Designin’ December Questions and my progress with my DD me-made Copy …

I had a couple of Questions about Designin’ December.  

Do I have to copy a “high-end” Designer?  Nope!  If your taste leans towards something like these Nordstrom jeans – from Veronica Beard RTW at a cost of CAD $418.42 – make them!

Veronica Beard / Nordstrom / $418.42

I say … “Why buy when you can make it yourself – better and for less money?”  Just show us your Designer Original photo and your Designer me-made Copy!

Another question – Do I have to sew it and post it in December?  Nope!  Inspiration strikes us all year round!  Anytime during the year you might find your Designer Original and make your Designer me-made copy – make it, post it, let me know!  I’ll save it for the fashion show in Designin’ December!

Don’t be shy now.  If you have questions, ask away!

Now it’s time to update you on my Designin’ December me-made Copy.  I decided long ago to copy this Designer Original … an Oscar de la Renta, Fall 2018.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2761-e1536122270135.jpg

I ran into a bit of a snag because I couldn’t believe that the pants were so PLAIN, but Sue of Fadanista came to the rescue and found a close up of the pants for me.  I love the slits in the back of the pant legs!

I originally was going to use a Simplicity pattern from 1999 that I have used before, # 8740, but I thought I would pull out my self-drafted pants pattern that I drew up a while ago, after many fittings of my muslin, and give it a try instead!

I compared my self-drafted pants pattern with the Simplicity pattern pieces.  There wasn’t much difference so I cut the pieces out using my self-drafted pattern pieces.  It felt safe enough!  We shall see how it turns out with this 100% cotton fabric.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2710-e1544681200856.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2709-e1544681192357.jpg

Look at that, I even have matching thread in my stash!

Zipper attached, inner and side seams basted.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2708-e1544681119251.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2707-e1544681127580.jpg

Approximately 100 fittings later – which meant trying them on, taking photos from all angles, examining the photos, picking the seams out, sewing them up again, and doing it all over and over again —

— I ended up really liking the fit on the RIGHT FRONT LEG and the LEFT BACK LEG!!!  LOL  I’m determined though … perhaps just one more fitting session is needed!

Of course, I had to pick apart my side seams along the top yet again to sew in the pockets!  I cut the corners of my front leg pieces in the same shape as my pockets.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2698-e1544681102871.jpg

Pocket lining pieces attached.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2697-e1544681144891.jpg

The belt loops and waist band were attached.

The waist band inner facing was attached too.  Then I picked it apart in a few spots so I could slip in the forgotten belt loops and sew it up again!

Last bit of machine sewing …

Next, the hand sewing is done.

Now for the slits in the back of the pant legs.  I cut the 2″ hem off and an additional 5″ for the cuff.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2686-e1544681184947.jpg

I cut four pieces to make the two new 5″ cuffs.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2685-e1544681159322.jpg

They turned out nicely.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2684-e1544681136354.jpg

They were machine and hand sewed on.

Final photos?  Nope!  Not yet!  Not until I can wear them with my Designer me-made Tunic Top!

How’s your Designin’ December me-made Copy coming along?  Do tell!  Any Questions?  Just ask!  If you would like to know more about the Challenge, click on – Designin’ December!

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Happy Sewing!

How to make a simple sewing machine cover …

And keep your cats out of your stuff!

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

As you can probably guess, not having a proper sewing room, Simon and Sophie love getting into my stuff!  (I use a small sewing cabinet on wheels, which I love.  It lets me sew in any room or corner of the house!)  Before today, I covered my sewing cabinet with a towel and my sewing machine with an old tee shirt – classy, huh?  

I decided it was time to protect my sewing cabinet with a washable mat and protect whichever sewing machine I was using with a proper cover.

The sewing mat was quite easy.  I measured the cabinet top.  The bottom black layer of the mat was cut from a pre-quilted cotton remanent.  The top layer was cut from a remanent of the fabric I used to make this swimsuit cover up.  I just sewed the two layers together and added black bias tape around the edges.  Easy to wash and handy for poking the odd pin into too!

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

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What do you think?

Last week I showed you my Rosie© bag … I’m going to call it “Portrait style”.  This week I’m going to show you my Rosie© bag “Landscape style”.  But I have a simple question … Do you prefer your cross body bags long and skinny (Portrait style) or do you prefer your cross body bags short and wide (Landscape style)?  Let me know in the comments at the end of this post.  What do you think?

My summer cross body bag (a RTW purchase from years ago) is falling apart.  It made perfect sense to just whip up another Rosie© bag for myself.  To stretch my abilities I decided to make it Landscape style this time!

I also decided to use some Pellon 71 Peltex.  This is a firm fusible woven interfacing.  It’s quite thick and quite firm.  My daughter had a bit of a challenge trying to twist and bend it!  See how it hardens this 100% cotton.

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

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The Rosie© bag

I’ve always got my eye out for “the perfect bag”.  Even when I bought RTW I stuck to the same couple of perfectly functional bags – wrapped in different materials and styles to change things up.

Now that I am making my own, I am attempting to find the perfect bags for myself.  I am completely satisfied with my tote bag but I am still searching for the perfect medium sized handbag.  

I think though I may have found the perfect mini cross-body bag – give or take a small change here and there.

I am so certain that this is the perfect mini cross-body bag that I have named her “The Rosie © bag”! Continue reading

A UFO – not lost, but found!

Last weekend I attacked with renewed energy one of the UFOs I found when I was analyzing my #MMMay2018 results and inventorying my fabric.  (Found?  First I would have to I admit it was lost!  Never!)

I had previously made a Designer me-made Copy of a GAP tank top for my sister with a beautiful deep teal green stretch knit, 90% polyester, 7% rayon and 3% spandex, posted here.  Since there was fabric leftover from that project, and it is a beautiful fabric not to be wasted, I told my sister that I was sure I could squeeze a simple tee shirt out of the remnant. Continue reading

I have to have the perfect Zippered Crossbody bag … (Part 2)

I have really been enjoying this project!  My inspiration was the Sallie Tomato Zippy Crossbody Bag.  I started it last post here and finished it just this week.

There weren’t many details to finish it off.  Let me show you how I did it …

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I have to have the perfect Zippered Crossbody bag … (Part 1)

I used to buy more bags than clothes.  Every time I walked past a bag shop I would stop in.  After “just stopping in” a few days in a row, I’d finally buy what I had been looking at.  Now that I think about it, I pretty much always bought bags with the same “insides” but with a different style outside.  

I haven’t bought a handbag for myself, I think, since I started my RTW fast in January 2015.  I not only broke the clothes shopping habit, I also broke the bag buying habit!

I have been scouting around for a me-made replacement.  I bought this pattern from Sallie Tomato.  Although I haven’t tried the pattern yet, I love the look of it!  It looks almost exactly like what I usually bought.  One zippered pocket each for my bus pass, my keys, my wallet and phone, and one big enough for my iPad.  Oops!  It’s missing the space for my iPad.  

No problem!  I’ll just figure out a way to add another pouch on the backside of this Sallie Tomato bag … um … hopefully!

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

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A simple, but necessary project! (And my #reSEWlutions!)

Perhaps you have seen these photos on my Instagram account?  It seems I can’t crochet in peace – Simon will steal my ball of yarn away and Sophie will play with the length of yarn.  This calls for a simple, but necessary project!

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

Perhaps you have seen this advertisement on Facebook or Instagram?  This is an excellent idea, unfortunately I couldn’t get past the upside down trees on the zipper side of the bag.

So I decided to make my own.  

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