… and it’s the last of it!

Last week I made a lovely dress out of my Tower print fabric, here.  I purchased enough for a dress and a top so I was determined to get a dress and a top out of it, even if I made an error cutting out the directional print on one of the skirt pieces last week!

This is one of my favourite patterns for piecing tops together.  I also have had success with the “By Hand London – Polly Top” and the “Teach Me Fashion – Two Tone Singlet“.  

The back piece squeezed on to my mistakenly cut skirt piece, but I did have to shorten it it a few inches.

Otherwise, the front piece fit on well …

and the front wedge piece fit on well.

I was very satisfied when I used up all my fabric, except for this.

I used a black ponte from my fabric stash.  Just a scrap, but big enough for the short sleeves – even these funny shaped raglan sleeves.

Every time I make this top I have to sew the point of the sleeve shoulder dart into more of a curve.  Can you see on the right how pointy the small shoulder seam is when sewn as drafted out on the pattern piece?  I sew over this point again, rounding it out a bit, as you can see on the left.

I hemmed the sleeves, neckline and bottom of the top with single fold bias tape.

My completed Tower top!  Lovely weather for a photo shoot!

Oh!  Surprise!  It’s the last of the piping!

Back view.

Looks like I’m getting some comments/suggestions/unwanted advice from the deck.

Ah!  Apparently I need a prop!  Even if it is an unwilling prop!

Ok, that’s better!

Did you know it was International Cat Day on Tuesday?  I found out late in the day, but just in time – check out the Instagram!  #internationalcatday

Happy Sewing!


28 thoughts on “… and it’s the last of it!

  1. So satisfying when you use up almost all your fabric! A great result and your kitty is super cute!

    1. Thank you! And yes she is cute! The other one, the male, is a Big Guy!

  2. I’d have wanted to use up every last scrap of that super print too, and you’ve managed it brilliantly.

    1. After almost messing up the directional print when cutting out the dress, I am very happy I got two garments out of this fabric!

  3. Don’t you just love it when all you have left from a length of fabric is thin slivers! What a great use of odd pieces and the result is lovely. Your ‘prop’ definitely approves. Happy International Cat Day!

    1. It worked out well! The fabric stash definitely gets smaller when there is nothing but slivers left!

  4. That’s a very nice top! It’s so satisfying when remnants of fabric are exactly right for finishing another project.

    1. Thank you! Now you use some fabulous fabrics. If I had fabrics like those, I would want to use every sliver.

      1. Some is cheap and cheerful from the market, some is more indulgent [usually from online shops] It’s my only real vice, so I indulge!

        1. Good for you. We should all indulge in a vice or two! 😂

  5. I’d be very satisfied with such a tiny pile of scrap fabric at the end of a project! The black sleeves work so well with that print.

    1. I especially find it useful to save black scraps. Quite often it will be used like this or some sort of trim.

  6. It’s such a thrill to use (almost) every scrap of fabric. Your top – and kitty – look wonderful 😃.

    1. Thank you, from me and Sophie!

  7. A great top, supplies used up, a happy cat, it was a winning day all around!

    1. Thank you! Yes it certainly was!

  8. Cute top and you used up every bit of that fabric! So satisfying when that happens, and I love your ‘prop’. My cat acts reluctant too but I believe he secretly enjoys having his photo taken!

    1. Haha … I’ve seen your cat photobombing your blog photos! Very cute! 😺

  9. Pretty top and you used up your fabric – brilliant!

    1. Thank you! I do love this fabric! I’ll have to keep my eye out for more! 😂😂

  10. Great use of leftovers. I’m all in favour of maximising every inch. Lovely

    1. Thank you! Time to move on and see what I can squeeze out of some other fabric! 😁

  11. Again, I’m the caboose in the comments. That is really cool that you can get two items of clothing out of one purchase of fabric. 🖒I don’t think it’s colour blocking but I like the black sleeves as a contrast. As I scrolled through the pictures, I thought “is that the piping I like?” And yes it was. You created a lovely short-sleeve blouse and your cat is destined to become a celebrity. 🐺

    1. Yes, I think, it is called colour blocking, but contrast is fine too! I was never one to nit pic words! 😃 Yes it is the last of the piping. I got a whole bag of it from my sister (the other one, not you) and I’ve just finished it up! Haha don’t tell Sophie she’s a celebrity – it will make her even more aloof! 😂

  12. I am totally impressed by your clever use of fabric. A lot of patterns call for way more than they actually should so being able to use it up is a complete bonus. I have a ton of bits that are too small for much else.. What a beautiful cat. Thanks for the info about Cat Day.

    1. I saw on Facebook a designer, google Zero Waste Daniel, he hand makes custom Tee shirts using the scraps leftover from the other clothes factories – a fabulous idea and a perfect use for tiny scraps. I was impressed! 😍. (Sophie thanks you for your kind words!)

  13. Using almost everything of your fabric is always something that can make you happy. I’ve been sewing my own clothes for about three years now and I buy fabric after I’ve drafted or copied the pattern and done some lay-outs to find the most economy way to cut the fabric. And for Zero Waste Daniel. I came across him a while ago and his makes are briljant.

    1. Yes, the suggested layout isn’t always the best layout, just as long as you follow your grain line rule still. Zero Waste Daniel is quite talented!

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