Fabric face masks and a “Bad” Day, that was actually a “Good” Day …

Just before I get into my “Bad” Day, that was actually a “Good” Day, I’d like to recap the deal on my Fabric face masks:

I still have a few left, a few cut out and lots of 100% cotton fabric to make more. Just email me at lanyoshandmade (at) gmail (dot) com or message me on Facebook at Lányos Handmade, if you would like one. We can talk about fabric choices!

I’m going to ask $10 a piece for them, but I don’t want the money. I’ve decided that if you would like to have a mask, I will give you one on TWO conditions:

ONE … curb side pickup/perhaps local delivery by me/or mail if you pay the postage;

AND TWO … You donate the $10 per mask to my 2020 Victoria Virtual Walk to End ALS site here. There will be a vaccine for Covid-19 soon. It’s only with your help that there will be a treatment or cure for ALS. Thank you!

The flat pleated adjustable style of mask and a few of the many fabric choices I have.

I chose to sew this style of mask out of all the ones I tested because;

a) it didn’t have elastics, which could irritate your ears after a while, or possibly even be too tight or too loose in the first place;

b) it didn’t have a centre seam, which kind of defeats the purpose of a mask with all those needle holes centred over your mouth;

c) it wasn’t “fitted”, as even the fitted ones might not fit everyone;

d) it did have a wire channel at the bridge of your nose, although it is difficult to find “wire” that is suitable, plastic covered garden ties or “pie pan” ties can work in a pinch;

e) it did have a filter pocket, for paper towels, coffee filters, glue-less interfacing (provided by me), blue shop cloths, anything that is suitable.

Remember nothing will ever replace physical distancing and proper washing, but if you would like to wear a mask:

Wash your mask upon receipt, in a laundry/lingerie bag to protect the ties and in hot water with laundry soap, and dry it thoroughly.

Also, before washing, remember to take out the filter and nose “wire”, if you use those.

Put on and adjust your mask BEFORE you go out, and then don’t touch it.

When you return, take your mask off without touching your face. Your mask goes in the wash, without the filter and “wire”, in a laundry/lingerie bag. Your hands are washed and everything you touched on the way in or brought in with you is washed.

No fabric mask will protect you from sickness. Keeping a physical distance, cleaning around you and washing your hands does. A fabric mask will prevent your germs from getting on someone else.

What does Dr. Bonnie Henry say? “Be kind, be safe, be calm.” Do what the medical professionals recommend!

So I didn’t have the chance to take photos of the masks I made before I sent them out, but some kind people have sent me photos of them wearing the masks I made … Thank you! Anyone else want to add their image here for their “15 seconds of fame”? (Do you recognize any of these people?)

Now let me get back to my “Bad” Day …

Well it might not be considered “Bad” by many people who are having it “Really Bad” right now, but after over a month of working from home, happily my employer is fabulous in that regard, I actually had to go into the office. Dread.

I did wear my mask and found that people were wonderful at keeping their distance. Perhaps they thought I was ill myself? Perhaps they thought I was a bit feeble? Perhaps they thought I was crazy? Who knows, who cares. 🙂 Ultimately, I was quite pleased with the physical distancing people are practicing, even when encountering each other on a narrow sidewalk or in an elevator!

The office had a very few workers in it. Just certain people who had to go in, like myself. Everyone was cleaning up their own areas and any other areas they might have touched – always keeping things sanitized for the next worker who might pass by. There was also plexiglass installed in some public areas. Everyone was more than willing to do their part.

I guess the “Bad” Day didn’t turn out so bad after all, being surrounded by strangers and co-workers who were all on the lookout for each other.

So my “Good” Day?

My “Good” Day was utterly fabulous and it was on the exact same day as my “Bad” Day. When I did get into the office I was able to pick up a personal package that had been mailed to the office from Australia. It had been waiting there for me since mid-March! The anticipation of knowing something was waiting there for me was killing me!!! Especially since I knew it was a gift from a Facebook friend and talented sewist who is into making bags like me. She is the one that offered up the Rosie Bag vinyl/zipper hack that is on my Shop website, here. I had mentioned to her how I loved her “ladies” fabric and she implied that she just might send me some …

Well what do you know, out of the blue and at her own expense all the way from Australia to the West Coast of Canada, this is what she sends me …

LOVE THOSE LADIES!!! I see probably 12 bags there!

But that’s not all – She sent two other fabrics that I can’t imagine being able to get up here in Canada!

The thoughtfulness of others just overwhelms me sometimes! Thank you, Ophelia! You made my day! … she says with “bag” thoughts running through her brain 😉

Happy Sewing – Take care – and please #stayhome and #washyourhands !!

6 thoughts on “Fabric face masks and a “Bad” Day, that was actually a “Good” Day …

  1. I know this game. One of these things is not like the other……..the photos. Even with the masks on you can’t fool me, one of those masked people is a man. What do I win? Just having some fun here. Great blog and the ALS Society thanks you along with all the people you will help with these masks. I love the “ladies” material and usually I don’t like red material. Just enough red to catch the eye but not overly bold. It is nice to know that people are doing what they can and following medical advice with respect to ridding us of Covid-19. Be safe all.

    1. Ha! you’re wrong – the one that looks like the “bearded man” is actually me because my salon is closed! Bahahahaha! Thank you for your kind, encouraging words and you be safe too!

  2. I love this post! The four masked people look like they belong on a “10 most wanted” list. 🙂
    Also I love the fabric, especially the one with the kangaroos and emus (or are they ostriches). Very cool.
    I’m glad you’re doing well and really impressed with the donations to ALS. Well done!

    1. Hahaha 😷 they do! Definitely cool fabrics! I was so pleased! Such a nice thing to do! Thank you for your donations!

  3. Your masks look great Linda. I like the research you’ve put in to making these masks. Im looking forward to receiving mine and the fact your donating the proceeds to the ALS society is special.

    I love “the ladies” material. Gosh, I can see a summer purse. Just love that material. Have a good day. Stay safe.

    1. Thank you for donating! ❤️ Yours will be in the post soon! The “ladies” are really fun! 😊

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