Winnie and I go on a road trip…

and there are strange goings on in our hotel room…

I spent last weekend out of town, with one night in a hotel, with nothing to keep me occupied.  Well, nothing except my 1952 Singer Featherweight 221, or “Winnie” for short.  (If you would like to learn how I acquired Winnie and all her deets, just check out this post.)


I was planning on keeping myself busy in my hotel room by cutting out quilt squares and watching movies.  Then I remembered I brought Winnie along to show to my Mom – who has always been fascinated by everything her daughters do.   Well Winnie was in her case calling to me so I took her out… just for a look see… did she survive the ride in my trunk?  Then I thought I would just start her up, after all it’s been a while since she went for a good run.  Perhaps I could even give her a go with some of the quilting cotton I brought with me to cut into squares.


I remembered an article I had read a while ago on how to make a “Mini Dresden Spool Pin Plate” to protect your VSM from scratches from the spool.  Do you think I could find the instructions again?  Nope!  (They were at home.) 

Oh well, that’s okay.  I was only trying to warm up Winnie.  I’ll just wing it.  After spending 20 minutes trying to thread the needle without my magnifying glasses (at home), I downloaded an app that magnified the needle eye and when I could see clearly, I saw that Winnie’s needle threads from right to left, which I would have known if I had read the instruction manual (at home).


I spent the rest of my time, smooth sailing through my project, folding my 12 squares in half and sewing them down.



Sewing the squares and clipping them apart was easy, but next came pressing the petal points.  I had the fabric, scissors, thread, Winnie, pins, almost everything I needed, BUT no iron (at home).  Who packs an iron for a one night stay in a hotel?  Then I realized no one packs an iron for a stay in a hotel, because hotels supply their own irons (hidden in the closet)!  So I was able to press my petal points afterall!



All the petals were then sewn together in a row, easily enough.



The end of the row being sewn to the beginning and then pressed into a circle.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything to draw a centre circle the right size.  (I would have probably had something at home.)  My shampoo cap was too small!  So I had to wing it, ending up with something that looked more like an octogon than a circle.


But Winnie and I got the job is done!  All that was needed was the centre hole.  Oh oh, I didn’t bring Winnie’s buttonholer attachment or templates (at home).  I ended up poking my scissors through to make a hole instead.  The eyelet buttonhole would just have to be made (at home).


My Mom saw Winnie and her make shift “Mini Dresden Spool Pin Plate” the next day.  She was impressed that Winnie was born in 1952 and still looked so good… “someone treated her well!”  Mom also said “Not only is she cute, but she’s got a little skirt now!”


Just in case you are interested in the correct way to make a “Mini Dresden Spool Pin Plate”, I have the link here.  I wasn’t far off, just a little bit off with the shape of the petals and I needed a better centre circle.  I think I might try this again for my other sewing machines, now that I have the instructions!  It was a quick make… after I got the needle threaded!

Confess:  Have you ever set up your sewing machine in a strange/unfamiliar place?

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Happy Sewing!

12 thoughts on “Winnie and I go on a road trip…

  1. i have taken my machine across Canada in a tent trailer, on a sailboat and several hotel rooms.

    1. Wonderful! Did you manage to remember your supplies? or were you lucky enough to stop for supplies on the way? 🙂

  2. What a brilliant idea. Winnie is a beauty. I do love vintage Singer machines and would love a featherweight. Not got one…. yet! Never taken machine on a road trip but do have my vintage Necchi Lelia away with me in my weekday digs. Not too much time for sewing but nice to have the chance. Xx

    1. There is nothing worse than having the urge to do something and then finding out that Nope, you can’t sew after all! A Necchi is a lovely brand name, I think!

  3. I had no idea that people made accessories for their sewing machines, except for a strap on pin cushion?
    My machine has been in the local bus going for a service, only for about 20 minutes! Of course I couldn’t wait for the car to be free.
    Now I have lots of machines to look after I’ve noticed that the needle threads up according to where the bobbin sits, it’s only taken me 30 years to notice this! 🙂

    1. It’s always difficult dragging the bigger machines around! I have learnt a lot recently looking at all the different vintage sewing machines I have come across. And it was only until after using Winnie for a while that night that I figured out why the needle was threaded differently!

  4. I love it! The first angled photo of Winnie is really good (thinking from a drawing perspective). I can’t say I’ve set up a sewing machine in a hotel, but that’s really cool that you did. I also love that mom said “Winnie has a little skirt.” Winnie is in extremely good shape.

    1. She is, isn’t she! I keep thinking about what she has made in the last 64 years!

  5. You can get a magnifying app??? I’ve learned something new there.
    Lovely machine!

    1. Yes, I found it, it was free and it was wonderful!

  6. The skirt comment is very cute. I think it looks a little bit more like a fancy hat though! I can’t believe you took your machine out in a hotel room! I don’t think the thought would have occurred to me!

    1. Yes, I suggested “or a hat”, but my mother didn’t follow along and stuck with “cute skirt”. She is a dear! I only took Winnie with me to show my mother and I didn’t dare leave her in the cold trunk, then the boredom of cutting quilting squares took over and I decided to play with Winnie a bit instead! It was fun!

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