Filling the Gaps! (and catching up on my #mmmay15)

Oh the weather was so lovely today!  I just couldn’t sit down to post!  🙂  But the sun is fading now so let’s talk…

When I cleaned up (and out) my closet, I realized that I had some gaps in my wardrobe – last weekend I finished my black top and this weekend my red.  I still think I could use a solid blue one, but I am not sure that I have a solid blue fabric in my stash.  I did have the solid black and solid red that I used!  Lucky!  Stash busting!

I used McCall’s M7093, view A.  I can’t wait to use this pattern for a colour blocked top some day!

imageI didn’t have any problems with this pattern, except … I didn’t like the length of the sleeves under the arms.  There just seemed to be too much fabric – as you can see on the left sleeve below.  To fix it, I cut the sleeve down to a minimum length – as you can see on the right sleeve below.

imageBoth sleeves cut down.

imageThe other change?  I found the shoulder dart to be too pointy, so I carefully sewed it on a gradual curve tapering to nothing.  I do like the raglan one piece sleeves.


My other change was in the hemming of the sleeves and bottom edge and the neckline.  I chose to use a double fold bias tape.  I sewed it on by machine on the outside and hand sewed it on the inside.  It made a nice finish on my top.  Finally, I cut the hem straight across the back, omitting the short front/long back look.


We had some beautiful sunny weather today.  I thought I would set up my tripod on the deck to take my photos and this was the first shot I got of myself…. Yup!  It took a bit to get used to the set up!


It turned out to be a bit too windy anyway, so I moved everything inside.  Ten tripod shots later I get one photo I like!


I can’t wait to wear this top to work tomorrow with my favourite RTW skirt.  About 20 years ago (seriously), I bought a RTW skirt made of this beautiful black and white flowered rayon fabric.  I found the skirt in the back of my closet needing a few alterations – my  body has changed over the years.  Tomorrow, I will take a photo of my new top and my favourite skirt for my #mmmay15 collection.

imageNow for the last week or so of my #mmmay15 …

As usual, the rest of the my days were spent in my Capri Jeans.

imageDo you have a 20 year old RTW item that you can’t let go of (or is it just me)?

Happy Sewing!

30 thoughts on “Filling the Gaps! (and catching up on my #mmmay15)

  1. I’m horrible with acronyms. What’s an RTW? I have a pair of pleated Danier leather pants. Can not throw those out.

    I was wondering where was your post. I usually read it Sunday morning. Funny about habits.

    All your clothing items look great. It was neat tapping each picture, seeing the blue jean skirt, the purse, the skirts and blouses. Good job.

    1. So sorry! Ready To Wear! And sorry again for the late post! (It was so lovely to spend the weekend sitting on the sunny deck!) Thank you for the compliments and reading and commenting!

  2. Lovely clothes this week, and liking the new addition! But, and it’s a big but! Everytime I see one of your Islander jackets (I’m sure you’ve got 2 and I’m not getting mixed up) I feel a huge wave of guilt for not making mine! How crazy is that!!?? I think you need to add a health warning in future at the start of any post containing images of an Islander jacket so I can be pre-warned!
    I also have their new Moto jacket too. But feel less guilty about that as it’s not been out of the packet yet, but I have watched most of the videos. Have you chosen your fabric yet. I’m still wondering where I can buy the zips.

    1. I am so sorry! I don’t want to cause any undue stress! Like the stress I feel when you have bought and sewn a Cabernet cardigan, all in the time I have been thinking about buying it! 😀 I bought my Motor Express with a Craftsy course. I am hoping Ms Pray gives me some hints as to where I can get proper zippers, if not, it is all going to have to wait until I take a trip to Vancouver where I can find all sorts of supplies. I have received Ms Pray’s course, not watched yet, but I haven’t even received the pattern yet, so this one is going to be slow going!

  3. What a beautiful garden and lovely light. Your red top looks great and will be very useful. Will look good with your favorite RTW skirt. I dont think Ive kept anything quite that vintage but can understand not wanting to part with pretty and floaty fabric.

