I finished another one of my #makenine2019!

Yes!  I am doing quite well this year, so far!  Part of my #makenine2019 challenge was some casual yoga-type pants.  This seemed to become more urgent on the list, as I wore out most of my yoga pants during 2020 – the year of “Casual Wear”.

As usual, I didn’t use the pattern I first chose, instead I used Kwik Sew K3660.  Don’t you love it when you can ACTUALLY see the different size lines on a pattern piece!  

I pulled three different knit fabrics from my stash. The bluish one was not as “stretchy” as the other two and the black one was the most light-weight of the three. Otherwise, I was pretty much in the dark as to what kind of fabrics these were. So what was the outcome of using these three mystery fabrics?

Turns out the bluish one was not the best choice. It didn’t have much stretch. When they put that little chart on the back of pattern envelopes indicating how much percentage stretch is required, they aren’t kidding! 🙂

The black was good for stretch and comfort but might wear out quicker because it is light-weight.

The dark grey was fabulous. It was thick, had a nice weight and drape and had the right amount of stretch for comfort!

Needless to say I feel like “Goldilocks” dealing with the Three Bears!

Next outfit in my #makenine2019? Black jeans, with some embellishment, of course! The last time I worked on these jeans was August of 2019, I think. I should have them finished for you next time we meet. In the meantime, here’s a peek!

Happy Sewing!

Thanks for reading and commenting!

STASH BUSTING WITH THIS PROJECT?  Starting with the estimated 125.8 metres in the fabric stash, I now have an estimated 118.3 metres.

16 thoughts on “I finished another one of my #makenine2019!

  1. They all look good, though. Apart from a couple of masks I haven’t sewn anything for ages. Too much Facebook 🙂

    1. Thanks! I found a lack of interest in sewing certain things that I knew wouldn’t be worn. These tee shirts and yoga pants certainly were needed. I learned more about other crafty things too. I certainly understand how Facebook could keep someone entertained. It worked for me!

  2. Well, they all look good, but maybe keep the blues for street wear and not yoga! 😊

    1. Thanks! Yes they are more dressy and less stretchy! 😊

  3. Well done you! Three pair of trousers!!
    Am certain the other two will get some wear, sooner or later, as weather shifts. 😉

    1. Thank you! They were needed! Yes hoping for less snow and more rain very soon!

      1. Be delighted to share the rain we’re getting! ☔️ 🌧

        1. 😂 I spoke too soon. As usual it is warming up. Rain and snow melt with higher temperatures coming in the forecast. Flooding next! 🌊😂

          1. Then you don’t need our rain – I take it back!

  4. Okay, I think Simon voted for the black pair but I think he was thinking more along the lines of his life style which is more suited to light-weight fabric. All three do look good and I know will be used. I, myself, like the heavier weight as well. Nice job.

    1. Thank you! And to be honest I can’t believe what a pain he was. My husband even asked what is he doing!!! He was in almost ever shot! Sometimes baring his butt! 😂 I just gave up! 😂

  5. Yoga-type pants are perfect for people like me who are stuck in the house trying to outlast Covid and the brutal cold snap we’re suffering through here in Calgary. Thanks!

    1. Perfect for me too! I wore out my others last year! Time to start the new year with new clothes! 😊 take care of yourself! 😷

  6. I think you’re doing great. The dark grey look great on you . They have a nice drape. I think all of us just want to write off 2020 so you’re not behind at all.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement 😊 yes the dark grey ones are definitely the most comfortable!

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