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Which Fabric Face Mask pattern do I like the best?

Well …

I’m blogging over at the Lányos Handmade Shop this weekend. If you would like to learn the answer to that question, and more importantly leave your own opinion, head on over here! Thank you!

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Happy Sewing! and stay safe!

6 thoughts on “Which Fabric Face Mask pattern do I like the best?”

  1. I like the paws pattern and the blue pattern masks in your photo. I like your masks because they’re not bulky and I like the wire mesh at the top because I can pinch it for my nose. Thank you.

  2. I came to the party late here, but no matter what combination of blue it is, it is my favourite. I love blue unless you are painting a house then we have to go with browns/beige colours.

  3. I have been making facemasks for over 3 months now, always searching for a better one – and this gets rave reviews all around. I have made them for our local seniors, day care workers, the local food coop, as well as friends, family and neighbors…the count is over 300 and still growing. My recipients love the “origami mask.” I have modified some to use elastic, in deference to folks who have trouble tying the shoelaces I have been using. Thanks for the link.

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