Just a little clean up work … ignore me :)

“Follow me on Bloglovin’ here.”

Sorry … just checking out RSS feeds and this one, Bloglovin’ seems to be defunct? Does anyone have any other suggestions for RSS feeds? Or do you even use RSS feeds and instead stick to other social media platforms?

Comments more than welcome! 🙂

Thank you!

22 thoughts on “Just a little clean up work … ignore me :)

  1. I read my sewing blogs on Bloglovin’s website now.

    1. It is nice to have them all in one place definitely! There are a lot I follow there too! I unfortunately have asked them for ‘help” with no reply, so it doesn’t make me feel very secure. I apparently have three different feeds for my blog on Bloglovin’ and only one of them is attached to my profile. It’s difficult to explain. So I have posted there and here asking everyone to head to the one Bloglovin’ profile. We shall see what happens! Happy Sewing!

  2. I follow your blogs by email, always have. And I see you on Facebook, of course. Other social media? Never use it. I read one or two other sewing blogs on Bloglovin’ but they all seem to be moving to Instagram and so lose me.

    1. Well nice of you to stick with me! I do see you on Facebook too 🙂 I have the blog, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. I’m all over – a bit here and a bit there. I have an interest in all sorts of things. I will be sticking with Bloglovin’ for now, but I think there are some errors in the connections so I am a little wary of it right now. I seem to find people who like the stories, like the blogs, and people who like the photos, like Instagram … I think so anyway!

      1. I used to have a blog but it has fallen by the wayside in the last couple of years.

  3. Reading this via bloglovin

  4. Hmmm. I haven’t looked into any of the other resources for bloggers, and just use WordPress. Guess I’m too behind the times. Or unadventureous & busy!

    1. It’s probably not necessary to do all that I do – I’m just always curious about what else is out there. You certainly are busy! I woke this morning thinking I still haven’t tried that scone recipe that I found after talking with “CurlsnSkirls” about scones weeks ago!

      1. Not to worry – it’ll keep as long as you like! 😉

  5. Deborah Thackeray April 9, 2021 — 11:40 pm

    Yes, I use Bloglovin to see all my sewing blogs in one place. It is useful!

  6. I’m on Bloglovin’ but I don’t really understand it. I get a lot of spam followers but not much else. TBH I’m pretty bad at keeping up with blogs, both writing mine and reading the others I follow and I thought Bloglovin’ would help but I’m not sure. I like to dabble in all teh outlets too, I want to make a YouTube eventually but I think I am definitely behind the times.

    1. I see Bloglovin’ has an option for writing the blog posts right on Bloglovin’ too but it doesn’t seem to have too many features, really simple, so I haven’t used it. I have read that there are lots of spam followers too. I like dabbling in a bunch of avenues too, eventually one sticks and one might fall off. I see you have been posting, I’ll have to go catch up with you. Happy Sewing to you!

      1. Hi Linda, yes I like to dip my toe in teh water as well. I feel like I’ll have to take a bit of time to work out how Bloglovin’ is supposed to work. For example, I’ve no idea if the followers there are same ones as here on WP or a different group.

        1. I have seen some duplicates between WordPress followers and Bloglovin followers. Some new ones too! Perhaps they signed up that way just so they don’t miss anything? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. Hello,

    I’m reading this via Bloglovin’, but I am finding Bloglovin’ a bit flaky. It seems to have caught the algorithm bug that other platforms have and only shows me what it thinks I “should” see, rather than the latest posts from the blogs I follow. For example I see that you put this post up on April 8, it didn’t get into my feed until today, April 13!

    But thank you for your blog and I will keep reading along 🙂

    1. Well thank you for reading along! ❤️ These algorithm things are everywhere and never catch what I really want to see neither! 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. I was using Bloglovin’, but the app doesn’t seem to work anymore. I know I can read it on the website, but I have started using Feedly instead. I like having an RSS feed still. 🙂

    1. Funny how it works for some and not others. I think I’ve heard about Feedly. I should check it out. I’m alway curious about things like that.

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