Well Happy Sewing to you! ✂️ Now that I’m home again, I’m off to do some bag pattern drafting!

20 thoughts on “One busy weekend after another!

  1. My vote is Blush and Green Paisley, but either will be beautiful.

    1. You know I never wear pink, but when I found the “blush” matched the green print perfectly AND it was labelled “colour Blush”, I was very very happy!

  2. The blush with the green paisley and I dont wear paisley but that’s a beautiful colour and design. Also, I like that sleeveless top too.

    I guess I’m familiar with Dragon Alley because it’s a cool shortcut to Opus art supplies. Thank you very much for coming out last Saturday.

    1. Yes! It is a lovely combination, isn’t it! I love it also because it isn’t “pink” but “blush”. (I don’t like pink) I figured as an artist with 300 colours you would understand! I had a lot of fun last weekend and learned a lot, thank you for the opportunity!

  3. Fabricana is on United Boulevard in Coquitlam, much closer than Chilliwack.
    Loved your outing in Victoria.

    1. Oh! Thank you kindly for the correction! Unfortunately I only know where the different “cities” of the Vancouver area are when I actually go to them! Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the alleys of Victoria!

  4. My vote is for the blush/green paisley cause I know how soft it felt because I was there. As far as Fabricana…..I’ll take you to Coquitlam whenever you want. I love fabric shopping when it does not cost me anything and the finish products are always so beautiful. Glad to have you any time.

    1. That green Paisley is gorgeous!

      1. I thought you would like that one! I’ll probably have enough left over for a hat! If you would like to buy one! ☺️😂👍

  5. I love blue, but I also like the elegance of the paisley and blush. It depends on if you like the way the shade of blush looks when you hold it up to yourself.

    1. The blue print looks lovely on me but I always go for the blue. The green paisley was different than usual but nice too. I haven’t tried the blush on me yet, but it is for the sides of the dress so might not be noticed much. I might have to make both!!!

  6. I like the first combo -is that a border print? I think it might look stunning with a solid black instead of the beautiful blue.

    1. Yes it is a border print. I will have to be careful with placement of the border. I have a black here too I can try it with, good idea!

  7. I vote for blush and green paisley combo. I was actually thinking about design December yesterday, haha, slightly earlier than the week before it finishes for me. Have to think of something to make.

    1. Wonderful! I’ll be watching for your Designer Copy! 😁👍

  8. Well I know nothing about sewing but I too “heart” paisley so anything with paisley works for me. I enjoyed the tour down Dragon Alley, sounds historic and a bit mysterious, and I’ve gone fabric shopping with you before so I know you and Rose had a blast at Fabricana and all the things you bought will be fantastic.
    Have a great time sewing!
    PS the model of the messy buns thing wore it very well!

    1. You’ll have to visit the alleys next time you are in town! Thank you! The model is lovely and works for lunch, coffees and sample garments! 😁👍

  9. I don’t think it matters which fabrics you choose, the dress will be lovely! I enjoyed visiting the alley with you.

    1. Thank you Sue! I tried to get the interesting points of the alley… at the same time helping my sister with her table! 😁

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