Just a slight interruption in my #makenine2019 sewing plans :)

It was interesting to have something new come my way!

I was asked to alter a LARGE blackout curtain panel to fit a large window the full length and width of a front door. Luckily the one panel blackout curtain was larger than the front door window, so all it took was a bit of hemming at the bottom and at the sides and adding some ties to roll the curtain up, if so desired.

I made two ties for the newly altered curtain out of the scrap lengths left over and attached them to the bottom hem of the channel at the top of the curtain for sliding the curtain rod through. I didn’t want to interfere with the curtain rod channel at all. The two ties were sewn on and left to hang down the inside of the curtain, out of sight, when not in use.

Here is the right side of the altered black out curtain, rolled and tied up …. and the wrong/inside, rolled and tied up …

That blackout curtain fabric is fabulous! I’m thinking of buying a panel for myself now to make a few wallets. I’m going to use the scraps leftover from the alterations and see how it sews on a small project first, but it feels very durable and water resistant. Waste not, want not! Right?

A delightful bonus for altering these curtains was receiving a box of assorted Purdy’s Chocolates. Me and Chocolate … true love!

Another accomplishment since we last spoke was my making another YouTube on the Lányos Handmade YouTube Channel here. I demonstrated how to install a zipper with a zipper tab on one end and a tapered zipper on the other end. I think I have done demonstrations of almost every kind of zipper installation technique for bags or pouches over there … but please! if I have missed just one technique, please! let me know! I want to cover them ALL! 🙂

Next project? Well for my #makenine2019 I planned on making a top like this, with this fabric … (Please ignore the blue stickers on the fabrics!)

But while I was searching for Indi pattern designers for the last Designin’ December Sewing Challenge, I found IVIYE and her birthday code for a free pattern. So I’ve decided to switch out my McCall’s M6606 for IVIYE’s Adah Kaftan Top, here is the link here if you’d like more details! Now I just have to decide on which fabric to use. It is recommended for woven fabrics so the blue floral print would work.

But then again so would this red floral one from my stash. I seem to have lots of blue in my closet, maybe I should use the red print? Which do you think I should use?

More progress on my Adah Kaftan top next time we meet!

Happy Sewing!

Thanks for reading and commenting!

STASH BUSTING WITH THIS PROJECT? There isn’t a change in the fabric stash with this curtain project, so my estimate is still 118.3 metres.

10 thoughts on “Just a slight interruption in my #makenine2019 sewing plans :)

  1. Just on the pictures I slightly prefer the red fabric – but it’s really dependent on what you’re putting it with. I always find myself standing in front of a mirror draped in fabric to try and decide…

    1. The red is lovely and I do have a lot of blue tops already. That draping always reminds me of standing in the clothing shops in front of a mirror switching between one item and another trying to decide which to try on or not. Something I haven’t done in years!

      1. Yeah I don’t miss clothes shopping!

        1. Especially since after all the clothes were tried on and discarded what i took home still didn’t fit quite right 😀

  2. Great job Linda!

    I truly admire the precision of your cuts and stitches, which have produced such excellent results!

    You’ve earned the chocolate.


  3. Black out curtains are wonderful if you have to sleep during the day so having someone that can make them fit is a God send. Now, as far as the blouse…..I love blue but that red material is beautiful. I would have no trouble doing a pass on the blue for that material.

    1. Yes I am a blue lover too 💙 but this red is very very nice! ❤️

  4. Black out curtains! Wow. You are so busy. So busy. Good for you though and your photos of your projects look great. I saw your YouTube. Excellent demonstration.

    1. Thank you! Wasn’t there a saying about “idle hands”? 😂😂😂

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