Part 2 of #canadiancapsulechallenge @couturious

Whoo Hoo! I finished a garment in my #canadiancapsulechallenge @couturious. If you would like to read Part 1, it is right here! My plan is to add to this “casual” capsule in some new-to-me colours! I need to add one pair of pants, one tee and two cardigans or hoodies (haven’t decided yet!) 🙂

But my first garment to be sewn is a couple of pairs of black yoga pants to replace my worn ones in this photo.

I purchased this wonderful solid black Lycra Leggings Knit from Our Social Fabric, a marvelous non-profit fabric store which sells donated deadstock fabric, and I used a pattern, Kwik Sew K3660, I have been sewing for years!

Cutting out the fabric was easy enough … I cheated and had four layers on my table at once so that I would end up with the proper number of pattern pieces TWICE. (I’ll be making two pairs of yoga pants.)

Now just to be on the safe side, since I had to pull my serger, a Janome MyLock 334, out from under its dust cover, after a thorough cleaning, I tested the stitch. The result didn’t look too bad!

….. Easy peasy and I’m done …. and off for my walk!

What’s next in my #canadiancapsulechallenge? I’m not sure! But I do know I have one pair of pants, one tee and two cardigans or hoodies on my list. Stay tuned for the next blog post!

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Happy Sewing!

Stash busting with this project? – 2 metres used for my black yoga pants, so I have 123.5 metres in the fabric stash still!

6 thoughts on “Part 2 of #canadiancapsulechallenge @couturious

  1. Well I know nothing about sewing but that does look like a cool stitch. Your black leggings look great. Fingers crossed for sunnier weather.

    1. That machine does a wonderful stitch that is great for stretchy pants… it stretches too and won’t break… so your pants don’t fall apart! 😄 definitely let’s hope for drier weather! 😄

  2. Looking good. Your closet is stuffed with wild and wonderful prints. I do love your pattern holders, talk about getting down to the “nuts” and bolts of a job. Great job once again.

    1. Thank you! I love the colours in my closet… hard to believe I didn’t have any purple yet!

  3. Linda, the leggings look like they’re very comfortable. Nice job!

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