The “demise” of Dolly …

… it’s rather a frustrating story … but first, let’s start with some sewing chit chat!

At the beginning of this year, I told myself I would do ALL my mending and sewing repairs and finish those UFO’s, before I started a new project. I did pretty well! I must admit that it took a while though! A few bags and such for the Lányos Handmade Shop interrupted my clean-up plans (happily) but for the most part, I cleaned up the mess and started tackling the repairs and UFO’s that I have had sitting around for what seems like forever!

So let’s start with a UFO! A while ago, my sister asked me if I was in the mood to make a new top for her. She picked out for herself a Denim Challis Print, 100% rayon. I am ashamed to say how long ago that was!

I had cut the pattern pieces out and carefully put them away in my “to do” pile, only to discover them in January when I was cleaning up my sewing supplies and dealing with my mending and repairs. (So sorry, Sis!!)

For this Denim Challis Print, my sister picked out a pattern called “The Lara Set” by Simply Sewing. I haven’t heard much about Simply Sewing. I think I got this free pattern when I purchased their magazine?

Now you can’t see it in this view but there is a strange contrasting band that goes HALF WAY around the bottom of the top that I didn’t like. It did match the bottom of the sleeves, which I liked, so I added it onto the bottom of my sister’s top, but all the way around though. Otherwise, I didn’t make any other changes.

This 100% rayon was quite lightweight though – a fabulous print – so I sewed French Seams on the shoulder and side seams. I love French Seams – sew wrong sides together, trim, sew right sides together and press!

Next I sewed on the band of solid blue 100% Tencel Denim all around the bottom edge of the top.

Finished! A simple top from Simply Sewing. What do you think? Do you think my sister will like it? Do you think she even remembers that she asked me to make it??

Now to the “demise” of Dolly, my dress form. The “demise” of Dolly came at the worst time. A simple project like this one ended up being a bit difficult to fit to my sister.

My sister and I have a well thought out plan … she gives me her measurements and I dial them into Dolly. Unfortunately sometime during the past year, I can’t remember when, Sophie and Simon were chasing each other around the house, as they sometimes do, and knocked over Dolly. It was a bit of a thud that sent them running into the other room and me into this room to see what had happened. As you can see, they did sneak back right away to check out the commotion. I righted Dolly and went about my business.

It was much later when I was trying my sewing out on Dolly that I noticed that one of her plastic dials was broken, thus, the “demise” of Dolly. So much for proper fitting techniques!

Time to start saving for Dolly II.

Hopefully, since this is a loose fitting top, everything is going to be fine … just fine!

The culprits coming back to assess the damage!

Next project? I still have some jeans to finish, last worked on here. I found them in the “to do” pile too. I spent quite a bit of time searching for the waistband, which hadn’t been sewn on yet, but it’s no where to be found. I couldn’t even find that same black denim in my fabric stash! Oh bother! 🙁

Do you have a dress form? What brand do you have? Do you like it?

Happy Sewing!

STASH BUSTING WITH THIS PROJECT? Not sure .. I don’t think this fabric was included in my count so I will just stick with my last number – 129.3 meters still in my stash!

17 thoughts on “The “demise” of Dolly …

  1. I’m sure your sis will love her new top!
    Regarding a dressfrom…I’m in the process of gathering supplies to make a Bootstrap Fashion custom dressform to my measurements. For $24 dollars you get a pdf pattern (you need to enter many measurements first though) and you need things like stuffing, fabric, glue, a piece of pipe etc.. It works out less than the cost of a regular dressform. Worth a look?

    1. Oh that is an interesting idea! Definitely worth a look. I guess it would be one size for $24 though? But at least I could use my “broken” dress form at least?

      1. Yes. For each $24 you get the custom pattern. Of course you have to factor in the cost of the extras needed.

        1. Still less than a new dress form and I wouldn’t have to throw away the old one! ♻️

  2. I would love one of those Bootstrap dress forms, myself, I have no dress form at all, and I know my clothes would fit better if I had a form. It would seem more objective!😆 Did you find our waistband? The top for your sis looks great!

    1. Thanks! It would be much easier to fit sewing if you didn’t have to wear it yourself! No waist band yet but I found some of the black denim and the print black and white denim in my scraps box. I’ll see what I can do!

  3. The top is lovely, Linda!
    About dress forms… I don’t have one. Going back to yours – have you contacted the maker to ask if they have any suggestions? As handy as you are with sewing machines, you might engineer a repair so yours can live again.
    Best wishes on whatever road you travel!

    1. Thanks! Oh yes, the dial looks like it has to be replaced. It’s an old form, I wonder if they have changed their product much over the years. Good idea!

      1. Delighted to be of service, ma’am!

  4. Poor Dolly! I’m sure when you examined the scene of the crime the cats said, “Don’t look at us, we didn’t do anything!” Then when your back was turned, they laughed an evil little laugh.
    All kidding aside, your sister’s top looks lovely, if we’re talking about the sister I think we’re talking about , she’s completely forgotten she asked for it, so it will be a pleasant surprise. 😉

    1. Yes! That’s EXACTLY what the cats did! Muhahahaha And yes, it’s THAT sister and I’m pretty sure she forgot! 😊

  5. Okay this post cracked me up. First, the top is so pretty, the pattern on the fabric, that blue. 💙 Gorgeous. Simon and Sophie taking out Dollie is hilarious. I like how they skulked back to see if she was moving. Great post.

    1. 😂yup! It’s like having a couple of five year olds running around the house! 😈 😈

  6. Not to worry Sis, all is well. The loose fit will be great for the summer to let the breeze blow through me. If I remember correctly, this started as a dress and got stalled when I retired early and moved (thank you condo builders) so I no longer needed an excess of dresses and I asked if you could change the order to a top, so the delay is not all on you. I do love the final product and the contrast on the sleeves and hem. Love the denim. Thank you

    1. Thank you for being so patient! Hope it keeps you cool in the summer! ❤️

  7. Vale Dolly! But your sister’s top is delightful. I love the contrasting bits.

    1. 😁thank you Sue, the contrasting bits make the whole top!

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