Don’t think so…

Don't think so...

Why would anyone make a dress with such big armholes that you could see everything inside and possibly right through the other side. Vogue V1379

11 thoughts on “Don’t think so…

  1. No woman in her right mind would design this… and yet I notice more and more outrageous displays of feminine body parts as deemed perfectly acceptable. You expect that in couture, which this is clearly not. Good post.

  2. Maybe she lives somewhere really, really hot, and it`s built in air-conditioning. I was amazed at her heels!

    1. I’m amazed at the whole thing!

  3. It’s fine…as long as she doesn’t move a muscle…and there’s no light breeze…and there are no children about…in other words as long as she just wears it in the closet! In other words, it’s just plain silly.

  4. Yeah, that does look weird at first glance, but the pattern says it comes with an attached camisole, so that should take care of the modesty issue. While odd, it IS interesting to look at! I kinda like it…but don’t know that I’d sew it!

    1. Oh goodie! You mean Vogue is still classy. I was a little bit scared there! Although at everyone’s first glance they would think you were walking around with big armholes and nothing underneath! That would make for some pretty long stares! I don’t know if I have the courage to wear that dress! 😀 Thanks for the clarification!

      1. No problem, I actually went to the vogue site to check it out. I’m (still) making V 1387 and a tank view is included in the envelope. While not quite as extreme as V1379, the armholes on it are lower than normal and the pattern comes with an inset, so I wasn’t surprised that Vogue had taken care of that issue with this pattern too.

        While the V 1379 armholes do look odd to us sewers (who tend pay attention to detail) I doubt that half the population would even notice anything odd if you wore it. Maybe I’ll make it in a top version…just to see how it goes. 🙂 It could be a nice summer top and I do like the neckline detail! It might be a fun experiment! 🙂

        1. Now I am going to go to the Vogue site and check out what you’re sewing… V 1387 hmmm… Ahhhh, very nice indeed! Happy sewing to you!

  5. Back when I used to sew, I tried altering a dress similar to this. Not sure if it was a lack of talent or it just was not possible to make those arm holes smaller. I do love the dress flows. This is where your talents come in and you can hopefully mix and match another pattern to make the top part of the dress less “airy”. Show them how its done.

    1. I don’t know, I think it would be quite a challenge! Maybe it would be easier to make a camisole for underneath and just leave the dress as is!

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