    1. Thank you! Here we alternate between sunshine and a couple of days of showers at this time of year.

  4. Now let me think… despite moving around (and culling out each time), I’ve probably got at least 1 item that old. If not, I **know** I’ve got stashed fabric that old. He-he-he! Aren’t they great fun to discover, back of the closet/bottom drawer!?

    1. Oh I don’t even want to think about how old some of the fabric may be! I am happy I still have this skirt though!

      1. Ahhhh! (long sigh of relief)
        So glad I’m not the only one! 😊

  5. Go Go Linda.. 🙂

  6. Love the new top Linda and looks like you are getting some lovely weather there! I love your Islander jacket, great fabric!!

    1. Thank you! The Islander jacket is my favourite… Not too warm, not too cold!

  7. I think I have several items that I wore when I was a teenager still in my wardrobe. And I still wear them! It’s interesting how older items have stood the test of time, better than some of my newer ready to wear. I particularly like the print on that skirt of yours, it’s definitely worth doing an alteration on that.

    1. Yes, some pieces can be timeless! Thank you!

  8. The red looks great on you! As you know that pattern is a favorite of mine, and it’s fun to see it made up in one solid color. So cute. Love the idea of using double-fold bias tape on the sleeves and hem to make it more finished. I’ll definitely give that a whirl next time I make that pattern. I have a RTW vest I bought at least twenty years ago that I still wear and will never, ever give up! It’s probably considered vintage at this point. LOL

    1. Thanks! I’m looking forward to making a colour blocked one, like you did, some time. I don’t think a vest could ever go out of style!

  9. Oh, yes I have a fair few. I wore the same dress to our school ball last year that I wore for my graduation meal, exactly twenty years ago! It still fitted well, but it did feel a little short… You’re doing well to top up your wardrobe gaps during May, my gaps are going to have to wait a little longer to be filled.

    1. Funny how I am looking at my older Me Made skirts thinking they are too long. It must have been the style for me to have calf lengths and high heels. No more high heels for me anymore though so the skirts have to be shortened!

  10. Oh nice outfits, what is the blue one with the flowers on Mat 22? It’s a great colour and style on you. And I think the new red top will look great with the RTW skirt. I have a couple of RTW items that I refuse to throw away. A Mango jacket that I wore when I got my first job in publishing about 10 years ago is still hanging in my wardrobe, the lining doesn’t exist anymore and has undergone severe remake but can’t throw it away haha!

    1. Well you say the colour is “mango” … I wouldn’t want to get rid of it neither! That’s such a special, unique colour! I’m sorry I didn’t say in the post, May 22 the blue one, has a fantastic print, it’s a pattern I use lots too, in some form, it’s Butterick B5988. I think it is supposed to be for wovens, but I have yet to do that! All of mine have been knits, and the one chiffon.

      1. That pattern looks really good on you and the colour too, you should wear it more often! Like the new hair 🙂

        1. Thank you! I like the new hair too. The old hair is showing up in some of my mmmay photos. I have been bad and reusing some of my old blog photos to show what I have been wearing. I don’t have a proper mirror nor anyone willing and able to take photos of my outfits…. So I have given up on the photographs!

          1. Oh sorry to hear no one’s around to take pics, but you have a tripod now, so this will make things easier! 🙂

  11. Love the new top – I found I made lots of useful things last year after MMM! I am thinking about my new gaps at the moment!


    1. MMMay is really helpful for organizing and planning!

  12. You top looks great and thanks for the tips. I have this pattern and haven’t tried it out yet! It will look great color blocked!

    1. Looking forward to seeing your’s too someday!

  13. When I “retired” from my corporate job I decided to pare down my closet. It’s taken me over a year to get rid of suits I *know* I will never wear again, but for some reason I can’t throw away my…wait for it…muumuu! I got it when we went to Hawaii on our honeymoon and it’s still hanging in the back of the closet. Must have great sentimental value or something 🙂

    1. Of course it does! It’s your Honeymoon Muumuu! Perfectly understandable!

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