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The Big Decisions.

The weather today was so changeable, I sat here this morning trying to decide if I should put the laundry on the clothes line… or take photos for my blog.  What should I do?  

You might remember last post I was fighting to make my dress pattern work with my fabric and my body.  That pattern lost.  This pattern, on the other hand, McCall’s M6840 was a winner.  I made view B but with short sleeves.  Short sleeves since the fabric is so summery – but also after salvaging the fabric out of the almost completed dress, I didn’t have enough pieces left that were large enough to make long sleeves!


I even had to cut the collar in two pieces and join them with a centre seam.  I am hoping my long hair hides that seam.  (No one will notice … don’t tell!)


I like how they instructed to put the collar and the collar stand together.  The collar was made and then it was sandwiched between the two collar stand pieces, right sides together.  Then the outside of the collar stand was sewn on to the neckline of my bodice, right sides together of course.  Then is was turned and hand sewn on the inside bottom of the collar stand. 


I used contrasting stitching for my button holes.  I wonder how other sewists finish off their button holes.  I have never used my sewing machine to tie off my button holes.  I pull the hanging threads to the inside and double and triple knot them – old habits die hard!


I was considering doing some top stitching on this top but ended up sewing a double row of stitching at the hems only.  The length of the short sleeves was mandated by how much fabric I had left, but they turned out to be a comfortable, cool, summery length.  I used single fold bias tape for all the hemming.  I finished off some of the inside seams with single fold bias tape and some with my serger.


This fabric feels so fine – 100% rayon Batik.  I love the front fly button closing hiding my blue buttons and the back pleat at the yoke.

Oh! … and to compromise I did put the laundry on the clothes line AND take photos for my blog.



This is a definite improvement on the dress I was trying to make with this fabric in my last post.  


It was a beautiful sunny day today, but it was incredibly windy!  I was fighting both to try and get decent photos.


Let’s just hide in the shade some..











To get a better look … no glaring sun and/0r gusting winds … let’s get an inside shot of  Dolly wearing my top!

I’m quite happy with my new top.  It will look great with casual pants or dressed up with a pretty skirt.  I’m really, really, happy I didn’t continue with that awful dress pattern!

It’s been pretty busy in our family these past few months so I have’t had a chance to look for an “Indie” pattern for Indie Pattern Month at the Monthly Stitch.  But I am enjoying all the Indie pattern activity that is happening!  Keep up the lovely work ladies!

I have a lot of cutting to do tomorrow or there will be nothing for me to sew during the week.  Do you cut a few garments at once like me, or are you the type to cut an outfit and then sew it up?

Happy Sewing!

49 thoughts on “The Big Decisions.”

  1. Great save. Lovely fabric for the shirt!
    I usually cut make and finish one at a time, thinking about the next one while I go along!
    I couldn’t join in the monthly stitch contest this month either, new job, but you’re right, it’s great to see what everyone else is making.

      1. I don’t think there’s any special order for cutting out. Do it as you like. I only do it my way because I always want to wear it as soon as possible! 🙂

  2. lovely shirt, I love the fall of it, its a flattering cut, love the way the hemline falls to the back, gives it a great definition. normally i like to cut one day and sew another…. i think its my form of decide or do…. cutting is all about decisions for me, whereas sewing is just doing, and i find it easier to work at one or the other!

  3. I think the pattern is perfect for that fabric, and that the short sleeves suit the print better than long ones would. Looks very summer-y and comfortable! 🙂

  4. It is great that you managed to rescue this fabric and create a beautiful shirt. The batik looks fabulous, great colour palette and like it will be lovely for the summer. Xx

  5. Hey, that’s a very pretty blouse. Interesting about sleeve length, my favorite is a 3/4 length sleeve. I also like how the blouse is longer in the back. Very nicely done, Linda.

  6. Great save! Definitely fabric that you want to wear! I have this pattern and haven’t made it yet…but I love the flow of the bodice and the high-low hem. Just might have to whip one up myself:)

  7. I’m so glad you were able to salvage that fabric. Your blouse will be very useful through the summer. Well done for both photographing the blouse and finishing laundry 😃

  8. That’s a really lovely top! So glad you put that fabric to good use. I’m a big fan of a hi-lo hem – this looks great!

  9. Lovely shirt. I so admire your beautiful buttonholes – i could never be so confident, making buttonholes in a contrasting thread colour. Really like the pattern you’ve chosen too.

  10. What a great save, Linda! The dipped hem is pretty, the top looks so soft and flowy, and I like the back pleat (is that weird?) And a lovely breezy day for hanging wash, and looking so stylish while doing so!

  11. I envy your stick-toitiveness 😉. Your blouse is pretty. I don’t have the patience to salvage a fail to make an entirely different garment 🙄. And intermixing daily life chores helps to stave off guilty feelings of spending so much time sewing and blogging 😜.

  12. Very nice top! I have this pattern in the stash and have always wanted to try it but haven’t gotten around to it! When I sew buttonholes on my machine, it automatically locks the stitch at the end, so I just snip off the threads and move on. I actually had to stop and think about it because all I could remember is that i just snip them off…but I couldn’t remember why!

    And I prefer to work on one thing at a time. It’s just too easy to get distracted with more than one…and I’m messy too, so I don’t need to make it any more complicated than it is!

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