My Fabric Stash … and a game!

A while ago, I detailed how I organize my Pattern Stash, here.  Over the years, I have probably collected, and received from others, over 200 patterns.  I still use the same method I blogged about back then, but now I also have a photo of each of my patterns on my iPad.  Always at my fingertips!  

I put the envelopes in plastic pages into binders with all the dresses together, jackets, etc.
I put the instructions and pattern pieces into one plastic zip bag and store the bags numerically in banker boxes.

I find this way I can easily browse through all my pattern drawings and the information on the back.  After I have made a decision on which pattern I want to use I move to my banker box and pull the pattern instructions and pieces out.

My fabric stash is long overdue for some sort of organizing. 

I emptied all my fabric on the bed, chairs, and floor. I decided I had enough storage boxes for each of these lengths – 3 meters or more, 2 meters or more, 1 meter or more, and 1 meter or less.
Only a small part of the chaos! I piled 1 metre lengths together, 2 metre lengths, etc.
When I put my fabric back into my “1 metre storage box” I also took a photo of each piece and stored it in a folder on my laptop/iPad called “1 metre or more”.

This way, if I am looking for 3 metres of fabric, I can see all my 3 metre lengths in one folder on my laptop/iPad, before I go to my “3 metre” storage box and pick it out … or run to the fabric store because I have nothing suitable!  LOL!

Let me add I have tried “Evernote” and at the start it was wonderful.  The problem is – both times I have tried it, once recently and once a year or two ago, it would crash when I tried syncing my iPad with my laptop – and considering I carry my iPad everywhere with me, I need something more reliable than that.


So speaking of the Fabric Stash – I went to Vancouver this weekend to visit my sister and shop at two fabric stores!  *BIG SMILE!*  What did I see?  More importantly, what did I buy?  MORE FABRIC!!  Even my sister, the one of the previously blogged about “Sister’s Sewing Projects” found some lovely fabric.

Blue Denim Challis Print, 100% Rayon.  My sister’s next dress.  (I swear most of these fabrics are supposed to be a shade of blue, not grey as they look here!)
Another dress for my sister – Tracy Blue Border Print, 100% cotton.  I love border prints and it is so difficult to find them!
A medium blue 100% linen for me – possibly trousers.
Robin Crepe Print, 100% polyester – a dress for me.  (These feathers are predominantly blue.)
Medium blue 100% cotton denim for me – more jeans?
Topaz Print, 85% polyester, 10% rayon, 5% spandex.  Something new for me – a black/grey large paisley print for a sweater/jumper, perhaps?


We also wandered through three antique stores in the cute and quaint Village of Fort Langley.  I was obviously on the look-out for vintage or antique sewing-related items.  I wandered through the shops searching.  Let’s play the same game – wander through, how many sewing-related items can you see here?

How many did you find?


Unfortunately my weekend was over – time to go home.  A lovely visit – Thank you! and a lovely BC Ferry ride!


Happy Sewing!

30 thoughts on “My Fabric Stash … and a game!

  1. Love a good, organised pattern collection. Mine are stored in cardboard filing boxes (tissue patterns) or ring binders (printed PDFs or magazine tracings). Then they are catalogued on a computer database with image, type, pattern, description, sizing, fabric requirements, keywords and so on so I can easily search through them for whatever my need.

    1. Sounds excellent! Do you use a certain program on the computer? We certainly have to keep things in order! There are enough ways in life where I can mess up, I certainly don’t want to be scratching my head searching boxes for my one special pattern!

      1. I use TapForms but I’m not sure I would recommend it. Its synchronisation is based on DropBox but DropBox have just informed me that TapForms won’t be supported soon.

        1. Oh no that’s not good news. 😠

      2. I should add any database program could work, I started with a database I created using Open Office.

  2. Ooooh that chatelaine! So many priddies….

    1. I knew you would catch the Chatelaine! Unfortunately it was behind glass and difficult to photograph the whole thing – 5 attachments: fruit knife, scissors, pin holder, needle holder, purse. It was a work of art! $750 Canadian for a price tag. A bit steep for me! 😂 I might put the whole photo on IG today,

  3. Goodness, I thought I had a lotta patterns. Lovely ideas ~ thank you!

    1. *ashamed* it’s all addictive! But luckily half of my patterns are from when I started sewing long ago or from family and friends! 😃

      1. Addictive is right! How well I understand that. My difficulty comes with fabric. That is a *real* problem… and it takes up so much more space than a pattern… 😢

        1. Yes, the only reason I don’t go crazy with fabric – 4 bins is enough! – is because I have no more room, same with sewing machines. Patterns I can squish into a box! 😂😂😂😂

          1. Lol! Am the opposite – no room for more than my 2 machines, but can always find another hole for fabric. 😍

  4. Your patterns are so organized.

    1. Thank you! When you’ve been collecting for years, you have to be organized! 😂

  5. Oooooh those new fabrics of yours have me positively DROOLING! Wow, what beautiful choices.
    And there is my Grandma Clara’s wooden sewing box, bottom right hand corner (-;

    1. I’m looking forward to sewing the white with feathers. It might be a bit of a challenge. We’ll see. My mom had a sewing box like that one but she got rid of it. Probably because I used to sit on it. Mom is so forgiving. I probably broke it!

  6. I am in awe of your fabric stash! You have excellent taste! Also, I love organizing so this is really helpful. I have used Evernote to catalog what patterns I own and what patterns I want to shop for, but I hadn’t thought about it for fabric!

    1. So Evernote works well for you? Maybe I’m having trouble because I use an iPad.

      1. It does, i couldn’t say why it malfunctiond with the ipad. It only works downloaded in two places for free. I use a Mac at home and I have an android phone. I do have to make sure I sync before I close it or there will be conflicting changes in notes.

        1. Hmm. Good to know. Maybe I should try again!

  7. Your patterns and stash look so well organised. That is a stroke of genius to order all the fabric by lengths. It is really annoying when you think that you have enough for a project and it turns out to be too small. What an excellent load of stuff in those antique shops. It looks great. I love trawling though those kind of places. Your fabrics are lovely. Xx

    1. Yes the length thing caught me a few times. It was a disappointment! I love antique shops. Always on the lookout for sewing stuff.

  8. Hi. This was a really neat and fun blog. It’s interesting how creative types work. I’m probably the only non-sewist follower; but when I create my drafting table needs to be clean and my markers in alphabetical order in the case.

    The materials you purchased are beautiful. I’m curious to see the outfits you create.

    Again, because I’m not a Sewist, I still played your game. Given I illustrate motorcycles, the first thing I spotted was the tricycle. 😁 (hee)

    1. Thanks! I can’t imagine what would happen if 300 markers were mixed up or lost! Sorry I didn’t find a motorcycle for you, I guess the tricycle will have to do! Have fun drawing!

  9. Great tips about organising patterns and fabrics. I currently have twenty three commercial patterns and a few more indie ones and no kind of organisation whatsoever.

    1. There’s time still! I didn’t start organizing my patterns until my sister gave me a bankers box full of hers. Then it was a necessity!

  10. I’m probably someone who throws patterns and sewing magazines away when used. And sometimes I regret that. You’ve bought some beautiful fabrics with great sewing ideas. Looking forward to see them finished.

    1. Thank you! It might take a while to get something sewn up with any of these. I have bought too much! Oh well! They are lovely to look at though!

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