It really is BLACK!

Honestly, why is BLACK so difficult to photograph?  It must just suck in all the light around it!  Anyway…

I have finished my 4th pair of pants, black ones, after spending extensive time with the muslin and making three pairs after that.  I thought my blue pair was my favourite – best fitting and lovely fabric.  Those were made with Horizon Suiting, 100% polyester.  (I actually managed to find and buy more Horizon Suiting in a Navy Blue colour.  Whoopie!)  I think these black pants have taken their place though.  Although in trying to photograph the black, that might not come across!

For quite a while now I have been using what I learned in the Craftsy courses:  “Pant Fitting Techniques” by Sandra Betzina and “One pattern, Many Looks: Pants” by Kathy Ruddy;  and I have been using Vogue pattern V2948.  This time my black fabric was Simcoe Stretch Suiting, 65% polyester, 35% rayon.  It feels lovely to the touch and fits so well!

I sewed my princess seams together on my front and back pant legs.  Then I made my pocket flaps and pockets on my front pant legs.

I pinned my pocket facing on my pants front – right side together, measuring down the side seam 4″ and marking.
I sewed the two pieces together along the top from my princess seam to the side seam and 4″ down the side seam.
I turned the pocket facing to the inside and pinned and pressed what will be the pocket flap.
On the inside I folded the pocket facing over to the side seam to form my inside pocket.
I pinned my pocket facing in place.
I sewed the side seam of the pants front and the pocket facing together;  and the bottom of the inside pocket facing.
The pocket flap is folded down and ironed.

Waistband and waistband facing interfaced, sewed together and sewed on to my pants.

I used seam tape when sewing together my waistband and waistband facing. Then I under stitched my waistband facing.

Now for my invisible zipper.

I ironed my invisible zipper open and “basted” it in place with my Wonder Tape.
Sewed it on close, but not too close, with my favourite zipper foot.
I Wonder Taped the other side of the invisible zipper on. Remembering to mark where my waistband seam should meet on my zipper. They must line up.
I sewed on the other side of my invisible zipper.
I forgot to get a photo but next I sewed the ends of my invisible zipper down on to my seam allowances so my zipper would lie flat and then sewed around my crotch seam.


My pocket flap buttons.

I found in my stash these silver and black buttons to sew on my pocket flaps. Oh yes, can’t forget to sew bias tape on the bottom of the waistband to finish it off nicely.



Back… with a Photobombing Simon.
and Front.

In addition to having a lovely pair of black pants to wear now, I also have a NEW TOY!  When pressing, I seem to have a penchant for scorching and burning my fabric and covering my iron with interfacing goo.  So I bought and used happily – until it turned brown and shapeless – a Silk Organza Press Cloth.  Then I saw this. A NEW TOY!  A Teflon Iron Shoe.  So far, so good!  No scorching, burning, or sticking goo to my iron.  If you are looking for one I have seen them for as low as $10.00.


Have you brought home any NEW TOYS lately?

Happy Sewing!

40 thoughts on “It really is BLACK!

  1. New favourite trousers! Great! Sometimes my black is grey but it shows up the details!!! The teflon iron shoe is really good, but eventually the tip cracks, so inspect it regularly before it catches on a piece of fine fabric!?

    1. Oh! Didn’t know that! Thanks for the tip! 😂 No pun intended!

  2. A shoe for your iron, that’s pretty cool. The pants look great. So important to have pants/slacks that fit well and feel good. Way to go.

    New toys? Hmmm. I’m eyeing another set of colour pencils. 😊

    1. Another set? Christmas is coming you know…

  3. Looks great! Excellent fit. Thanks for posting.
    I’m still pressing with my silk organza, hope it holds up.
    How did you find Sandra Betzina pants fitting class?

    1. Thank you! I did like her course. I learned a lot from it and still refer back to her courses. It is so much easier for me to take on line courses then actually go to a class. Her personality is casual and relaxed and I like her insistence to not panic if you make a mistake, as we all do!

  4. These are lovely pants! And I like how you finished your waistband….I’ll remember the tip. I had an iron shoe once, but felt like the iron was never hot enough? But it was certainly well protected.

    New toys? Not yet. But oh, I do have an ever-growing list!

    1. Thank you! I think my problem is probably that my iron is always too hot! I tend to not pay attention! Amazing how many sewing gizmos there are, isn’t it?

  5. Great pants and super photos too! I bought a cover for my new iron, not Teflon but a metal coated one that hooks on the same way with a wire band. Your pockets are just so cute…if they were mine, I’d for sure be catching them on drawer handles and yanking myself in all directions with those buttons flying!

    1. Thank you! I didn’t know about the metal cover, I will have to keep my eyes open for that one too! I would be wearing these to work usually, and all I do there is sit all day. It’s rings and bracelets that I get caught on everything… And break!

