Time for tops! The Folkwear Old Mexico Dress

I am still finishing off replacing some of my casual wear.  One of the summer tops I am making is the “Old Mexico Dress/Top” from Folkwear.  I won this pattern on IG through the @sewover50 giveaway #so50sewalong.  Love @sewover50, you should check it out!

My sewing partner @auntie_pauwa_sews won the same pattern and finished her’s promptly the beginning of August… me not so much.  Sorry!  Mid-September is “promptly” for me!

As you can see it was a PDF sewing pattern.  Since I only needed the pieces for the top though, I didn’t have to print off as much paper as required for the dress.  Here’s the yoke piece to be put on the fold of the fabric.

Attaching my yoke was no problem, but they suggested the front and the back of the yoke just be sewed down … i think … I just followed the pattern diagrams and didn’t read the instructions … oops! my bad!

Like always, I preferred the “burrito” technique for attaching the front and the back yoke.  I rolled it up into itself, sewed the edges together and then pulled the insides out – a beautiful finish!

I sewed the seams together with “french seams” too.  First sewing the wrong sides together with a 1/4″ seam allowance, pressing the seam and then sewing the right sides together with a 1/2″ seam allowance – again a beautiful finish!

I like the sleeve hems.  They are cut with funny little angles, but when you turn the hem up and press and turn then up again and press, they make a lovely edge on this triangular sleeve piece.

It was a sunny, but windy, day.  I managed to get photos of my new summer top.  I think the trick to this pattern is really lightweight fabric, like this cotton, because of the way the sleeves are attached to the square yoke and the numerous pleats in the front and the back.  It makes for a lot of lovely fabric billowing around you!

All in all a welcome addition to summer!  I still have one more top to make and two yoga or jogger style pants.  Do you think I am going to get it all finished before summer is over? LOL!

Are you digging into the fall/winter fabrics yet?  Or are you still hanging on to summer?

Happy Sewing, and stay safe!

STASH BUSTING WITH THIS PROJECT: This Top used up 1.7 meters of my stash. So I believe I still have 125.8 metres left!

10 thoughts on “Time for tops! The Folkwear Old Mexico Dress

  1. Im digging into both summer and winter clothes. With the smoke from the wildfires, the temperature has dropped. Your top is pretty. I like blue A LOT! I like the neckline. It’s the type of top you could wear to work or with jeans for a casual lunch.

    1. It’s confusing which way to go isn’t it! I too think this smoke is filtering the sun and making it cooler! It is a nice style and blue is my favourite too. Hang in there! 👋🏼👩🏼‍🦳

  2. Great blouse for summer. I did not know that folklore patterns were pdfs. I enjoy the fabric meter count I believe have twice as much and am really slow in reducing my “collection “.

    1. It is, isn’t it!😊 they might have some paper copies too, I didn’t get that far. Or they might have been the ones not mailing because of Covid? I love my fabric count. It made me put the brakes on my fabric shopping sprees!

  3. Quick FYI to Jayne – Folkwear is under new ownership and she’s converting patterns to PDF’s so folks have a choice between paper or PDF. Check out their website for further details.

    Linda, I like this in your fabric! Somehow I’d never visualised it in anything other than white gauze. ACK! Thank you for expanding my view!

    1. Thanks for the explanation for Jayne 😁 I know I was thinking white gauze at first too but there is no way that was happening! I’m glad I had this in the stash!

  4. We all know I love the blue, that goes without saying. What I really like about this top is that it is free flowing and that is just what you need for summer. Tops like this allow the air to blow through and keep you cool and refreshed. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you! I love the blue too! This is a nice cool top for the warm summer months. I’m very happy with it!

  5. What a fun take on the folkwear Mexican blouse! We are jumping back and forth between summer and fall. 90 one day and barely 70 the next. it’s pretty crazy, but as long as we get some sunshine, I’ll take it.

    1. The day I was taking these photos outside the wind was blowing although the sun was shining! Quite a challenging “photo shoot”!

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