Another Rosie© Bag and the Circle Craft Christmas Market

The holidays are fast approaching and along with organizing and sewing for Designin’ December, I have been asked and have decided to make a few Rosie© Bags as gifts.  I have a few cut out and I’ll be slipping the finished Bags on here as they get done, so you can have a look at them too!

My first request was for one exactly the same as the one I made for my sister, with a lighter coloured lining though – if I had it.  After all, I try to use stash and repurposed fabrics and supplies so sometimes the colour choices, etc. are not available!  But I found enough for this bag, and maybe even one more!  

My pieces are cut and interfaced properly.

Now to start with my zipper front, applying the zipper with Wonder Tape.


All sewn in …img_2349

… and the pocket lining attached.


Next the magnetic snap back pocket.


The male side attached and covered for extra protection …


… and the female side attached too.


Magnetic snap pocket completed.


Inner card slot pocket completed.


Inner zipper pocket … zipper attached …


… pocket lining attached.  (If people only knew how much writing was on the inside of the bags I make them – perhaps I should stop this bad habit?  Or perhaps I should start putting secret messages inside?)


Inner zipper pocket finished.


D rings and gusset top and base completed …


… and attached for sewing.  I saw another sewist using small office clips instead of Wonder Clips – whatever works!


Attached and trimmed.


Bag lining assembled, dropped in and sewed – by machine.  This Janome HD3000 is a new machine to my collection.  True to form it does sew through many layers.  I demonstrated its features here.  I don’t have a sewing machine yet that can get into the tight space at the beginning and end of the zipper though, so I sew alongside the zipper tape as much as I can and then turn the bag inside out and hand sew the ends  of the bag lining down.  It works!


Finished pics – and off to a new home!


Last weekend, we managed to catch the last day of the Circle Craft Christmas Market at the Vancouver Conference Centre.  400 exhibitors – Wow!  

Needless to say we arrived to cloudy skies – it is November after all.  But we never saw any rain and actually the sun came out in the afternoon.  But what a beautiful location for a Conference Centre, Hotel, Cruise Ship Terminal and Shops.

I spent way too much money and bought quite a few handmade chocolates, toffees, etc.  I also bought a most fabulous scarf from Chloe Angus – yes, indeed, I broke my RTW Fast for a scarf!

The taste testing was fabulous too!


The venue was filled with wonderful me-mades!


This lady hand makes waterproof coats, made out of DINTEX.  Lovely!


I was really tempted by the 3D paper animal puzzles by Low Poly Crafts.  Just beautiful!


I am sorry I didn’t get this fellow’s name, he was too busy entertaining me with a lesson on how to play these wooden “spoons” that were made and sold by him.  I don’t think I did too badly – we did draw a bit of a crowd – considering there is no French Canadian in me – does Hungarian blood help at all?


Gosh! such concentration, almost as if I would fall over if I stopped following his every move!


Are you making any Christmas presents now?  Have you attended any Christmas Craft fairs yet?

Happy Sewing!

STASH BUSTING WITH THIS PROJECT?  Nothing!  There is still 130.2 metres left in the fabric stash!

12 thoughts on “Another Rosie© Bag and the Circle Craft Christmas Market

  1. I love seeing the construction of the Rosie bag. That looks so cool. You played the wooden spoons! That sounds really neat. So when are you forming a band and going out on the road?

    1. It was fun! 😂 however, I am not coordinated enough to “carry a tune” on the spoons!

  2. That was really fascinating…I find myself becoming more and more interested in making bags and reading this has just added fuel to that fire!

    1. Well we do have some bag suppliers donating a prize for DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER. Maybe you’ll win something? 🎉💃🕺🎊

  3. Your bags are constructed so well, beautiful job! The craft fair sounds like a fabulous Saturday outing, too!

    1. Thank you for the compliment 😊 I have never seen a craft fair so large. It was nice to see so many talented people!

  4. I love the bag design, especially the card slot pocket and definitely think you should slip a secret message inside every bag, like a fortune cookie but better for your waist line. Next time I see you you’ll have to play the spoons for me. 🙂

    1. Thank you Susan! I’ll start thinking up some “good fortunes”! (I better go practice my spoons now!)

  5. I am officially into bagmaking now, and love all your different versions!

    1. Thank you! I saw the travel bags you made for yourself and your husband. I have that course, but haven’t made mine yet. Someday! Because yours were lovely. After #designindecember I’ll be looking for Pattern testers, I think, the Rosie©️ Bag is pretty much done and I want to share her!

  6. I love the bag or should I say I love my bag. I have been using it for quite some time now and it is holding up wonderfully. As far as playing the spoons, you were great. I almost starting singing along but I didn’t know the words, kidding.

    1. You are a funny girl, aren’t you! You should have sung… no one would have heard you over the spoons clacking!

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