A perfect place for my pockets.

Perhaps you remember my denim skirt?  I spent a couple of days trying to decide whether to sew on the back pockets, or not.  Well, I have found a perfect place for them!

A while ago, I found the FREE pdf pattern from By Hand London, the Polly Top.  I knew it would be perfect for the leftover fabric I end up with occasionally… and I certainly had some left when I finished my denim skirt.

Does anyone else piece together pdf patterns the same as me?  I always seem to piece together one pattern piece at a time and then immediately cut it out.  I guess I feel like I am accomplishing something that way?  Here you can see my first piece taking shape – like putting a puzzle together.


There are only three pattern pieces to the Polly Top, so not too many pages to cut and tape together.  Bonus – it’s a good one to start with!


Sophie doing her inspection of my pattern assembly!


Now since I was using the leftovers of my 100% cotton denim fabric, I didn’t quite have enough fabric to lay this one pattern piece out … so I just added in another seam to join the two sections together.




It turned out rather well!


Here all my front pieces are sewn together.  The extra seam I put in looks like a dart that was meant to be.  I also put in a front and back seam, just for the fun of it… you’ll see…




There are no facings for the arm and neck holes, like I said a simple pattern.  I used single fold bias tape instead.





More TOPSTITCHING on the back seam!


The best part?  My POCKETS!


Even though it was a lovely “almost Fall” day – warm and sunny – all I could muster was headless shots.  Where’s is Mad’s talented photographer when you need him.  Needless to say, I was suffering from my first cold of the season and relaxing with my sewing won over getting all dolled up for photos – so sorry!




“Five thumbs up” for this easy to assemble and sew, FREE, comfortable top.  I’m going to save the pattern pieces and try another in a knit fabric with colour blocking – I will have to see what kind of fabric scraps I have stashed away.

Has anyone else out there found a favourite FREE pdf pattern that works well?  Let us know in the comments… I say you can never have too much FREE stuff!

Happy Sewing!

28 thoughts on “A perfect place for my pockets.

  1. What a great result. You’re right, those side seams look just like darts and as if they were meant to be there. Cute pockets too !

    1. Thank you! It turned out well considering the amount of thought and effort that was put into it – it’s a simple top!

  2. So glad you found a good home for those perfectly made pockets! The Annie A-Line Skirt is a nice free pattern for a very simple (and therefore quick to make) skirt. http://sewthispattern.com/product/annie-a-line-skirt-free-pattern/

    1. Thank you! I haven’t heard of that pattern yet. I’ll go take a look!

  3. What a fabulous outcome. I really like this top on you.

    1. Thank you! I’m hoping another run through the wash, not the dryer, will soften the denim up, but otherwise I am happy with it!

  4. I LOVE THESE TOPS! 🙆 You can dress them up for work, wear them casual. I would love a closet of these tops. If it’s cold out, throw on a cardigan. The pockets look great. I really really like the top stitching because it adds a decorative touch. 👌

    1. Exactly my thoughts! Easy to make, versatile… I can only imagine all the variations!

  5. Great to see that the pockets have got a good home. I tried that pattern but it didn’t work for my body shape sadly.

    1. That’s too bad. It’s not too often you find a free pattern!

  6. Oh, almost forgot. The best free pattern I have used is the Alexander McQueen jacket. It aint an easy make but it looked great on my daughter.

    1. Thank you for this! Hahaha. All I need is a free pants/trousers pattern and I’ll be complete! 😂

    2. wow! I didn’t even know that Alexander Mcqueen had a pattern to download. Thank you for sharing this, it’s very interesting to see the pattern shaping

  7. I made a polly a couple of years ago (I think) in a drapey fabric and have worn it loads. I never thought if using a denim but it works so well! My first few pdfs I cut out your way but then always had bits and found it really hard. Then I discovered sticking it in one go. I tend to lay them out and work out which won’t have to be stuck together. And I find glue easier than tape too.
    You’ve got me thinking I need another polly in my life.
    PS so glad you found a home for those cute pockets 😃

    1. Thank you! This denim is as lightweight as they come I think. I’m still not getting any drape out of it. I’ll try a knit next! I’m probably doing the PDFs thing wrong, but I have a serious lack of space!

  8. What an interesting front detail and I like how the top-stritching accentuates it. (And always good to have kitty approved patterns 😉 )

    1. Thank you! I’m just glad that cat is tiny and doesn’t get in the way much or there could be problems!

  9. Oooh, great versatile little summer number and thanks for all the links to freebies everyone!

    1. Thank you! Enjoy browsing the links!

  10. That’s such an interesting link from the material lady. I need to see what else they have to download?? Is there nothing that can’t be found online by these clever sewing ladies.
    Anyway, I digress, that’s a perfect outcome for those pockets! I think denim often softens best with wear! I can’t stand facings on a top like that, give me a binding or binding facing anytime! Looks great.

    1. Thank you, I am sure this top will get as rumpled, wrinkled and worn out as my favourite jeans! 😃👍

  11. So pleased you managed to find a use for those pockets! They look great on your new top 😀

    1. Thank you! I’m glad they didn’t go to waste and it felt better with more designing on my top than my skirt!

  12. What a brilliant use for all your leftover fabric and those lovely pockets. This top looks amazing. Xx

    1. Thank you! This pattern is perfect for using up those large leftovers. I’ve got some knit fabrics I can try it with next time.

  13. Looking good!

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