DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER! Another lovely find!

Just browsing through blogs today, I found a lovely Designer Garment COPIED by Amanda of Sew Deputy, which fit the #DESIGNINDECEMBER theme exactly.  I just begged Amanda to let me show it to you.  So if you haven’t seen it yet, here it is…  Amanda found a Chloe Metallic Jacquard dress and had to have it for her staff Christmas party.

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Me-Made-May’14 the last post :(

The Last Post … I feel like there should be a Bugle Call in the background!

Monday, May 26 – something I made long ago, but still love today.  Very stylish with its princess seams, and very comfortable too!


Tuesday, May 27 –  a border print skirt I also made long ago.  It is so difficult to find border print now, but I still see it on the store mannequins.  Why isn’t there more of it in the fabric shops?  Maybe you can get it on-line?


Wednesday, May 28 – a summer-y dress for some summer-y weather we have been having.


Thursday, May 29 –   another summer-y dress.  Love this fabric!


Friday was the usual jeans and top at work.  Saturday and Sunday, yoga pants and T’s – very predictable!

That is it for this year!  I certainly have enjoyed going through my closet.  Apparently there is a definite lack of Me Made clothes to wear at home.  I am going to have to remedy that!  Also, I have on the list to conquer sewing myself a pair of jeans…  someday!

Stay tuned!