Make your Black Friday a GREEN FRIDAY!

I’ve noticed some businesses and retailers advocating for a greener lifestyle, not all of them, and perhaps not even enough, but many are interested in passing on a greener earth to the next generation.  It is also up to us as individuals to bring about this change.

For a start, this Black Friday why not have a GREEN FRIDAY!

In these days before the holidays, carefully consider your purchases, whether you shop in person or on-line.  Do you know how the product is made, what goes into it, who made it, will it last?  No?

Perhaps it’s time to find a new eco-friendly, ethical, sustainable maker or better yet, make it yourself?  Then you can pick the most eco-friendly, ethical, sustainable materials you can find!

Fast fashion is one of the main culprits of Black Friday.  These products are made quickly with cheap materials and unfair labour.  These products are in and out of the stores in a month or two to make way for new styles coming in. By truckloads unsold or unwanted products head to the landfills.  Second hand stores can’t even keep up with the deluge.
But it’s marked 80% off, I just must have it!
Do you really need it?  80% off and quickly purchased, then quickly “worn out” or forgotten and thrown away!
Sewists are part of the solution!  We make it ourselves and we know what goes into it!
But if you can’t make it yourself, surely you can support and shop local, buy from the small businesses, artisans and makers around you who care for their community.  Not only will you be supporting that local person, but you will be getting quality goods made with the best materials possible and there will be less packaging and delivery required too, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint!
Tips for a Green Friday:
  • reduce the amount of waste thrown away, choose wisely what you bring into your home, whether products or packaging;
  • reuse by buying quality from eco-friendly, ethical, sustainable makers of products that last, or by buying second hand and making it last by repairing or upcycling;
  • recycle your belongings, either by your own hand or at a recycling facility;
  • shop locally, to reduce your carbon footprint, and buy from an ethical maker who uses eco-friendly, sustainable, up cycled and/or repurposed products;
I think Green Friday is a fabulous idea!
I love when someone offers me their “mom’s fabric stash” or a pile of jeans that they don’t wear anymore.  I love hunting in second hand shops for items that can be repurposed.
My favourite makes so far have been:
Handbags from repurposed upholstery fabric – like this Lányos Rosie© Bag!
Handbags from repurposed jeans – like this Lányos Tessa© Bag!
Lányos Handmade
Memory pillows from a loved one’s shirts!
Lányos Handmade
Handbags from sustainable Cork fabric – like this Lányos Gemma© Bag!
Lányos Handmade
Found 100% cotton for face masks for ALS fundraising!
Lányos Handmade
Lányos Handmade is proud to announce it’s having a GREEN FRIDAY sale!  The discount code will be on its socials and in the newsletter tomorrow!
After Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes my favourite … “Giving Tuesday”!  Don’t forget that Lányos Handmade gives all the sale proceeds from face masks directly to the ALS Society of BC.  We sincerely thank you for all your donations!
So tell us, how have you incorporated eco-friendly purchasing and/or making into your life?
Happy Sewing!

10 thoughts on “Make your Black Friday a GREEN FRIDAY!

  1. I LOVE the idea of green Friday. Thank you for doing this. Supporting local, knowing what the product is made from. Fantastic!

    1. Thank you! It started off, I read, as “Buy Nothing Day” in response to “Black Friday”, but grew into “Green Friday” to encourage shopping for sustainable products or nothing at all! I love it!

  2. Did you know that 12% of American shoppers admit to being inebriated when they go shopping on Black Friday. Now you’ve given them a reason to stay home and stay sober. Great ideas here. Thanks. 🙂

    1. Oh my! I don’t know what to say to that! 🤣🍺🍻🍺🤣

  3. I have also found the smaller shops provide a better product and appreciate that the product may be a little more expensive but you basically get what you pay for and as I can’t sew may own stuff I reach out to those who can. Love the concept of Green Friday.

    1. I have found the service is better too, friendlier and more helpful with your questions. Now I wish I could find a local hairdresser and save myself the hassle of driving 45 minutes, too big of a carbon footprint!

  4. I make most of the gifts we give to family, and we’ve cut back quite a bit in the last few years, even the wrapping paper is getting recycled, as are the gift bags. 🙂

    1. That’s excellent! I think there is nothing better than a handmade artisan gift 💝 Our mom certainly taught us to save the gift wrap and bags. I remember us opening presents and her running around catching the wrapping paper! We were trained well! Take care!

  5. Great to see so many people talking about sustainable fashion, this is so the future. The global pandemic has really shone a light on the damage that fast fashion and consumerism is having on developing countries, women, the wider environment. In the famous words of Vivienne Westwood, “Buy less choose well!”

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