THE Biggest Grandstand Show in Canada!

Let me explain, in case you missed my IG feed … I headed back to the Calgary Stampede for my summer vacation!

I was in such awe of THE Biggest Sewing Room in Canada when I saw it in August of 2014 at the Calgary Stampede, I just knew I would have to return to see THE Biggest Grandstand Show in Canada – the TransAlta Grandstand Show – and all the talented performers who ultimately end up wearing all those costumes made by all those talented sewists in THE Biggest Sewing Room in Canada.

I saw many sights while in Calgary – Heritage Park Historical Village, the Military Museums – along with Calgary Stampede and its animals, the Canine Stars at the Dog Bowl, exhibits, rides, FOOD (Deep Fried Cheesecake, anyone?  It’s yummy!), the Chuckwagon races.

Heritage Park Historical Village is the perfect place for all you vintage sewists, like Seam Racer, to show off your Me-Mades!  Have a look for yourself!

Delivery trucks.
The steam train that takes you around the Village.
Mr. Conductor.
Main Street.
Other forms of transportation around the Village.  It was quite common to see residents going about their daily routines.
Mr. Blacksmith.
The Prince House. Resident children listen to the adults and an RCMP Mountie in the yard. Prince House is supposedly haunted on the unused, locked up third floor. Security has seen lights at night and there are reports of a child’s shoes tapping.
Inside the house.
Cutest little baby high chair sitting in the dining room.
Aha, I found my first, but not last, Vintage Sewing Machine!
Children’s room.
Some parlours had a curtained doorway to the parlour, behind which the parents sat and listened to their daughter and her beau.
Another sewing room. I’m jealous. I still don’t have one.
One of the few round ice boxes in existence.
Oh! The Lady of the House.
Shop fronts.
More Vintage Sewing Machines for sale in the shop.

Another Vintage Sewing Machine! I love the foot treadle.
A resident relaxing in the shade knitting.
The Constable’s quarters in the Village Jail.
And in the next room – Susan on the Soapbox in Jail! Bad Susan!

The Military Museums in Calgary are the second largest in Canada.  I didn’t think to take a photo of the Cold War bunker.  I was too shocked watching the black and white TV Public Service Announcement about what kids should do when the sirens go off and THE BOMB has been dropped – hide under your school desk or in a doorway by the sidewalk and cover your head!  If you get caught out on a picnic with your family, no fear, quickly cover yourself with your tablecloth or blanket!  You’ll be fine!  I cannot believe the propaganda the governments of the world feed to their people.  I was impressed though by the technology on display.

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 Let’s continue on to the Calgary Stampede …

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I really, really enjoyed seeing the Grandstand performances though –  The Young Canadians, Jann Arden, the Alberta Ballet, Calgary’s adult choir Revv52, the Inuit throat singers, Hoop Dancer Dallas Arcand, and there was so much more yet. The Grandstand show this year was called “TOGETHER” and celebrated Canada’s 150th Birthday.  This year, the Treaty 7 First Nations were asked, and were very happy, to be a part of these celebrations.

Let’s see the sights and the show together, shall we?  And afterwards, maybe we will see the fireworks too!

The massive stage was brought onto the grounds in large pieces.
The stage being prepped.
The show is on!
The Young Canadians performers are ages 7 through 21.
The best day of all in Canada – A Snow Day!
Special Host and Singer – Jann Arden!
Irish Dancing!

Bird/performers are lowered from the sky and fly over us.
Hoop Dancer Dallas Arcand with bird/performers flying over head. It was beautiful and exciting at the same time!
Ah! Hockey!
Lovely choir voices!
Final performance and fireworks! Let’s close the show with a BANG!

The weather in Calgary was quite warm, and so was the atmosphere at the Calgary Stampede.  As they say, I took to the life of a cowboy like a horse takes to oats.  If you ever have a chance to attend, mosey on over!

Calgary Tower (Google image)

In the meantime, Good bye for now Calgary … and Happy Sewing!


* Unless otherwise mentioned, all photos are the property of  “Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!” and my sister “Susan on the Soapbox” (Thank you all for showing us around!).  All Imagination and Artistry is the property of the people behind the Heritage Park Historical Village, Military Museums, Calgary Stampede and the TransAlta Grandstand Show!






20 thoughts on “THE Biggest Grandstand Show in Canada!

  1. Wow! Looks like you had plenty of fun things to see and do, not the least of which included sewing. Thank you for sharing! xx

  2. A great time to be sure!

  3. What a great post! I felt like I was reliving every glorious moment, even being locked up in jail (Bad Susan!). Ya hoo!!!

    1. 😂 We had lots of fun – thank you agin!

  4. What a wonderful experience! thank you for sharing!

    1. I am happy to have the chance to share – it was a lovely holiday!

  5. You look like you’ve had a fabulous vacation. 😊 And you didn’t come home with a vintage sewing machine?

    1. I had a FAB time! And no I didn’t come home with a new VSM. You know airport security!!

  6. Plenty to occupy you there! But deep fried cheesecake!?! Really? 😱

    1. Oh yes, deep fried cheesecake! It tasted like a danish with extra cream inside. It was very good! Probably a thousand calories, etc. I should have gotten a photo of the raindrop cake, which looked like a large drop of water. It was a clear flavoured gelatine. Pretty and tasty!

      1. I wish I had been there. It sounds worth it for the cake alone 😂

        1. Deep fried cheesecake may cause a cardiac incident … but it’s worth it! 😂

  7. What an epic holiday! I went to Calgary twenty years ago and, although I saw a rodeo, I didn’t see any of this (mind you, I was supposed to be working). Back on the bucket list…!

    1. Haha, perhaps the rodeo was the only event you had time to sneak out to watch? 😃

      1. I think it was part of the conference entertainment. A young girl got tossed off her horse and seriously hurt, so I don’t have the most fabulous memories of it.

        1. Oh no! That’s terrible. I think they have become more safety conscious at the Stampede in the past years. Vets on site keeping up standards of care and prizes/awards for the most safety conscious teams. But it is a daredevil activity, like the racetrack or car racing. Maybe you should skip the rodeo part and just see the entertainment!

  8. What an enjoyable reading. It really looks a great place to spend some time. Some countries do offer these kind of shows and they are always a joy to visit and to be taken back in time.

    1. They certainly did an excellent job with Heritage Village and the entertainment!

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