I have proper photos … and a Give Away!

Perhaps you remember my “Sister’s Sewing Projects, so far I have made three skirts.  I have a Mother of the Groom dress half-finished and three other dresses to cut out yet – the Mother of the Groom dress is the most important, obviously!

I want to share with you the proper “model” photos of my sister wearing her skirts, as all I had previously was the photos with “Dolly” wearing them.  (oops!  She’s called “Petunia” when she’s got my sister’s measurements!) 

First we have the skirt called “Picasso’s flowers“.


Next we have the “Snake skin“.


Last we have, the “Clark Gable“.


I notice in this shot my sister was looking up at the ceiling – it must be genetic, I do the same when my photo is being taken.  Or perhaps there was a spider up there? Or perhaps she assumed I would cut off her head anyway when I published it?  Whatever the reason, she just looked so lovely … and I couldn’t bring myself to chop off her head!  Instead I put my watermark blog title up there for her to look at.

It has been fun sewing for someone else.  Usually I chose fabric, pattern and notions, all by myself.  This time we went together and the choices were all her’s.  Usually I am faced with a huge stash of fabric and a couple of boxes of patterns, trying to decide how to put it all together.  This time she handed me the fabric and the pattern and said please make me this.  Simple!  So liberating!

I have her Mother of the Groom dress half-finished now and am looking forward to cutting out her three dresses during my December holidays.  I also have my #DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER outfit cut out now and am itching to finish it in time for our office Christmas party and my #DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER post.  For the office Christmas party casual, but dressy, is required. I think?  I dunno?  What does that mean?

WordPress just reminded me that “Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!” is TWO years old!  It has been another entertaining year and I thank you for all the stories you have shared and for liking and commenting on all the stories I have shared, so much so that I want to …


Let’s celebrate with a GIVE AWAY!


Over on Instagram it is #bpSewvember at @bimbleandpimble, Day 11 was “Tools” and I admit that my Chaco Liner Pen and my Wonder Tape are my favourite tools!  When I see them on sale I always grab a few.

I will pick one random winner for the Give Away. Please let me know if you would like to be entered by leaving a comment below and answering this “skill testing question”…

How do you follow “Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!”?  (WordPress? Bloglovin? Twitter? etc.)

My Give Away will close this Thursday, November 19, 2015, at midnight PST and the random winner will be announced in my next post, next weekend. (I am open to mailing worldwide.)

Thanks for sending me the photos, Sis!  You’re looking great! and I’m glad to help!  Now I think I better get back to my sewing machine.  DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER is almost upon us and I have a big project in mind!  Have you found a designer original to copy?

Don’t forget to comment below for a chance to win the Give Away!

Happy Sewing!

59 thoughts on “I have proper photos … and a Give Away!

  1. I follow you on WordPress, though I’m a bit behind on my eraser this week. Luckily I’m not too late for your fab giveaway! It’s good to see your sisters happy with her new clothes and is looking lovely in them. Bets she’s surprised by all the attention! 😀

    1. She is happy with the skirts. I don’t think she knows how much attention she is getting. She usually only checks my blog once a week. So now that she has checked and gone, we can really start talking about her… She won’t see it! 😜😄

  2. Oh, well done for a whole lot of selfless sewing! I follow on WordPress too. 🙂

    1. Thank you! You’re in too, Good Luck!

  3. Wow! Our sister does look great. All three skirts drape so nicely. Good job Linda. Seeing our sister in those skirts has inspired me to start wearing skirts. I like how she has the sweater with skirt. I like the simplicity yet elegance. Great job you two. 👍

    1. Thanks! I’m glad she is happy with them. I’m sure you would look lovely in skirts too!

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