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When is a Sewaholic Hollyburn, not a Sewaholic Hollyburn?

Perhaps, when you almost don’t have enough fabric to finish it!

I’ve been bustin’ through my stash and so far, have made a flowered vintage dress and a red Sewaholic Hollyburn.  Next I thought I would make a black Sewaholic Hollyburn – you can see the link to the pattern company here:  Sewaholic Hollyburn.  I found some black in my fabric stash, a polyester, but not a stretchy knit.  I’m not too sure exactly what it is.  As I was cutting out my fabric, I realized that I didn’t really have enough black fabric for the two wide skirt pieces.  My fabric remanent was too narrow.

So let’s give this a try… I made a 4 panel skirt into a 6 panel skirt.  

Cutting my two skirt pieces into two at the grain line, I put the CF and CB pieces on the folds of the fabric and cut two each of the side front and back pieces.  This way I had narrower skirt pieces to place on my fabric, but this now meant that I had to put my zipper in the side, instead of the back seam.

What else did I change?  Oh yes, I didn’t have any fabric left for pockets, so I made “faux” pockets. (Tap the photo to read.)

With a little imagination, this Hollyburn pattern has so many possibilities.  I fell into this variation by accident, but I am thinking about other possibilities now!

The weather was lovely again today so I slipped outside for some photos.


(If you are interested in reading about the top I am wearing, it was blogged about here.)



Mr. Green Thumb has done his usual lovely job of the garden.  It is getting hot and dry now though.  I am happy that he has brought the kids out for a dip in the pond!



Have you tried any Sewaholic patterns yet?

Happy Sewing!

35 thoughts on “When is a Sewaholic Hollyburn, not a Sewaholic Hollyburn?”

  1. Nice work Linda, you made it work. I have tried once to make a renfrew but didn’t like the way it fitted, will give it another try sometime.

  2. Great save, adjusting the pattern layout! So creative of you. (I would have had a good cry, then probably opted for a skirt) Just ready to start my first garment, Vogue 8950, and looking forward to trying Sewaholic and other Indie designs. Glad the kids get out to enjoy the pool.

  3. That’s a really nice outfit. Your kids are looking a little pale. 😀 Kidding aside, I like your skirt and top, especially the gathered sleeves. You weren’t quite sure what the black fabric was, it didn’t come from the stash I gave you? There was a red and black in that stash that was environmentally friendly because it’s made out of crab shells and sea shells. Sophie and Simon would be all over you.

    1. Thank you! Yes, we all need some sun! 😄 It might have come from what you gave me. Someone (me? You?) had already taken pieces out of it. The cats haven’t seen it yet. I try to keep them away from my good clothes – hair, claws, etc. Put anything down and they will climb onto on it!

  4. Your Hollyburn looks lovely! And oh my with that top! They were meant to go together 🙂 Great brainstorming to save the skirt and manipulate the pattern so you can use your material!!!

    BTW wow on the landscaping, it’s beautiful there!! Fantastic yard, enjoy the weather Linda…happy summer 🙂

  5. Clever way to make that pattern work for you! I love the top too, I had to revisit your blog post about that! I haven’t tried a sewaholic pattern yet, but have been meaning to. I have so many patterns…so little time…Love Mr. Green Thumbs contribution to your post too. What a gorgeous yard!

  6. Lovely skirt and great idea with the faux pockets – I’m always skipping those because I never seem to have enough fabric!

  7. Wow your save was great. I have done a “dang it doesn’t work” before and simply put it away to try to figure out what to do and never gone back to it. Great thinking on the spot.

  8. When we are short on fabric, we sure can get innovative, no? Love your skirt and the top together. Since the Sewaholic patterns have such a narrow size range I have never opted to try them as neither me nor my clients stop at the end size range and with them being designed for a B cup and a very young figure, it is not worth altering the paper.

  9. I often tweak the fullness of a skirt if I don’t have quite enough fabric as intended by the designer. And I’ve made up two Sewaholic patterns: the Cambie (twice) and the PJ pants. I’m impressed with the fit through the hips, but the Cambie bodice has been a nightmare to fit both times. I always have to do and FBA and rotate the darts – even for my 11 year old! But overall, I really like them. Her Robson trench is in my queue…

  10. I haven’t done the Cambie yet, or any other pattern of her’s other than this skirt. I do like the look of her trench coat! Thanks for the tips on the bodice. I have the Oakridge top and I am sure I will have to be careful when I do that one!

  11. Great save idea. I had that problem with one of the Kiddo’s patterns and ended up color blocking it to make it look like the extra color was intentional. I’ll have to try it your way next time. 🙂

  12. Good work using your stash and a black skirt is always useful. The faux pockets are a great idea. I’ve made the Cordova jacket, which I was happy with. I would make it again reducing the shoulders a bit more than my last attempt.

  13. This is really a nice skirt! I made a quite similar Hollyburn, but fortnately, I had enough fabric… And I love wearing it in summer, it’s so comfortable!
    I wish you a great summer in your lovely skirt!
    Greetings from Germany

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