The Clark Gable

Hello!  This is the first of my “Sister’s Sewing Projects”.  In the past, I haven’t named the clothes I made, but each of the garments in this project has definitely earned a name.  I remember going through the fabric shops with my sister.  We spent hours holding up bolts of fabric, wrinkling them, matching them with others, dragging them around the store – the whole time saying things like “Do you like this one or the Clark Gable?”  “What about the Wizard of Oz?”  And on and on.  So, these garments will have names!

To start, “Dolly” had to have some adjustments to mirror my sister’s measurements.  Perhaps I should just call Dolly “Petunia” now?

I used a pattern my sister has been using since 1989, McCall’s 4408 – a vintage pattern – and the Clark Gable fabric, a 100% cotton.

This is my sister’s TNT skirt pattern.  She left with me a skirt that she made with this pattern about 10 years ago.  But this is one of the reasons I love to sew… this is a 10-year-old handmade skirt.  Most RTW doesn’t last 10 years without losing a button or two, or even worse.  But look at the construction – she always did make the insides look as good as the outsides!

Now although she gave me the pattern to follow, it was a good thing she gave me the skirt too, because she constructed the waistband and elastic differently when she made her skirt, than instructed in  the pattern.  She asked that I make her skirts the same way as she did.  In this pattern there is a hidden side opening in the side seam pocket.  My sister doesn’t want an opening, so I followed along with how she put her skirt together – no elastic in the front of the waistband, just in the back – so comfortable and more room for cheesecake!

First I sewed in the inverted pleats in the front.

After sewing the front and back together along the side seams and around the pocket bags, I constructed the waistband.

Next, I used my “blind hem foot” – which I usually use for my edge stitching or “stitching in the ditch” – to sew up the hem.  It made the job so much easier and the sewing machine stitches were practically invisible on the right side.

I just loved working with this fabric.  It was easy to sew and every time I turned it this way or that, I would get glimpses of Scarlett and Rhett!

Some last shots – Petunia wearing The Clark Gable.

Sis, next time you visit you better have some empty space in your suitcase!

Hopefully, next week I will have “The Picasso Flowers” finished to show you.

Happy Sewing!

27 thoughts on “The Clark Gable

  1. Oh wow this is terrific!!!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully my sister likes it too! 🙂

  2. Very cool Linda. BTW does Dolly know she’s going to be called Petunia from now on?

    1. I think Dolly is fine with it, she accepts that she has “multiple personality disorder”!

  3. Wow, Petunia looks wonderful. You don’t know how much I appreciate all your beautiful hard work. You are a wonder. Scarlette O’Hara and Rhett Butler have never looked better. I am getting all excited about my new fashion wardrobe. Looking at the faded skirt I left you as a pattern reminds me how much my wardrobe needed a face lift. I just hate parting with outfits that I love but there comes a time…….well what can I say, thank you for helping me move on.

    1. Well you are going to look as wonderful as Petunia! Even better cause you have a head, arms and legs, and a matching top and sweater at home! No problem on the sewing projects… I always need some focus in my sewing plans. PS you did a wonderful job on the skirt BTW!

  4. You asked me if I used my serger on this skirt and I said no. Looking at the seams now I must have made this one before I made the other 2 I have at home here. My serger has been broken for sometime (it is so old they can’t get parts for the tension) so when I looked at the 2 skirts I have here and they were not made with my serger I assumed the one you had was not as well. I just wanted to say that cause the stitching on that skirt is definitely made by a serger. Sorry for the mix up. Either way, the skirt you made is beautiful.

    1. Oh no problem! I have seen some pretty fancy stitches on sewing machines too. Thanks for clearing this up! I am still amazed at how tidy your “insides” are. I cannot say the same for some things I have made. You did a beautiful job on your skirt, sewing machine, serger, or whichever!

  5. This is too cool! I love 💓 the Clark Gable material. Petunia looks lovely modelling the skirt. I’m amazed with the detail in your sister’s older skirt and the new skirt. I can’t wait to see Picasso ‘ s Flowers next week. That could be the name for a romance novel.

    1. Thank you! You certainly have an imagination.. Picasso’s Flowers by jvandervlugt.. Sounds good!

  6. That fabric is brilliant!! What a wonderful skirt to have… Wonderful work!!

  7. Loving that print. It’s so unusual. You have done a lovely job. There is something special about sewing for family members.

    1. Thank you! For a while now everything I made was for me. It’s refreshing to have a change!

  8. That’s a lot of creativity in one family, and a lotta personalities in your dummy! Hope petunia’s not feeling too confused! The skirts lovely by the way, that’s why I stopped by after all. Lucky Sis’ 😀

    1. My Aunt was a trained seamstress from Europe and my Mom always had a sewing machine out. I guess it’s genetic? But on behalf of myself and my family, thank you! And I am pretty sure I changed Dolly’s name to Petunia because I was getting confused with the similarities in my sister’s and my measurements! Too many numbers! 😜

  9. I just watched Gone With the Wind with my daughter last week. This was her first time, however I first fell in love with the film when I first saw it in the early 80’s! And I still love it! A very nice appropriately named skirt.

    1. A lovely vintage movie to go with a lovely vintage pattern!

  10. It’s very lovely, beautifully done.

  11. Great skirt – lucky sis will love it! Can’t wait to see your next one! 😘

  12. “Gone with the Wind” was the first book report I remember writing. With the fancy (colored pencil) drawing on the front cover of Scarlet’s green dress blowing in the wind….but I digress. What fun fabric! And what a beautiful job you did on this skirt, as did your (so lucky) sis on her version!

    1. Thank you! I loved that movie! Her beautiful green dress has stuck in my memory too!

  13. I like the idea of naming garments. My clothes don’t have formal names but a few of them have nicknames.

  14. What a fab, fun fabric! I bet it’s a real conversation-starter…

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