My how time flies …

It is almost frightening.  Seven years to the day have gone by since my first post on “Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!  Seven years … isn’t that the time you’re supposed to have an “Itch”? or was that just the name of a 1950’s Marilyn Monroe movie?

Seven years and the World has changed.  Seven years and my real life has grown, changed and flown by.  Seven years and my creative outlets have also grown, and multiplied at a fabulous pace.

Besides my sewing blog, I am also inseparable from my new shop “Lányos Handmade” and my five year old sewing challenge “Designin’ December”.  It appears, in the last seven years, I have developed three distinct personalities! LOL

I look back at some previous posts with their “winning” me-mades and “losing” me-mades and I see some followers, likers and commentors with blogs of their own have come and gone.  Hopefully they are still being creative in some way.  In this strange time we are living in, it is important to have a distraction, some kind of creative outlet.

There is never a lack of support for my blog, shop or Designin’ December.  There is always someone to help with a sewing problem.  There is always a chance to learn something new!  I am very grateful for you all!

While I was looking back I found my first post.  Probably something most of you have never seen before!  So I have reposted it here:


“YOUR PERSON IS IN THE MAIL”  dated November 15, 2013

I got a text from home when I was at work today.  It simply said “Your person is in the mail”.

It took me a minute to understand, but then it gave me a big SMILE.  It meant my “Dritz:  My Double Deluxe” dress form had arrived at the post office!  Alas I would have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up.

For the rest of the day I would have to imagine my new life with “Dolly”.  I could dress her up and plop her in my chair at work and spend the day in the coffee shop downstairs with my book!  Who cares if she never spoke to anyone or answered the phone or even moved or even had a head/face!  Maybe they wouldn’t notice!  Or I could dress her up and put her in the passenger seat of my car during rush hour and dash to and from work in the HOV lane!  Maybe they wouldn’t notice?

Or… Maybe… I could calmly pry open the box, read the instructions, assemble it, take my exact measurements and make the exact adjustments and create for myself a lovely, well fitted wardrobe!  Maybe they would notice! I certainly would!

Stay tuned…


Well, I must say my blog lasted longer than “Dolly” did.  About March 2019, I walked in the room one day, to find out what all the noise was about, and found the cats surveying their damage.  Someone had knocked her over, and broken her hip dial.  Dolly’s hips are forever to be a size “small”.

My how time flies … when you’re having fun!  Thank you for all your support and the friendship I have received from all my sewing buddies and followers!

So how many years old is your blog?

Happy Sewing!

15 thoughts on “My how time flies …

  1. Many congratulations!! Mine is 5 years old and time has absolutely flown! Here’s to many more posts for both of us 🙂

    1. Definitely! You have been around for a while with many lovely sewn garments too!

  2. Wonderful post, Linda! It’s great to reminisce with you. My blog is just over 8 years old now and still going strong, it is a great blessing in my life. I found your blog early on – only now I’m trying to remember if it was because you found my site first 🙂 Anyway, you always bring a smile to my day when you comment on my site or post on yours! Happy sewing (and blogging) wishes!!!

    1. Thank you Kelly! It is interesting to see how my blog has progressed, along with my sewing. You do such fabulous sewing and your photography is wonderful, I love reading yours!

  3. Congratulations Linda! Also, this is an awesome post. The reflection, the humour, HOV lane and Dolly’s hips forever being a dial small. Loved it. Congratulations.

  4. I’m glad you didn’t fade out of our lives like poor Dolly. I enjoy reading your blog and following you on your other ventures and I’m not even a sewist!.
    So here’s hoping for 7 more years!

    1. Thank you! Well I am enjoying myself so I don’t think I will be going anywhere for another 7 years! 😂

  5. Happy Blogiversary!!!

    1. Thank you! 🥳 it’s been a few years for you too, hasn’t it? 😊

      1. It has, I should go look it up!

  6. Congratulations Linda!

    You have been sew inspirational to me.

    My blog is three years old. I’m relatively new to sewing. But I have an ETSY Shop which started my sewing pursuits quite by accident. I’d always said I would get back to sewing one day. My dear Auntie was a seamstress and while she tried to teach my sister & I sewing, I was more interested in being outside playing and climbing trees, etc.

    It’s funny how you’ve featured the cats’ dress form incident. How you’d arrived at finally getting the dress form in the mail. I often have to go to Joanna’s Fabric stores to use their dress forms when my ETSY Shop orders come in while traveling.

    Even today, that is my endeavor to make the full bust adjustment for darts to the halter top that I’ve sold.

    Without becoming too wordy or lengthy, I love your blog!

    Thank you for continuing to share with us!

    I wish you sew well & sew much more during the holiday season!

    Monica White

    1. Thank you! Glad you are still sewing, blogging and running an Etsy Shop. Have fun!

  7. I started my blog 7 years ago with all good intentions but it has dwindled rather over the years. So much so that when I tried to find it again it seemed to have disappeared. I found it eventually and was aghast to find that my last post was nearly a year ago. I have done a bit of sewing during that time but find it difficult to see at the moment. I’m hoping once I’ve had an operation for the double vision things will improve.

    Meanwhile I enjoy reading others’ blogs and following various Facebook pages,yours included.

    Keep safe!

    1. I remember reading your blog. I quite enjoyed it! I hope your operation is successful. ❤️Thank you for your support of my blog, Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!! And Lányos Handmade on Facebook! 🤗

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