Sewaholic Yaletown – #sewtogetherforsummer Wrap Dress

I’m done!  Just in time for the sunshine too!  This was an easy pattern to make.  I love it!  I’ve made a Sewaholic Yaletown before here.  It was even easier this time as I already had the pieces traced and was very familiar with the pattern.  So when @rocco.sienna, @sewsarahsmith and @sewing_in_spain announced their Instagram #sewtogetherforsummer Wrap Dress Challenge this year I was happy to make another Yaletown Wrap Dress.

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

I made sure I cut and matched my stripes/Chevron print carefully – pinning each stripe every few inches.



This fabric has a lot of stretch.  I interfaced the neckline and used bias tape to hem the sleeves and used twill tape to prevent the shoulder and waistline seams from stretching out.


I hand sewed the wrap front bodice shut, a stitch every inch or so just to make it look real!  


So it’s a Job Well Done (I think!) and perfect for the sunny weather we have been having for these few days.

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!
Me trying to swirl and twirl – this fabric doesn’t want to!
Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!
Me trying to figure out what is that bright shiny fireball in the sky.


Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!
Excuse me, while I go post on Instagram to enter the #sewtogetherforsummer Wrap Dress Challenge

Are you joining the #sewtogetherforsummer Wrap Dress Challenge?  Is there another Sewing Challenge that you are participating in that you can tell us about?

Happy Sewing!

STASH BUSTING WITH THIS PROJECT?  3.2 metres!  (136.5 metres remaining!)


20 thoughts on “Sewaholic Yaletown – #sewtogetherforsummer Wrap Dress

  1. Lovely fabric, you’ve done a super job on getting the placement and matching sorted.

    1. Thank you! I do like the print. I think I would have preferred more “swish” but it’s rather lightweight and stretchy. It will be good for summer though!

  2. Love the fact that you used the darker pattern nearer the hem…so flattering and I’m sure it will become a real favorite in the closet! Good planning in the cutting out stage with stripes sure makes a difference…well done, Linda!

    1. Thank you Mrs Mole – so many things to think about before I even start sewing. I’m glad it all worked out!

  3. Yes, it’s indeed a Job Well Done. Perfect for spring and summer. BTW we still have snow on the ground here. I’m envious of both the wrap dress and your lovely weather 🙂

    1. Thanks! It’s so bright I need shades! 😎

  4. Lovely dress and fabulous fabric, perfect for summer. The print looks deceptively tricky and you did a great job highlighting its beauty. You’re inspiring me to get busy with my wrap dress as I plan on participating in the challenge too.

    1. Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing your’s! There are so many lovely variations out there!

  5. Lovely dress!
    the fabric is so interesting, I really like the way you placed the print on the bodice,with the dark bit coming in just under the bust. Very flattering!

    1. Thank you. There were so many colours and prints mixed in with this one the possibilities were endless!

  6. That turned out just great! Beautiful job with your matching.😊

  7. What a pretty dress. and so well sewn!

    1. Thank you! It’s the perfect print for the summer (it’s now raining here!) 😂

  8. Nice dress!
    I love the colours and print.
    I’m thinking of entering but an not sure what pattern to use. I don’t have this one.
    I made a Vogue wrap dress in the past and didn’t like it. Not sure where to go from here

    1. Thanks! I have two wrap dress patterns. One is this Sewaholic Yaletown and the other is a McCalls. The Sewaholic is looser at the bodice and the Macalls is tighter so needs some fitting. No matter which one I make, I’d hand sew the front shut!

  9. A really well planned wrap dress! So sorry it wouldn’t twirl because that would have been fun.

    1. Thank you! After seeing your bias dress I’m thinking that one would be a great twirler!

  10. What a lovely dress. I do like that fabric really a lot and you have done it justice with your lovely dress. I hope that the weather is a bit better there for you now and that you are getting some “Summer”. Xx

    1. Thank you! It’s still sunny here with a day or two off and on with clouds, but it’s getting better!

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