Me-Made-May’14 (3rd post)

My 3rd Me-Made-May’14 post and I’m still hanging in there!  How are you doing?

Monday, May 12 –  a knit skirt I made long ago.  Sophie has checked it out and given her approval.


Tuesday, May 13 – Along with my pea coat,  blogged here, my jean jacket is another favourite of mine!  I wore it for about an hour this morning, then the sun came out in full force and I had to take it off and carry it around.


Wednesday, May 14 – My skirt.  A lovely fabric, not knit, probably polyester, glad I grabbed it when I saw it!


I also wore this hand made necklace.  Not a Me-Made, but a purchase from a Christmas Craft Fair.  Apparently the lady crotchets them out of metallic ladder yarn.  Does anyone out there know how to do this?


Thursday, May 15 – my knit top, perfect for the hot weather we have been having.


Of course, Friday is Jeans day at work.  Saturday and Sunday are usually even more casual – yoga pants and T’s.  Monday is a holiday here, so even more casual clothes.  There will be lots of time to relax and sew this weekend!

Just a thought – It seems most of my Me-Made’s are for the office.  This all makes me wonder what I would be sewing for myself if I worked from home?  Would I then have a massive collection of T’s, jeans and yoga pants?  Do you live in T’s, jeans and yoga pants too? Or do you sew and wear a variety of things?  What do you sew up the most?

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  1. I can’t believe you made a jean jacket! I’m a cheater… I bought mine. I like that you sew such a variety of pieces. I’ve been pretty much a dressmaker but then I did challenge myself to make something different for MMM14. Better get on that! I do work from home, and I wear casual dresses almost every day. My friends’ little girls call me fancy, but the truth is, I’m more comfortable in dresses than jeans!

    1. I made the jean jacket about a year ago. I told myself to think of it as a shirt – the pattern looked more like a shirt style anyway. I have learned so much since I made it, I want to make another and fix my “mistakes”! So I guess it’s all in your personality as to what you choose to sew and wear. If I wore a dress at home they would think I was going somewhere without them! I’m looking forward to seeing all your Me-Made’s and your “something different”! Thanks for reading/commenting!

  2. You made your own blue jean jacket, wow. Denim intimidates me. The necklace is made by a technique called finger croteching. The reason I know this is because I have one and I know the lady who makes them! Small world. If you are interested I could contact her and ask for a lesson for both of us if you are interested? Beautiful skirt pattern and love the blue jean jacket. Cheers. 🙂

    1. I think we got them from the same lady. I am pretty sure if it. Thanks for the nice comments!

  3. No photos from me but so far Me-Made-May 14 is on track.
    That jacket looks great !

    1. Thank you!

  4. Love the knit top, great print. I’ve been wearing a lot more homemade stuff this month as I slowly build up my wardrobe. I’d like to try a jacket sometime soon – I’ve been a bit intimidated, but I got some free material that I could try it out with. Great job!

    1. Thank you! The pattern I used for my jacket looked more like a shirt than a jacket, it wasn’t too hard at all! You should try it!

  5. I like the cat curled around the knit skirt…:)

    1. Yes, cat hair everywhere is a real treat in our house!

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