My Denim Skirt Dilemma.

Alas, I am still working on my Sewaholic Hollyburn to Denim Skirt makeover.  I have been pinning/unpining and trying on/taking off and puzzling over/avoiding my skirt for the last three days now, trying to decide what to do.  Has there ever been so much indecision in my life!?  (I hope not!  I hope there is only indecision with minor details such as this one!)

I am very happy with my denim skirt, so far!

I have made my denim skirt with what feels like a 100% light weight cotton.  I would like to call it a chambray, unfortunately it was unlabelled, inexpensive and I bought a large amount of it not having any proof as to its content or description.  It is light weight though, therefore it would be nice if it was an A line shape (my favourite) and/or gathered would be nice too (I have gathered the back of this skirt already).

I love the topstitching I have done – front and back pockets, seams, waistband, hemming.  I love the rivets and jeans button.  I would change none of it.  (If you missed any of the steps you can see the previous posts here and here.)

Now here is my dilemma – help me out here.

As I said, I have oh too carefully thought about these back pockets (too much! for three flippin’ days, I tell you!). 

Unfortunately these pockets are going on the BACK, which is GATHERED, which means when I hold the skirt up the pockets are kind of folded and twisted and turned and don’t look their best.   My hope is that my butt is good enough to fill out the gathered skirt a bit so that the pockets lie flat?

My dilemma (minor as it may seem) is….

A.  Should I continue?  Sew the pockets on the back, put on the two rivets each, and hope for the best?  Hoping that having a body inside the skirt makes the pockets lie flat, or at least flatter?  Hoping that I can carefully rip the back pockets off if they look terrible and it has been a BAD, BAD IDEA?  Hold on, I better not put on the rivets then or I will have permanent holes in my skirt!



B.  Should I say Heck with it!  Leave the back pockets off and just stick with the simple gathered back?  Maybe I could mount and frame my precious, carefully topstitched back pockets and just hang them on the wall over my sewing machine?  Maybe I can save them and use them on a chambray top?


GIMME A HAND HERE, PLEEEASE!  I need a push to move on with this project!  (Let me know in the comments below – A or B?)

Hopefully Readers, sewing dilemmas are the only ones you have in life!  Better yet, hopefully it’s Happy Sewing out there!

Later that evening… this post was edited to include gratuitous “butt” shots!

A. with pockets
B.  without pockets


  1. Leave the pockets off unless you want to use them to store something. Anyone standing behind you at the bank or grocery store will be staring at your butt the whole time. You did a lovely job with the stitching so maybe they can be used on something else?

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  2. Get those back pockets on! All that beautiful stitching should be shown off!
    Have you tried laying them on flat, then pushing the two side in only at the top edge. The sides and bottom have to be stitched on, but the top edge can gape out as much or as little as you want it too. For example if the top edge of your pocket is 16 cm, it can sit, for example, 1 3cm apart as marked on the skirt, making the top edge sit out and compensating for the gathering. Have I explained that clearly enough?? Pin it and see what you think!

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  3. Nix the pockets on the skirt save them for something else as you did a super job on them just my 2cents since my booty would look HUGE with the gathers & pockets. LOL

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  4. Yes, the stitching is beautiful. You’ve taken us this far, you can’t leave us hanging, like a cliffhanger. 😊 In the spirit of Star Trek, “Warp speed ahead.”

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  5. Being somewhat impish tonight, let me say “no butts about it” it is a toughie. I tend to avoid anything that will draw attention to particular areas of my body but those are lovely pockets. Any way you can pin them on (thus avoiding the unpicking if you hate them) and have a look see before you sew them on? Beautiful skirt I must say.

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  6. I think the pockets look good with your arse in the skirt. Maybe sew them on, wear the skirt a bit and see how you feel then. If you hate them take them off, if you love them get your rivet on!

    What rivets are you using btw?

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  7. I love the pockets as they add a great detail to the skirt, and as someone who wastes far too much time on ‘does my bum look big in this’ – I now just wear what I genuinely feel comfortable in so if you feel good with pockets on, go for it, and it will show on how you wear your gorgeous new skirt , ie, with confidence (still extremely jealous of that gorgeous top stitching and if anyone is staring at your butt – chances are they are mavelling at either a fine figure or fine stitching)

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  8. Well, personally I love the pockets on the skirt! Not only did you do a marvelous job making them, but I think they add polish to the style. And if they draw attention to your derrière, it will be the good kind!

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