  6. You’re doing so well on your trousers mission, very impressed! No new toys, but hoping to get some for Christmas 🙂

    1. Thank you! Good idea! I shall have to make a list for Christmas!!!!’

  7. Pants look great. I find that “purchasing” pants is always very difficult. The people do “sizing” of clothing don’t seem to understand that there is a body involved and we are not all built like cut out dolls that you hook cut out clothes on. Nice to see that Simon took advantage of the photo op. Happy sewing.

    1. Thank you, and I agree about store bought. Even on a bad day I can make a better fit than store bought! Oh you noticed Simon. I saw him and then forgot about him. At the time I almost stepped on him about three times. Then he was all over my tripod! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. More trousers! You’ve proper mastered this! I keep looking at my pattern that you sent me but keep wondering if the front seams would be uncomfortable??

    1. It looks like it would be doesn’t it. After I am happy with them, I serge the seams which makes the front ones small and unnoticeable. I am sure you wouldn’t want any bulk there. And if you do choose to topstitch the front princess seam, that would make it flat and comfortable too. I do notice in her class she mentions pinning the two front pattern pieces together and where they don’t meet, at the top, making a small dart. But then again, that would probably make it like any other pants pattern, I guess! 😄

  9. Great trousers – I really need to make some staples like this for my wardrobe! My new toy is an overlocker 😀

    1. Thanks! It took me most of my RTW FAST year to get up the nerve to learn how to do the fitting. I might not be a pro at it, but at least I found it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! A new over locker – now that would be a cool new toy! 👍

  10. These look great! I really admire your persistence! 2016 is the year for me making trousers I’ve decided.

    1. Thanks! I’ll keep my eye out for your’s! I’m always looking for new tips.

  11. Great looking pants, Linda. As you know I love black…and navy blue. My problem is I can’t tell them apart, sigh.

    1. It is tough sometimes, they can be so close in tone. Thanks for reading and the compliments.

  12. These pants are perfect! I have the pattern and have enrolled in the Craftsy course but not used either. You have inspired me, but it will be next year now. Having said that, I did dig out the pattern… :). New toys? Only a measuring wheel – so useful.

    1. Thank you! Does the wheel work accurately?

  13. Your pants are great. I have the pattern and the course as well but have not used them yet. I need a new pressing cloth, mine is years old and has split through the middle.

    1. Thanks. Those pressing clothes don’t last forever, do they?

  14. What a great accessory! I’ve never seen an iron shoe before, that would be so useful. All I’ve bought lately is a Choco chalk pen but I love it. I need all the colors now. Next I’m going to invest in a huge cutting mat.

    Great looking pants, they turned out wonderfully!

    1. I do have a Chaco pen and a cutting mat. I love them both. The cutting mat has stopped me from cutting everything that was under my pattern piece. I cut on the floor and sometimes I got caught in the carpet!! Thanks for the compliments!

  15. I love the background wallpaper here on your blog, Linda. I’m off to be nosey and see what else is going on around here.



    1. Thank you! Come on over anytime! I’ll make some coffee! ☕️🍪☕️🍪

  16. Your pants have inspired me to finish the pair I cut out, but then set aside (performance anxiety?) You have definitely nailed the fit issues as this pair looks perfect. My new toy is a iron that doesn’t automatically turn off when you leave its side for a few seconds. I love, love, love it! I’ll have to check out the iron plate you’ve shown us. Looks like a must have.

    1. Thank you! You should finish your’s. I’ve improved with every pair, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like or wear my first handmade pair. It’s still way better than RTW! I am sure everyone has a big list of “must haves” 😄 I’ve already got my eye on something new!

      1. You’re so right. I know that it will be better off than the RTW choices…I just need to dive in!

  17. Great trousers, your invisible zipper is excellent. Like those pockets. They look really good on you. I had no idea you can get a shoe for your iron, mine is pretty destroyed, so I’m probably in line for a new one!

    1. They had so many different kinds when I was looking for a plain old iron. It was hard to choose!

  18. Sewing black is the pits! But those slacks really look great!
    I do admire your tenacity in sticking with all the fitting issues, ad should do that Craftsy course and get on with me own slacks… after I’ve unpacked all these boxes… hehehee!

    1. Well let’s just say I am sick of sewing slacks… I’ve got thoughts of dresses running through my head now!

      1. LOLOLOL! ! !
        Don’t blame you one bit!
        Eager to see some dresses!

  19. You are the master of sewing trousers and it looks like they fit you perfectly! I know what you mean about photographing black clothing – I made some 1940’s overalls in black linen suiting and I love them but in a photo they just look bleurgh! Thanks for the little bit of Christmas snow too! 🙂

    1. You know… About the snow… I love it but I can’t take credit for it.. I was surprised to see it too. Then I remembered last year reading about a setting that lets WordPress give you snow all December! Very Cool! Especially since we don’t get much snow here, mostly rain! ☔️

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